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This Week’s Tarot Reading, 24-30 Jul 2017

[Photo by Jarett Lopez on Unsplash] Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore. On Tuesday 25 July, Mercury moves into Virgo and stays here until 31 August. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo so it's a happy homecoming of sorts. Mercury in Virgo is conscientious, detailed and analytical. It's a great time for fine-tuning plans; with Mars in Leo until 5 September, the energies of the weeks ahead are lookin' mighty productive (eclipses aside, but it's all good, and anyway that's next week's post).

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Weekend Spirit Message, 10-12 Feb 2017

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers face-to-face and online readings with Angel & Tarot cards, as well as animal communication sessions and energy healing services. Buckle up, everybody! This Friday, 10 February, we witness 2017's first eclipse: a full-Moon eclipse in Leo, and the first of a series along the Leo-Aquarius axis. Eclipses carry the energy of major change and transformation. The effects of an eclipse can last up to six months, so if anyone's wondering whether this eclipse will actually matter to their Valentine's Day celebrations, the answer is HECK YEAH.

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Weekend Spirit Message, 26-28 Aug 2016: Reward Yourself.

Has life been heavygoing lately? Yeah, moving into Virgo season can be like that. This weekend, give yourself a treat! Keep it light, simple and fun. Stop over-thinking and focus on feeling positive: this gives you a boost and helps you face whatever's ahead. So rewarding yourself is a win-win, really... Have fun! *          *          *          *          * Seeking assistance from Spirit for love/career/your future, energy healing for people and spaces, or pet communication? CLICK HERE for more information about my services. CLICK HERE to make your booking. Please note that advance payment is compulsory and unpaid bookings will be cancelled. CLICK HERE to…

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