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Welcome to the TAO of Kelly! In this series of articles, I draw one card each from a Tarot deck, an Angel deck and an Oracle deck (hence TAO) to suss out the energies of the month and help you navigate the course of your best life. So let’s get to it – and Happy New Year 2019! Lots to look forward to, and hope this year has been going well for you so far.

We are really getting into the new nine-year cycle initiated in 2017 (in numerology, a Number One year), where new seeds were planted in our lives and the energy of new potential began to grow. 2018 was a Number Two/Eleven year, and Number Two represents our partnerships with Spirit and the Universe. The energies of 2018 were also influenced by Jupiter in Scorpio, which meant that our partnership with the Universe often involved going inward, working with our shadows, healing our wounds, and resurrecting like the Phoenix (which, by the way, is the symbol of Scorpio at its highest vibration – not the scorpion!).

The year 2019 is a Number Three year, where the potential of Year One and the partnerships of Year Two converge to bring about powerful manifestation in Year Three. In numerology, Three is the number of potential taking physical form: the dream incarnate. It is associated with fertility, abundance, joy, and celebration – the holy union of Heaven, Earth, and You. The Number Three is also associated with magick and, of course, the Goddess.

T for Tarot: Ace of Pentacles reversed

With this card to start off the new year, new opportunities in career and finances beckon! In the reversed position, there could be possible delays and setbacks, but nothing you can’t overcome. The reversed Ace of Pentacles reminds you to expect the unexpected, keep your eyes open to ALL possibilities, and conduct your due diligence when options are offered to you. Some changes and developments are expected; don’t look back, but keep moving forward. Watch out for surprises in expenditure – some bills could be bigger than you’d assumed they would be, so budget wisely. In relationships, a significant meetup or commitment could be on the horizon, but this could be delayed or low-key, so manage your expectations accordingly.


A for Angel: Beloved One

Chamuel is the Archangel Whose name means He Who Seeks The Divine. This gentle Archangel works to bring about peace, love, and forgiveness, especially for those who have undergone seasons of trauma, separation, and conflict.

You might think that Chamuel is a bit of a wuss, but He’s not – He’s a Warrior of Tough Love. Chamuel comes alongside to assist people who need help in establishing healthy boundaries in mutually loving, respectful relationships. He imparts the strength, grace, and wisdom for you to find the inner peace within yourself that is the foundation of all beneficial relationships. You can’t ever be happy with someone else if you aren’t happy with yourself.

Chamuel’s message on this card states: “I am helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship.” Spiritual soulmates are not only romantic partners – they also include family members, friends, pets, co-workers, or even people you may dislike but who in some ways are playing significant roles in your life. Trust that Chamuel is working to carry out the Divine plan in your life through significant relationships, and give thanks in prayer.

The humble, sincere prayer of a pure heart is powerful, and connects you with the Angelic realm easily!


O for Oracle: Spin The Silken Thread Divine

When this card appears, you may be struggling with issues from the past that continue to impact you today (even if you don’t notice or admit it). The Goddess Guanyin, She Who Hears the Cries of the Suffering World, is here for you now. With this Oracle card, the Goddess is inviting you to join Her in the sacred work of co-creating your destiny.

What sort of future do you desire? One filled with light, love, joy, and healing? Do you wish to prosper, to be loved, to fill your days with purpose? Spin the Silken Thread Divine indicates that you can achieve all this and more, with the Goddess by your side.

What will be required of you: the wisdom to make the right decisions. The courage to discern between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. The choice to embrace your highest good, and to let go of the toxic people, dynamics, and situations that you don’t need – that you never needed in your life.

It’s time for spring cleaning. De-clutter your life of negative energy.

And the Goddess Herself will guide you towards paths of Light, love, peace, and so much joy.

How will 2019 turn out for you? It all comes down to your choices. Choose wisely. And may the Goddess bless you greatly.

Have a great year ahead!

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