Imagine yourself standing at a crossroads and wondering which path to take. The routes are unmarked; each route leads to a closed door in the far distance, a door you can’t get through unless you take the route and open it yourself. So much is unknown, unseen, and inaccessible by human means.

Before you choose your path and open that new door, you need assistance to understand the incomprehensible. To see the unseen. You need some kind of spiritual master key that helps you understand what probably lies behind each door. And, perhaps, what also lies around and within you.

Your questions could be spiritual, or they could be very practical. You might be asking about your finances, your career, your relationships, or your soul’s calling. You want empowerment, insight, spirituality. You also want accuracy and practical detail – this is real life, after all. You need a tool that can handle all your questions… and then some.

Enter the Tarot.


What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a master key that opens the gateway to Spirit. It provides a tangible platform through which Spirit channels guidance, advice, insights and likely outcomes to those who seek to know.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. It is split into two Arcana, the Major (22 cards) and the Minor (56 cards). The Minor Arcana are further divided into four Suits, traditionally known as the Cups, Swords, Rods (or Wands) and Pentacles (or Coins). Each card represents a range of specific and unique messages from Spirit to the seeker. As with Angel cards, no cards are repeated.


I’m scared. Is the Tarot demonic?

Don’t be afraid! I can assure you that the Tarot is not demonic, but neutral. It’s only a tool, after all.

Consider the knife – a common tool for everyday life. In the hands of a surgeon, a scalpel saves lives. In the hands of a criminal, a switchblade causes damage and destruction.

When things go badly, do we blame the knife? When things go well, do we praise the knife? Of course not – we look at the person who holds the knife, their intentions, abilities, and skill level.

It is the same with the Tarot. In the hands of a skilled, ethical practitioner who works with Light, you are likely to experience a reading that heals, comforts, guides, and empowers you. 

It’s not the Tarot you need to watch out for, but the person who wields the Tarot deck, their intentions, and the spirits they work with.

seek a reading only from readers you feel comfortable with, and who empower you to make the best decisions for your life.


What the Tarot can do

The Tarot tunes into your energy and gives you insight into the situations you’re seeking clarity about. A Tarot reading can tell you about your unconscious influences, your strengths and weaknesses, and helpmeets (as well as obstacles) along your path. The Tarot can suggest certain actions to take, and highlight the likely outcomes of each action. In the right hands, the Tarot is a powerful tool that illuminates your path and empowers you to make the right choices.

What the Tarot might do… sometimes

Sometimes, the Tarot might give simple yes/no answers, provide dates and times of important events, or give descriptions of people who will play important roles in your life. Bear in mind that getting accurate answers for such questions depends on how firmly the events are “fixed” or destined. In my experience, this is uncommon – simply because the Universe wants us to co-create our destinies with our attitudes, beliefs and choices.

What the Tarot won’t do

The Tarot won’t fix your problems for you. The Tarot is not a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. The Tarot won’t tell you what to do: an ethical and responsible Tarot reader will generally avoid giving answers that start with You should. The Tarot very, very rarely tells you you’re doomed without suggesting a way out (remember, you co-create your destiny!). And the Tarot won’t curse you if you don’t follow its advice – that only happens in the movies!


What can I ask the Tarot?

I get this question a lot from my clients. The answer: pretty much anything so long as your intention is pure and clear, and you steer clear of certain karmic boundaries. So spying on your wife’s private life without her knowledge or permission is a no-no, for instance.

What I have to say now might be unpopular with some: personally, I don’t recommend dabbling in the Tarot without proper spiritual guidance and teaching. This is because of the Tarot’s very complex history of close to 600 years, which has resulted in a spiritual heritage that combines elements of light and dark.

What this means is, if you don’t know what you’re channelling during a Tarot reading, there’s a risk you might be playing with fire.

If you’re a beginner, it’s generally safer to use Angel cards and setting the intention to work only with the Archangels and your guardian Angels.

But if the Tarot is calling to you, then be very clear about setting boundaries regarding which Spirits you choose to work with (again, the Archangels and your guardian angels are a good starting point). Alternatively, do your research and book a reading with a Tarot reader you can trust.

May your connection with Spirit, be it via Angel cards, the Tarot or other means, bless you greatly!

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