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Welcome to the TAO of Kelly! In this series of articles, I draw one card each from a Tarot deck, an Angel deck and an Oracle deck (hence TAO) to suss out the energies of the month and help you navigate the course of your best life. So let’s get to it!

This month, the astrological event to watch out for is the Mercury retrograde in Pisces from 5 to 28 March. Mercury is the planetary ruler of communication, technology, and travel. When this planet retrogrades in Pisces, watch out for lies, gossip, confusion, and emotional manipulation. Some susceptible people are possibly going to act crazy (Mercury in Pisces can lead to disordered thinking and, in some cases, the manifestation of mental illnesses).

Take nothing at face value, fact check everything, engage your logical brain before making any decisions, and stay away from the batshit crazies. One huge red flag that you’re dealing with a Pisces Mercury retrograde nutcase: they’re stuck on repeat, rehashing their fictional “poor me” victim narratives to anyone who will listen.

Another fact: if they’re gossiping TO you, they’re also gossiping ABOUT you.

Remember this, and stay away from problematic people.

Another thing to note: during the post-shadow period of the previous Mercury retrograde in Pisces (in 2014), Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing – and is still officially missing today. Now I’m NOT saying this to scare you, and statistically speaking, aviation incidents on this scale are extremely rare. But do be sure to double-check your travel details, and be mindful of possible delays or setbacks. On the tech side, try  not to buy new gadgets unless necessary, and back up your computers.

On the bright side, Mercury retrograde is a great time to REFLECT, REVIEW, REPAIR, REJUVENATE, REWORK… Whatever it is that you wish to do, put a ‘re’ in front of it and see how that works for you. Retrograde energies are beneficial for taking a step back to assess where you’re going, so by the time the season ends, you’re ready to go!

Okay, let’s get to the reading!


This month, issues regarding childhood, intimate relationships, and communication could come to the forefront. In the Tarot, the Suit of Cups represents emotions, and the Pages represent ideas, concepts, and messages.

The Page of Cups usually refers to a tender, open-hearted energy; however, this can be twisted into emotional hunger and manipulation when the shadow selves of certain people, dynamics, and situations emerge under the auspices of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

Be mindful of this. Remember that you deserve self-care and honesty with yourself, then honour yourself accordingly. Some people are going to be lying to themselves and others; they will never learn. Leave them alone, and understand that you can’t fix everyone.

If you’re dealing with someone toxic and things get confusing, remember that truth is your friend, and seek it with all your heart.

This month, some people are going to reconcile. Some others are going to break away from each other, and this could be permanent. Whichever it is, pray that this will be for the highest and greatest good of all.



I’ll start by quoting the Archangel Michael, whose message here is so powerful because it’s true:

“You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved.”

When you’re dealing with past hurts, childhood issues, difficult relationships, and manipulative people, it’s easy to feel disempowered and lost. Do not allow this to happen – hold on to the truth with all your might.

The truth is that you are deeply loved by the Divine. Spirit and the Universe have your back.

Know your worth, and act accordingly.

Some tactics that toxic people are going to use to disempower and take control from you include the following:

  • Projection: attributing their negativity to you. For instance, if someone is jealous of your success, they’ll say you’re jealous of other people… then go around and gossip that you’re pathetic because you’re always jealous.
  • Shaming: criticism, belittlement, humiliation, verbal attacks… often these shaming tactics are disguised as ‘well-meaning advice’, ‘concern’, or ‘just being honest’. BULLSHIT. There are ways of being honest and helpful that don’t require hurting people.
  • Triangulation: bringing someone else into the conversation to undermine your value and make you feel insecure. Examples: “You’re really insecure, and actually the whole clique has noticed.” “If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine… I’m sure my ex would agree with me.”
  • Diversion: they easily change the topic once you confront them, or they realise they can’t fool you any more. Popular diversion tactics: claiming to be forgetful or to have a short attention span (this also makes you look petty when you bring up something hurtful they said earlier… “Huh? I forgot about that, it’s such a small thing“). Pretending not to understand what you’re saying when you confront them with the truth, then acting like YOU hurt them.
  • Gaslighting: saying and doing things in such a way as to make you doubt your perception of the truth, your ability to understand the situation, and even your sanity. The point is so that you give up and let them have all the power. DON’T ALLOW THIS.
  • Distortion: lies, half-truths, facts twisted out of context. They can even use ‘evidence’ like screencaps, photographs, etc to back up their lies. But none of their stories stand up to objective scrutiny, and the more you fact-check, the more uncomfortable they get. When cornered, they either divert attention from themselves (see diversion) or have a huge meltdown to stop the truth from exposing them.

Remember that the only way to win toxic games is not to play.



When this card appears, understand that the shadow self within you may emerge this month and, in doing so, offer you a powerful opportunity for deep soul healing. This card calls for sincere prayer, honest shadow work, and the inner strength to face your inner demons. For some of you, working with a therapist, counsellor, or life coach could bring about great breakthrough and blessing.

Situations could arise where your insecurities and deepest fears are coming to the surface, in order to be resolved and healed once and for all. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow self, but accept him/her, and do the work in order for that darkness to be reconciled with the Light in you.

But remember this: you can only heal your own shadow.

If you see the darkness arising in other people and their treatment of you, stay away. You can’t fix them. Only they can fix themselves.

I’ll leave you with this month’s TAO Theme: ‘Thunderclouds’ by LSD.
“Don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds.”
Have a great March 2019!

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