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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Welcome to the TAO of Kelly for the month of October 2018! In this series of articles/videos, I draw one card each from the Tarot, Angel, and Oracle decks (hence the acronym TAO) to read the month’s energies and help you make the best decisions moving forward.

October 2018 is mostly Libra season – the energies here are good for partnerships, despite the Venus retrograde that begins on 6 October and ends on 16 November. Venus rules beauty, harmony, and partnerships – so when this planet retrogrades, avoid extreme image makeovers like drastic hairstyle changes, be extra kind, and work on your relationships.

The last week of October is Scorpio season. Now this is probably the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac, but despite its reputation for secrecy and vindictiveness, you’ll be amazed at what this sign craves most in life, so much that they will do anything to have it – ANYTHING – once they find it. So what’s Scorpio’s secret? I’ll tell you in a moment – read on, darlings!

So… What’s in the cards for us in October 2018?


The Six of Cups is known as the Soulmate Card in the Tarot. Some interesting things about this card:

  • The Suit of Cups represents emotions, spirituality, and the subconscious in the Tarot.
  • In numerology, the Number Six represents accomplishment and satisfaction in the physical realm, as it combines the harmony of Number Two with the dynamism of Number Three.
  • Astrologically, the Six of Cups is associated with the Sun in Scorpio. This card represents the soul of those born under the Sun sign of Scorpio.

And there you have it:

Scorpio craves a soulmate.

someone who understands them completely, Sees them for who they really are, and loves them still.

So don’t be fooled by Scorpio’s cold exterior. Libra is known to be a partner-oriented sign and of course, Libra loves a lover, but Scorpio blows Libra out of the water in terms of emotional intensity. Regardless of your zodiac sign, as October progresses, energies in relationships (both romantic and non-romantic) could become more intense. Major decisions – such as commitment, forgiveness, release, or closure – could be made at this time.

The Six of Cups signifies childhood innocence and nostalgia. October is also a wonderful month to reconnect with your inner child , to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, as well as reach out to people you love.

The Six of Cups is a wonderful, loving, beautiful card. Its energies are tender and innocent, bringing a smile to your face as you remember simpler times.

the Tarot speaks: let October be a month for love.



Hand-in-hand with the Six of Cups comes the Archangel Chamuel, Whose name means He Who Sees The Divine. Archangel Chamuel’s purpose is to bring peace, healing, and purpose to those who are lost and in despair.

The essence of Angelic beings is often found in their names. Chamuel – He Who Sees God -reminds us that when we choose to raise our eyes above the chaos around us, to ascend towards a higher perspective of our life’s challenges, we are released from fear and negativity. We are also empowered to discover the Divine nature of all that surrounds us, and all that lies within us. This brings tremendous courage, healing, breakthrough, and blessing – especially in the area of relationships (including our relationship with ourselves).

In this card, Archangel Chamuel’s message to us is simple:

“Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.”

Remember that the Venus retrograde dominates most of October; this is a good reminder for us to have, should relationships go awry.



This is a card that speaks of communication, especially from Spirit! Watch out for signs and synchronicities that indicate Spirit trying to reach out to you. It’s also a card that encourages open communication to clear the air if necessary.

Darlings, life’s too short to hold back, and too precious to take for granted. Speak up for love, compassion, and truth wherever it is called for. Know who and what in your life are worth fighting for, and never give up.

In the month of October, the Universe will call on many of us to become warriors of love and light. Do not be silent any longer, but arise and be a blessing – in your words, your actions, and your open hearts.

I’ll leave you for now with vintage Celine Dion, and a reminder: that only love is real – and that’s the way it is. Take it away, Celine:

When you want it the most
There’s no easy way out
When you’re ready to go
And your heart’s left in doubt
Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that’s the way it is

Love and Light,

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