Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore.


Welcome to the TAO of Kelly! In this series of articles, I draw one card each from a Tarot deck, an Angel deck and an Oracle deck (hence TAO) to suss out the energies of the month and help you navigate the course of your best life. So let’s get to it!

April 2019 could well be a big month for many of us. With three outer planets beginning their retrogrades this month – Jupiter on 10 April, Pluto on 24 April, and Saturn on 30 April – things pertaining to a greater life purpose and our shared destiny will come under evaluation.

Not only that, April is dominated by Aries season, which marks the start of Spring and a brand new astrological year – if you’ve come through the past three months feeling somewhat out of sorts, here’s your chance to start anew! Happy New Year!

Let’s jump into the reading, stat:


This month’s Tarot card is The Fool. To say the least, this is a very, very powerful card. The Fool signifies new beginnings that could go either way, depending on the choices you make and the paths you choose. As the first card in the Tarot, The Fool is numbered zero in the Major Arcana, indicating the potency and purity of its potential.

This month, you can start anew. How well you turn out is up to you.

What I love about The Fool is the purity of this card’s energies. Because The Fool knows he lacks knowledge and experience, he is open to the Universe and willing to learn. He’s humble, passionate, and sincere. Perhaps his plans are not perfect, but he’s still willing to follow through with them.

By his side is a little white dog, his best friend in the world. The little white dog is bouncing up and down excitedly, barking – but we don’t know if the dog is encouraging him to keep moving, or if the dog is warning him that he’s about to fall off the cliff!

When this card appears, be humble and open-minded to listen to the advice of those who have your best interests at heart.

But most of all – when The Fool arrives, it’s time to start your journey.



This month’s Angel card is highly comforting and encouraging. The Archangel Jeremiel is here for us, and his message is this: “The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.”

The purposes of Angels are revealed in their names. Jeremiel means “God’s mercy”, and he is a Divine messenger of hope, healing, and love to those who are experiencing troubled emotions.

Jeremiel’s energies are associated with clairvoyance, dreams, and visions. He communicates primarily with visual images. This month, in your prayers and meditations, you may be ‘seeing’ the answers to your prayers playing out in your mind, like short films or pictures flashing before your inner eye. Ask, pray, and meditate for Divine inspiration to interpret what you see – it could be Jeremiel’s way of communicating a message from Heaven to you.



This month, the Goddess Guanyin assures a bountiful harvest and a season of abundant blessing, after a time of effort and difficult struggle. If you have persevered in your faith and good work, you have done well, and you will be amply rewarded.

This card indicates the imminent appearance of great blessing: this could come in the form of a promising career opportunity, enhanced financial stability, a new and loving relationship, and/or recovery from a health issue. This card also signifies Divine protection over you, ensuring your safety and security against negative forces.

The key to increasing your harvest bounty from the Goddess (yes, this is possible) is to maintain a heart of gratitude, thanking the Divine for every blessing and even for every challenge, as many of the challenges we face now could be carrying the seeds of future blessing.

Should you have the willingness and the ability, please take this blessed heart of gratitude one step further and pay it forward. Being kind to others and blessing others are other ways to increase positive karmic merit for all, not only yourself. You may wish to consider charitable donations, volunteer work, or simply reaching out to meet the needs of someone around you.

What goes around comes around – as you bless and assist others, so too will you receive help and blessing when you need it. This card is taken from the Kuan Yin Oracle and is a message from the Goddess of Mercy Herself; as such, acts of compassion and generosity are certain to please the Goddess.

Having said that, I hasten to remind you that the Goddess cannot be bribed or manipulated to do your bidding – a huge charitable donation on your part does not necessarily guarantee that you will receive karmic merit the way you choose. Be sure that your acts of kindness are based on the purity of The Fool, whose sincerity and good intentions are rewards in themselves.

April is going to be exciting. Have a great month ahead!

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