This Week’s Tarot, 26 Sept – 2 Oct 2016


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Thank you to everyone who popped by Public Garden last weekend, either for a reading or a chat! 🙂 It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. I’m typing this in bed, totally zonked out but happy, and feeling very loved indeed. <3

This Week’s Tarot indicates that the coming week has the potential to be a game-changer if we play our cards right (see what I did there, haha). All three cards are Major Arcana, indicating that Universal forces are playing a more-than-usually significant role in the developments and outcomes of many events this week. So let’s work with the Universe to co-create our best possible destinies!

This week starts with a bang… a good one! On Monday 26 September, the Sun meets Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and expansiveness) in peace-loving, go-getting Libra. Lift those Monday blues with the assurance that, in terms of Universal energies, this Monday is one of the luckiest days of the year. Amp up your luck quotient by taking on this Libra season’s graces: focus on balance and harmony within yourself and in relationships with others.

It’s also interesting to note that this week’s Moon phase is waning, with a new Moon on 30 September/ 1 October. The energies of a waning Moon are conducive to getting rid of the old, and the new Moon sets the stage for us to usher in the new.

Since this is Libra season, the focus is particularly strong on relationships and partnerships. Could it be time to drop that toxic frenemy once and for all? Do you feel lucky – and brave – enough to ask that hottie from Accounts out for a quick coffee? Hmmm… decisions, decisions! 😉

Universal energies in mind, here’s This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED. When the High Priestess appears reversed, get over your self-doubt and learn to trust your intuition. Dear one, perhaps you’ve just come through a tough time where missteps were made, and your confidence in your instincts has been shaken badly. Have no fear. Take some time out. Get some fresh air; exercise or meditate, do what you need to focus and re-centre yourself. The answers are still there, within your soul. Calm the inner storm and eventually, the voice of your intuition will be heard once again.

MIDDLE: JUSTICE REVERSED. What goes around, comes around. Justice in the Tarot is the personification of Karma. When Lady Justice is reversed, something unfair is happening in your vicinity. Make sure it’s not you causing the injustice because Karma bites hard. If you’re being affected by unjust treatment, it’s not likely to be something you can actually change, in which case, consider your options clearly and logically before taking the next step. Think long-term solution, not short-term evasion or confrontation. And don’t fret: trust that the Universe will take matters into Her own hands and restore the karmic balance in time.

RIGHT: DEATH. Nothing to fear here, folks! In the Tarot, Death represents change and transformation. Remember the waning/new Moon, disposing of the old and welcoming the new? This is exactly what we’re talking about. The energy for transitions is rising, and that’s a good thing. Don’t fight Universal energies… work with them. Let go of old, self-limiting mindsets, relationships and situations that no longer serve your highest good. Some doors must close in order that better ones open. The short-term discomfort we experience will be more than amply rewarded by the joy of knowing that the future is bright, and the best is yet ahead of us.

The door is opening. The Universe, your guardian Angels and deceased loved ones are watching over you and cheering you on. Will you take that step?

Be brave and be blessed. Have a great week ahead! 😀

*          *          *          *          *

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Why I do what I do: snippets from my Tarot readings at public events, Part 1.

June 2015. My mobile phone had been beeping almost non-stop for hours. Suitcase in tow, I smiled. Hang on, guys, my hands are full now! But my SMS and WhatsApp notifications kept up their merry tones as I entered Suntec Convention Hall for the inaugural Public Garden Consumer Trade Show.

Once I’d finished setting up my booth, I could finally reply to the texts and a couple of missed calls. I knew what most of these would be asking me: Kelly, are you there yet? Where’s your booth? How long is the queue? I’ll get you something to eat, what would you like?

(Much love to the wonderful clients and friends who remind me to take meals/breaks during Public Garden events… you know who you are!) 😉

I’d barely sat down when the first seeker turned up. And so the day began.

*          *          *

A reading is really a very simple thing. Even more so when it’s only fifteen minutes long, in the middle of a buzzing hipster market.

I begin every reading with a simple prayer of intention for the highest love and light to touch the seeker’s life. Then, I hold the cards in my hands and cleanse them with prayer, clearing out all old energies and filling them with God’s light so that they will be a pure, clear channel for Spirit to convey the best guidance, healing and insight to the seeker.

Then the reading starts… And once it begins, anything goes.

Sometimes the seeker asks a question and chooses the cards to obtain Spirit’s answers. Sometimes the cards pop up by themselves while I’m shuffling. Sometimes guardian Angels, Spirit guides and deceased loved ones come forward to channel messages through me, without waiting for the cards!

But one thing all these phenomena have in common: they occur as signs – for us to understand that Spirit is on our side and wants only the best for us. That we are loved and not alone. That we have the right, responsibility and power to co-create our destinies.

And that in the larger scheme of things, no matter how badly our lives seem to toss and turn – the Universe is kind. All will be well.

*          *          *

“Hi, Kelly!” It was Alexis, a client of mine. Beside her was another young woman who kept her head lowered and hidden under her cap.

– Hey babe. Here for a reading?

“Not for me today but could my friend CeeCee just… cut the queue? I saw eight names on the waiting list and she can’t wait that long.”

– Sorry babe, I would love to do you a favour but I have to be fair. For public events I only accept walk-ins, no appointments, and no cutting the line.

I smiled conciliatorily at Alexis, who smiled and nodded understandingly. Behind her, CeeCee glanced up shyly but didn’t look at me. Her face was drawn and tired, her eyes sad and dark. She was beautiful, but damaged – a swan who’d convinced herself she was an unloved and ugly duckling.

CeeCee whispered into Alexis’ ear and left quickly. “Sorry about that, Kelly,” Alexis said as we watched her blend into the crowd. “CeeCee says she’ll book a reading with you next week.”

– No worries, babe. Anyway, that’s my two-minute break over. Next, please!

*          *          *

Hannah crept into the hall fifteen minutes before the Consumer Trade Show ended. She stood by uncertainly, watching me as I finished up a reading.

Then the other seeker got up and left. Hannah froze for a moment, then stepped up to my booth while I was cleansing the cards in prayer.

“Hi, Kelly.” Her voice was flat and faltering – the voice of a woman who hadn’t slept for days. “I’ve been following your Facebook page for a while. I’ve never had a reading before, but I need help.”

I’d already given twenty readings in six hours that day. I was exhausted. But one look at Hannah’s anguished face, and I knew I could give one more.

I smiled, and began shuffling.
– Sure, hun. Sit down.

Almost instantly, the cards began to pop out of the deck.
Crisis. Adultery. Heartbreak. Suicide. Abandonment.

I don’t need to go into the details. But Hannah came seeking help from Spirit at a desperately low point in her life, and Spirit came through for her powerfully – in perfect love, compassion and clarity. As I gave her a hug before she left, Hannah turned her tear-streaked face towards me and whispered, brokenly:

“Thank you for what you do. Thank you. Thank you.”

*          *          *

So why do I do what I do?

Simple: because I love it. It’s my calling: connecting ordinary people with the extraordinary love and light of Spirit. And guess what? If you’re in Singapore, and you’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a Tarot reading with me…

I’ll be at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show this weekend on 24-25 Sept 2016, offering quickie Angel/Tarot card readings! Details here + below. See you there! 🙂

Public Garden Consumer Trade Show 24-25 Sep Instagram Graphic

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The stories on this website are based on Kelly’s experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.


Weekend Spirit Message, 16-18 Sept 2016: Perfect Timing.

We’re going to experience a Full Moon and, in the very early hours of 17 September 2016 (Sat), we’re getting a lunar eclipse… in Pisces. Emotionally, many of us might experience a RELEASE THE KRAKEN moment when powerful, deeply submerged emotions rise to the surface. Go with the flow, in love: this emotionally and spiritually sensitive time can bring about great healing when we approach our emotions with honesty, humility and kindness.

As this weekend’s Angel card indicates, the timing is perfect for this. Eclipses are the perfect time for us to reset and rejuvenate ourselves in alignment with our higher selves. If you’ve gone off-track, let this weekend be a time for you to re-centre and move forward in the best way possible. Call on your guardian Angels and the Archangels to assist you in healing and releasing emotions that no longer serve your highest good, as well as to give you clarity in understanding the innermost thoughts and feelings that guide your life now.

Spirit is cheering you on. The Universe wants you to win. Do the necessary inner work – tears and some emotional volatility may be a part of the process (Pisces is a mutable water sign). Above all, ground yourself in the knowledge and conviction that you are loved, protected and watched over, always.

Now go forth and release that Kraken within the depths of your emotions – the beast which has been eating away at you for the longest time. And don’t be afraid. God is with you.

Be brave, and be blessed. <3

*          *          *          *          *

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Weekend Spirit Message, 2-4 Sept 2016: What Do You Desire?

This weekend, work with Mercury retrograde energies (and eclipse energies on 1 September for my readers in some parts of the world) to RESET YOURSELF. Many of you are feeling stuck and frustrated, but hang in there, and try not to act on your emotions unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Now is a good time to REVIEW where you are in life and how well-aligned you are with your soul’s happiness. RENEW the clarity in your vision of who you are and what you want out of life.

A Law of the Universe goes: As within, so without. Once you’re sure of the desires within you, the Universe sees and responds, and effective action can (eventually) be taken. But for now, ask yourself what you really want and how ready you are to receive what the Universe wants to bestow on you. And have faith that you will receive!

*          *          *          *          *

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She asked many questions, but only one answer mattered. Find out more, here.

It was the Public Garden Christmas Market, 2014. Hilary popped by my booth, a fresh-faced young lady of eighteen with a wide smile on her face.

– That’s me! How can I help you?

Hilary’s face lit up; she squealed in happiness. “OH MY GOD IT’S REALLY YOU! I’ve been following your Facebook page and website for a while, and I thought I’d try out one of those 15-minute readings you were giving at the Christmas Market.”

So we did, and Hilary was very happy with the love, clarity and assurance that Spirit poured abundantly into her soul. So happy, in fact, that she returned the next weekend with her cousin.

“I told my cousin Bella that I was blown away by everything you said and she had to have a reading too! And after that can I have another reading? I just wanna clarify some things.” Hilary was practically skipping around with joy as she introduced me to Bella, a feisty 24-year-old who had some questions about her budding career as a researcher.

– Hmmm. Okay.
Hilary’s second reading was partly a rehash of the first one. It turned out that she “just wanted to be sure” that the messages from Spirit were still valid for her. I reassured her that Spirit doesn’t change track or give up on people that easily; so long as she was true to herself and gave of her best in living and loving her life, the Universe would always be watching out for her.

Guess what? The following weekend, Hilary was back. Looking slightly nervous and with a list of… more questions. Hmmm.

“I’m applying for university courses next year and I just want to be sure I’m making the right choices. Can we ask the Tarot for an overview of each of these courses?” she asked as she fumbled with the crumpled sheet of paper. I glanced at the list – thirteen. Oh heck no.

– Hilary, sorry but there will be no reading for you. I’m not answering these questions. Spirit will not be offering you a pre-freshman orientation course. No can do.

Hilary looked hurt and confused. “Why? Does the Tarot not have the answers?”

– Babe, the Tarot is a Spirit tool that offers answers and guidance to those who seek with the right intentions. However, you’re asking these questions from a place of fear, and lack of confidence in yourself. That’s why the questions never end: you don’t trust yourself to know what you want in life. The key to living your best life is to start loving, knowing and trusting yourself first. It’s your life to lead, and Spirit is cheering you on every step of the way, but you have to understand that YOU co-create your destiny with the Universe. Got it?

Hilary nodded reluctantly. I smiled. We hugged, then she turned and left.

For the year-and-a-half after that, I would occasionally get a text from Hilary keeping me updated about her life (I keep in touch with most of my clients, it’s always nice to know how they’re doing). She shared with me her triumphs and disappointments. She also asked a lot of questions (some of which I would help out with, unless Spirit told me it was a lesson Hilary had to learn herself).

Over time, I was happy to observe how Hilary gradually gained a stronger sense of who she was and what she stood for. This lovely young lady’s self-confidence improved as she realised that the Laws of the Universe were sound and consistent, and that the Universe Herself was very, very kind indeed.

Hilary learnt that setting her intentions on the highest and greatest good got her where she wanted to be. She learnt that whatever she focused her energies on would somehow be attracted to her, and discovered the power of making conscious, positive choices in her actions, speech and thoughts.

Best of all, Hilary learnt that she was a spark of the Divine flame. That she deserved to be loved, understood and trusted – starting with herself. And by joyfully taking on her responsibility as co-creator of her life, instead of relinquishing her freedom of choice to a psychic and a deck of Tarot cards, Hilary was truly beginning to grasp the meaning of being loved by Spirit.

(I love my calling. Did I ever mention that?) 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

*          *          *



If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a consultation with Kelly, come on down and try a 15-minute Angel/Tarot card reading! See you there! 🙂

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Your Angels are always singing over you. Here’s how Lin found out.

Behind every blade of grass is an angel singing, “Grow, grow!”
– Jewish proverb

*          *          *          *          *

Lin had been crying nonstop for two hours.

Two weeks earlier, Lin’s life was turned upside down. Her husband of 20-plus years returned home with his new girlfriend, said he wanted a divorce, and kicked her out. Lin worked part-time as an assistant at her husband’s watch repair shop – so he fired her too.

Lin lost her marriage, her job, and the roof over her head. A 48-year-old secondary school dropout, Lin didn’t have the experience or qualifications required to get a job that would cover her living expenses. Her savings could keep her afloat for one month, two at the most. She was staying with her sister for the time being, but the small flat was badly overcrowded and she would have to find her own place soon.

“He looked down on me because I have nothing. I have no education. I’m old, not pretty anymore. I couldn’t even bear him a child. What am I good for? Why am I alive? I’m worthless… worthless.”

I was quiet. When someone reaches a certain point in despair, any comfort or encouragement sounds like mockery. At these times, silence is best.

After emotional release, the healing can begin. Lin was guided through a prayer of forgiveness, where she released her husband from his karmic debt and more importantly, freed herself from bitterness and the past. After that, we performed a simple cord-cutting meditation where Lin let go of the negative energies, thoughts and emotions that bound her to him. I called on the angelic realm to give Lin strength as she walked through this time of darkness.

At the end of the session, Lin stood up to leave. She was calmer, and beginning to see the light, a twinkling star at the end of a very long tunnel. Suddenly, she jerked her head up and stared at a spot behind my head.

“What’s that?”
– What?

“Those flying things… Spots.” She smiled faintly, for the first time in almost three hours. “So pretty.”

I turned in time to see two orbs, burning golden-white, gliding slowly through the air and passing through the walls. Okay, I thought to myself. That would explain the strong tingles at the back of my head and down my spine for the past half an hour.

– They’re your guardian angels.

“A useless nobody like me can have guardian angels? Really? Then why didn’t they do anything when I needed them?” She sounded almost angry.

– Because they respect your free will. Your right to make your own choices. They can’t intervene unless you ask them to. But now we’ve called on them to help, I’m sure they will. Only believe.

Lin nodded firmly. “I believe,” she said. “After all, I’ve nothing left to lose.”

*          *          *

One month later, Lin called.

“I got a job!” she said excitedly. “I dreamt that the restaurant near my home needed an assistant cook urgently. So when I woke up the next day I went there, and before I went, I asked my angels for a sign. I didn’t want to trouble my angels too much, so I said any sign will do, just make it clear enough for this stupid old woman to see.

“The manager was very nice, she interviewed me for ten minutes, and she told me I could start work the next day. Her name is Angelle.”

*          *          *

The next month, she called again.

“My husband wants me back. Should I go back?”
– It’s up to you. What happened?
“He called me just now. His girlfriend borrowed $20,000 and disappeared overseas. He asked me to lend him some cash. And he says he misses me.”

She was silent for a moment.

“I’ll wait and see. Maybe I will. But even if I don’t go back, I’m not sad or scared anymore. I don’t need him.

“You know, when he kicked me out, I thought I was going to die. A worthless thing like me, how can I survive alone? But I’ve changed. Now I understand.

“I’m not worthless. And I’m not alone. I have angels with me.”

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Angels & Angel Cards 101: Connecting with the Angels

In last week’s article, I discussed Spirit cards and how they function. Spirit cards serve essentially as channels for seekers to connect with Spirit and receive messages to help, heal and guide us. In this article, we focus on how Angel cards work and who Angels are.


What are Angel cards, and how do Angel card readings work?

Angel cards usually come in decks of Angelic numbers such as 33 or 44. Each card contains a picture of an Angel or Archangel, along with a keyword and/or message that the Angelic being represents. Every card in the deck is unique; no cards are repeated.

During a reading,  the seeker asks a question. The Angel deck is presented face-down to the seeker. The seeker randomly draws a number of cards from the deck, selecting these cards using his or her intuition, before turning them over to discover the Angels’ answer.

Many times, while the seeker is selecting the cards I can see that person’s guardian angels standing alongside and slightly behind the seeker, gently nudging the seeker to pick certain cards. I sometimes also see the Angels represented in the cards channelling their energies into the deck, giving certain cards an energy boost to attract the seeker to them.

So I can guarantee you this: when you select the cards, you’re not alone. You have an Angelic support team that’s literally behind you all the way, and is willing to intervene in your life once you call on them for assistance!


So who are the Angels, anyway?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s get some facts straight about these awesome, loving and powerful spiritual beings RIGHT NOW. <3

First and foremost, you don’t have to be religious to believe in Angels. Angels exist whether you believe in them or not. They are servants of God, Source, Origin, or whatever you wish to call the Divine Creator Spirit. Like God, the Angels are not constrained by religious belief, cultural tradition, or whether you’re a good or bad person.

We are all born with at least one guardian angel. Their mission is to guide us through this strange little thing called life, and to help us achieve our highest and greatest good possible. After all, we are co-creators of our destiny, and within each of our souls is a spark from the Divine flame. The Angels see the Divine in us, and love us for what we can become. Isn’t that wonderful?

So it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, pagan, agnostic or atheist – it doesn’t matter who or what you are – your guardian angel exists, loves you unconditionally, and wants the best for you.

Angels are not human. They are a different race of high-vibrational Spirit beings who take on a human-like appearance so as not to scare the crap out of us. So, to answer a frequently-asked question: No, I’m afraid your deceased loved ones don’t become your guardian angels after they cross into the Light. Many of them do return as Spirit Guides, though. Or simply as themselves! (I’ll cover that in the next article, so stay tuned.)


What’s the difference between Angels and Archangels?

In one word: rank. An Angelic hierarchy exists. The top generals in the Angelic host are known as the Archangels. They each have a specific portfolio, and contribute in their own way to anchor more and more Light in a world that needs it so desperately.

The Archangels are powerful enough that they can be in more than one place at a time, so go ahead and call on them whenever you need. Some examples of Archangels and their portfolios include:

  • MICHAEL: The Warrior Archangel and Upholder of God’s truth. He’s the head honcho amongst the Archangels and the most well-known, for good reason! He’s always willing to provide assistance in the service of Light. Call on him for courage, strength under pressure, and protection.
  • GABRIEL: This Archangel’s main task is to act as the messenger of God. Call on him/her (this Archangel is androgynous) for emotional release, the healing and empowerment of the Divine Feminine within your soul, as well as assistance in communicating important messages.
  • RAPHAEL: The Healer. Call on him for healing, recovery and rejuvenation from all sorts of disease and dis-ease, be it physical, mental, or emotional. He also watches over travellers, and it’s good to call on him for protection when going on a trip. Raphael’s keen sense of humour proves that laughter truly is the best medicine.
  • URIEL: Call on this Archangel if you desire a clear perspective in a confusing situation. He’s the Guardian of the earthly realm, and your go-to Archangel for anything to do with environmental conservation, animal rights etc! You can also call on Uriel to help improve your relationship with your pets.



If Angels exist and love me so much, then why do I still have so many problems? Also, how do I call on my guardian angels and the Archangels?

Angels are bound by the Laws of the Universe. As agents of God, they cannot and will not overstep their boundaries. One boundary in particular is set by our free will. You and I have the autonomy to decide how we want to lead our lives, and the Angels will respect our choices. They won’t intervene unless we ask them to – so maybe it’s time to start asking!

How to talk to your angels: Go somewhere peaceful and quiet where you can relax. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes if you’d like, and breathe deeply. Concentrate on your breathing until you reach a state of calmness. Then speak to your guardian angels in your mind and heart. No worries, they can read your thoughts.

When you’re done, give them your love and thanks. Then you can end your session of prayer and meditation (yep, that’s what just happened!) with a nap. Or some gentle stretching. Or a burger. Whatever makes you happy. It’s that simple. 🙂

Alternatively, you might like to try an Angel card reading. If so, feel free to book a reading with a Spirit worker you trust, and who works with Angels.

May your connection with the Angels bless your life richly!

*          *          *          *          *

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