This Week’s Tarot Reading, 13-19 Feb 2017

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers face-to-face and online readings with Angel & Tarot cards, as well as animal communication sessions and energy healing services.

In the mood for love? This week in the stars, energies are hot and heavy. As I mentioned in a previous post, sexy Venus and hot-headed Mars are doing a hot cha-cha in impulsive Aries until 9 March. Physical attraction gets a boost, and if sparks have been flying between you and that cutie from Accounts, you might find the heat turning up a few notches over the next few weeks! Continue reading

Weekend Spirit Message, 3-5 Feb 2017

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers Angel and Tarot card readings, animal communication sessions, and energy healing services.

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then what happens when Venus moves to join Mars in Aries? Folks, mark this Friday, 3 February, in your calendars. Mars, planet of war, welcomes Venus, planet of love and partnerships, in hot-blooded Aries – where they will stay until 9 March. Continue reading

Weekend Spirit Message, 23-25 Dec 2016

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers Angel and Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, and energy healing services.

It’s Christmas and Hanukkah weekend! With celebrations in full swing, here’s a little heads-up from Spirit on how to get festive in tandem with Universal energies.

On Saturday 24 December, stern traditionalist Saturn and reckless iconoclast Uranus form a trine. Imagine Saturn as your grumpy, staunchly conservative granduncle, sitting across the table from your heavily tattooed, gender-fluid, vegan cousin Uranus, and you get the idea. Possibilities of conflict? Perhaps, but this could also be fun! If you’re celebrating on this day (Christmas Eve + start of Hanukkah), it’s a wonderful occasion to blend traditional and modern practices, embracing our shared values and celebrating the differences that make us unique. Be open-minded and respectful of diversity; also, have a trick or two up your sleeve if you need to check out of the party.

On Sunday 25 December, harmonious Venus in Aquarius forms a second trine with lucky-plucky Jupiter in Libra, lifting hearts and spirits just in time for Christmas! Universal energies on this day strongly encourage peace on earth, goodwill to all… and possibly some gains in the romance department for those so inclined. So make a donation to a worthy cause, volunteer your services at a charity organisation, and/or spend some time under the mistletoe with your boo. Singles, now is a great time to text your crush and wish them a merry Christmas – you never know if the ensuing chat might score you a coffee date (or more)!

Happy holidays, all!

*          *          *          *          *

Weekend Spirit Message, 4-6 Nov 2016: Break free into Love.

This Saturday, loving and harmonious Venus forms a trine with iconoclastic Uranus. It’s a great time to contemplate: what holds us back from being more loving individuals, and what can we do to become more nurturing, caring, (com)passionate versions of ourselves?

As always, we begin with ourselves. Have we been too hard on ourselves lately? Too many late nights at the office? Stress-eating? Stuck in negativity, self-criticism and pessimism? Let this weekend be a time of honesty with ourselves, discovering what causes us to resort to self-defeating habits, and gently releasing them whilst incorporating more self-love rituals into our lives.

If you’re single and you’ve been harbouring sweet, sweet feelings for a special someone in your life, consider what holds you back from making an approach. Are you afraid of rejection? Then start as friends. It never hurts to make hints, either (unless your honey is the oblivious sort, teehee!). The braver souls amongst us might want to ride on Uranus’s heady energies and make a proclamation of love (or at least, like!). If you’re attached, inject some heady new passion into your time with your significant other. This is a great time to explore new hobbies and activities together, or check into a nice lil’ hotel for staycation fun times. Heh heh.

Romance aside, Venus also rules partnerships and interpersonal ties. This weekend is a great time to do something different for the people in your life who need some lovin’. Or even other people (and other sentient beings like animals) in general – Uranus encourages us to break out of our own comfort zones, after all – and do something for the greater good. There are tons of charities out there that would appreciate your assistance and support. Free this weekend to help out at the local animal shelter or old folks’ home? Why not? You may be pleasantly surprised at the good vibes you get from sending love to others.

The Universal Law of Karma essentially states that you get what you give. Time to break out of the old and into a new, loving you. You’re a gift, with so much to offer to this world; don’t just keep yourself to yourself, give your love away. And as you bless others with your love, so too will you be blessed with love. Karma guarantees it. <3

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

*          *          *          *          *

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