Weekend Spirit Message, 17-19 Feb 2017

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers face-to-face and online readings with Angel & Tarot cards, as well as animal communication sessions and energy healing services.

This Saturday, 18 February, the Sun slips away from the benevolent (if somewhat emotionally detached) auspices of Aquarius and enters the deep, murky embrace of Pisces. Pisces is Mutable Water, and the final sign in the zodiac. The energies of Pisces are associated with fantasy, romance, and spirituality. Emotions are at once deep, mysterious, and tender. Continue reading

Weekend Spirit Message, 3-5 Feb 2017

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers Angel and Tarot card readings, animal communication sessions, and energy healing services.

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then what happens when Venus moves to join Mars in Aries? Folks, mark this Friday, 3 February, in your calendars. Mars, planet of war, welcomes Venus, planet of love and partnerships, in hot-blooded Aries – where they will stay until 9 March. Continue reading

This Week’s Tarot, 7-13 Nov 2016


This Tuesday, 8 November, all eyes will be on America as the nation goes to vote. Here’s wishing voters all best! Another reason for celebration is that belligerent Mars enters humanitarian, high-minded Aquarius on the same day, encouraging the global community to use all that creative, aggressive Martian energy for the highest and greatest good of all.

So let’s get to it! Here’s This Week’s Tarot. 🙂

LEFT: QUEEN OF CUPS. This Queen represents our relationship with our emotional, intuitive side; the feminine aspect of our psyche, if you will. This year’s Scorpio season so far has been heavy-going for many, with some deeply suppressed issues suddenly erupting and boiling over. This Queen gently encourages us to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge, not ignore what we feel. Nevertheless, the placement of the Queen of Cups is pretty interesting. Notice she’s looking away absently into the distance? And therein lies the risk of over-indulging in our emotions – we lose focus.

MIDDLE: TWO OF PENTACLES. The young man in this card is giving the Queen of Cups some seriously judgemental side-eye here. And with good reason! The Two of Pentacles represents inner equilibrium; his message to us is to balance the opposing priorities, values and/or perspectives in our lives. Have your emotional issues (either denial, drama, or both) been getting the better of you lately? Time to set the balance right.

RIGHT: KING OF PENTACLES. What struck me immediately about the King of Pentacles in this spread (besides the fact that this dude is a major hottie) is the strength of his gaze. He’s staring right at us, the calmness and inner strength of this royal leader apparent in his eyes. Not only that, he’s surrounded by abundance: the grapes, vines and huge Pentacle in his hand are all Tarot symbols of material stability and success. This guy is focused on his goals in life, and knows what he needs to do to get there.

This Week’s Tarot urges us to gain and/or regain our focus on what matters in life. It is healthy to acknowledge and work with our emotions. But emotional suppression and emotional theatrics are two extremes that can hinder us from achieving our goals or leading our best lives. The key is to balance our emotional, intuitive and spiritual selves with the practical, material and strategic issues that make up much of our day-to-day living.

Dear one, remember you are loved. Life is out there, waiting for you to take the wheel and drive your own destiny. So get your focus on and get moving – we can all do our part to make humanity great again greater!

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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Weekend Spirit Message, 4-6 Nov 2016: Break free into Love.

This Saturday, loving and harmonious Venus forms a trine with iconoclastic Uranus. It’s a great time to contemplate: what holds us back from being more loving individuals, and what can we do to become more nurturing, caring, (com)passionate versions of ourselves?

As always, we begin with ourselves. Have we been too hard on ourselves lately? Too many late nights at the office? Stress-eating? Stuck in negativity, self-criticism and pessimism? Let this weekend be a time of honesty with ourselves, discovering what causes us to resort to self-defeating habits, and gently releasing them whilst incorporating more self-love rituals into our lives.

If you’re single and you’ve been harbouring sweet, sweet feelings for a special someone in your life, consider what holds you back from making an approach. Are you afraid of rejection? Then start as friends. It never hurts to make hints, either (unless your honey is the oblivious sort, teehee!). The braver souls amongst us might want to ride on Uranus’s heady energies and make a proclamation of love (or at least, like!). If you’re attached, inject some heady new passion into your time with your significant other. This is a great time to explore new hobbies and activities together, or check into a nice lil’ hotel for staycation fun times. Heh heh.

Romance aside, Venus also rules partnerships and interpersonal ties. This weekend is a great time to do something different for the people in your life who need some lovin’. Or even other people (and other sentient beings like animals) in general – Uranus encourages us to break out of our own comfort zones, after all – and do something for the greater good. There are tons of charities out there that would appreciate your assistance and support. Free this weekend to help out at the local animal shelter or old folks’ home? Why not? You may be pleasantly surprised at the good vibes you get from sending love to others.

The Universal Law of Karma essentially states that you get what you give. Time to break out of the old and into a new, loving you. You’re a gift, with so much to offer to this world; don’t just keep yourself to yourself, give your love away. And as you bless others with your love, so too will you be blessed with love. Karma guarantees it. <3

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

*          *          *          *          *

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Healing the inner child, Part 2: 7 signs of a wounded inner child.

(Click here for the first article.)

Do you remember how it felt to be a child? Some of you recall happy and stable childhoods where you were loved and nurtured. Some of you remember feeling smothered, knowing that you were loved but vaguely unsure of why it made you unhappy. Some of you barely felt loved at all. And sadly, some remember being neglected or actively abused.

Many of my clients who come to me with seemingly insurmountable challenges in their lives, more often than not, realise during their consultations with me that their current problems are rooted in events and situations that occurred when they were young. Wounded as children and told to Get over it, Stop crying or I’ll hit you again, or Sit down and shut up, we did as we were told in order to avoid further mistreatment. But deep inside us, our inner child never healed from unresolved hurts.

How do wounded children behave? We’ve all seen young children tripping, falling over, and screaming their lungs out. We’ve seen frightened kids freeze, wet their pants, hurt themselves, hit other kids. Wounded children express their pain to the world in the hope that someone will help.

It doesn’t matter what age you are now. If your inner child has been wounded and left unhealed, you will tend to revert to certain actions, attitudes and behaviours that reveal that inner child’s vulnerability. You may have grown, but that inner child is still right there, deep inside you. Waiting for love, help and comfort. And in times of stress, that wounded inner child comes out and hijacks the show, no matter how well you’ve been running it.

The young man who fights with his boss – who resembles his own father. The middle-aged woman who can’t trust men, then hates herself for being single. The young woman whose eating disorders have taken over her life.

There is no one whose inner child is completely unhurt; in this beautiful but broken world of ours, there are only degrees of hurting, and degrees of healing. What is important is that we recognise when our inner child calls to us for healing, and that we respond.

And that’s where the challenge lies for many of us. We’re so well-conditioned to rationalise our childhood experiences, to suppress our negative emotions, that even when Spirit lovingly reveals to some of my clients that they have inner-child issues to deal with, they resist.

“Oh, that can’t be me. I’m strong now.”
“That was such a long time ago.”
“I’ve forgotten. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Healing can only begin when we see and recognise the wounds. Here are seven signs of a wounded inner child that I’ve noted, both from my own personal experience as well as my professional encounters with close to a thousand clients. You may or may not find that these signs resonate with what you’re going through. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” definition for this, but you might find this list useful. Here we go:

1. Playing roles + wearing masks to hide your true Self.
Do you find that you’re a very different person around different people, almost as if you were playing roles to please other people, get the job done, meet your own objectives etc? And that if you were asked to strip away all those roles you play and masks you put on to get through the day, you might not know who lies beneath that elaborate masquerade? This is frequently a response to parental or familial pressure for us to live, look or behave a certain way in order to gain approval. For instance, many closeted LGBT people I meet (especially those from conservative or religious family backgrounds) struggle with this.

2. Weariness.
I’m not talking about the usual tiredness or stress from work or life’s issues. I’m talking about a deep, deep weariness in your soul that just won’t go away no matter what you try. It’s an exhausting task to keep those masks on. And even if you don’t feel that you’re wearing a mask and you are living a life that’s true to your real Self, remember that an untreated wound can still drain your life energy. With this weariness frequently comes a chronic boredom – you can’t muster any strong sense of purpose or passion for life, and deep down you suspect sometimes that you’re just drifting listlessly with the tide.

3. An unstable approach to guilt and shame.
Just to clarify: guilt is a response to what you’ve done: I did something wrong. Shame is a response to who you are: Something is wrong with me. People whose inner children are severely wounded cannot draw a clear line between guilt and shame. It’s all black-and-white for them. When something negative happens, they either take on all the blame and condemn themselves in the process (a client once told me, to my horror, Yes it’s my fault for [a minor mistake she made at work], I’m s**t and I have a talent for f**king up!), or they reject responsibility completely because their inner child is terrified of being blamed and possibly punished: enter the finger-pointing and mud-slinging. Wounded inner children tend to over-react and “take it personally” when things go wrong, and find it difficult to separate people from issues when solving a dispute.

4. Stuck in a time warp of excessive worrying.
Wounded inner children have lost all sense of time because their attention is focused almost entirely on their wounds. To them, the next catastrophe is just around the corner, and as children, they feel powerless to stop it. Never mind if they’re already adults, their lives are going well and the feared crisis doesn’t happen. The wounded inner child cannot differentiate perception from reality, and therefore can never be at peace. It goes without saying that the wounded inner child never truly lives in the present, but is either fretting about something that happened in the past or anxious about what might happen in the future – or, frequently, both.

5. Inability to trust and/or discern who can be trusted.
Another characteristic of people with wounded inner children is that their relationship networks are inadequate. Either they don’t have friends, their friendships are superficial, or they’re surrounded by frenemies – people who can’t actually be trusted and don’t have their interests at heart. Wounded inner children frequently find themselves also stuck in co-dependent romantic relationships (or disturbingly intense “friendships”) which are not grounded in respectful, loving give-and-take, but rooted in an overwhelming fear of loneliness and a tendency to become overly attached. It’s extremely common, by the way.

6. Distorted perceptions of reality.
Life feels like one long thunderstorm with occasional bursts of sunshine. You live for those moments of peace and happiness; once those precious moments are threatened, you plunge straight into the depths again. I once spoke with a beautiful young woman who needed reassurance about her new love relationship. During our conversation, she become highly emotional and began weeping, saying things like I knew it, I knew this was too good to be true, my boyfriend is leaving me, I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up… I was alarmed to hear that. When I asked what had happened, she told me that her boyfriend had a severe migraine once and had to go home early from a date. That was enough to convince her that her relationship was over and she had no reason to live! (By the way, I know the boyfriend personally. He loves her to bits and wants to marry her.) Sounds crazy? Perhaps, but anyone would go “crazy” from the pain if their inner children were wounded for so long and never had the chance to heal.

7. Difficulty connecting with oneself, others, Spirit or the Universe.
As I mentioned earlier, wounded inner children cannot focus on anything else other than their pain. Whether consciously or unconsciously, their efforts are spent almost entirely on trying to heal, suppress, or rationalise their hurt feelings. Consequently, it’s hard for them to know what they’re really feeling, to empathise with other people, or to connect with a Higher Power. It’s hard to believe that Spirit and the Universe love you when you can’t even love yourself, after all. By the way, this applies even to spiritual people and light workers. I’ve found that sometimes, the hardest nuts to crack (to put it bluntly) are the people who have psychic gifts and who may even be practitioners. They inevitably hit a roadblock in their spiritual development and wonder why they’re not going anywhere, no matter what they do.

*          *          *

Now let’s be clear: many of these points can also be explained with other reasons such as intense stress, personality quirks etc. But if many of these points are resonating with you, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself if something’s up with your inner child. Last week, I spoke about the importance of being honest with ourselves. I’d like to add that it’s also crucial to be kind to ourselves; maybe that’s our homework for this week, haha! 😀

And next week, I’ll be talking about ways to heal the inner child.

Always remember (even if you’re not feeling it) that you are loved and not alone. This is a broken but beautiful world. Nothing is impossible, and your inner child can be healed. The Universe is kind, and Spirit loves you! Only believe! <3


*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recounts) are based on Kelly’s experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

This Week’s Tarot, 24-30 Oct 2016

Note: No Tarot card pic for this post because [spoilers ahead] The World popped up. This card depicts nudity and, in accordance with its ad policy, Facebook doesn’t allow me to publish it. Apologies and thanks for understanding! <3

We’ve just dived into Scorpio season, and already I’m hearing from clients and friends that they’re feeling emotionally tired or heavy. No surprise there, folks – the Moon is waning, after all – and good things are on their way because this Sunday 30 October is the New Moon in Scorpio! Right now what many people feel is the energy of burnout, weariness, and the ending of significant life cycles. But come this Sunday, the New Moon in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to arise from the ashes and start anew.

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign: Scorpio energies indicate that a tsunami of emotions might arise this week as we tackle difficult issues that we’ve managed to hide or suppress so far. But so long as we persevere and stay fixed on our course, in love, light and honesty, the New Moon at the end of this week presents us with opportunities to break free of the old patterns that hide our truth and hold us back, and create new ones that give us life.

Hang in there, folks, and here’s This Week’s Tarot! 🙂

LEFT: TEN OF WANDS. This card indicates the end of a cycle, stage, or project in your life. You’ve accomplished much. You’re also possibly exhausted, burnt out, and dealing with far more responsibilities than you can handle. Time to consider a break, (re-)establish boundaries, and/or (re-)allocate duties and responsibilities in a fairer, saner way for everyone? And if your answer to that is “I can’t” or “I won’t”, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself what might be up with the situation, the people around you, or even yourself, for you to reach this point.

MIDDLE: KING OF CUPS. The Tarot Kings indicates external mastery of their Suit; Cups in the Tarot represent emotions and the element of water (see the link to Scorpio here?). The message this King brings us is to stay calm and focus on controlling our emotions. By doing so, we get to see the big picture and going with the flow becomes less of a struggle.

Now let’s get this clear: true emotional control can only come about when we are first open and honest with our emotions, when we acknowledge them and find the right place for them in our lives. Suppressing them, over-indulging in them or killing them off with “logical reasoning” gets us nowhere. Good Kings don’t crush or hide from their subjects – they reign over them!

RIGHT: THE WORLD. This card refers to completion, closure, the Universally-ordained ending of a major cycle, stage, or project in your life. In a sense, it’s similar to the Ten of Wands but without the element of burnout – this card wants you to focus on the fact that whatever ended, or is about to end, is OVER. LET IT GO. Move forward to exciting new things, dear one. Stop clinging on to what you weren’t happy with over whatever just ended. Celebrate what you did achieve – and when The World appears, you’ve achieved A BIG DEAL. Well done! – and move on.

BONUS: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. When The Wheel of Fortune appears, we are reminded that the Universe moves in cycles. 2016 has been a challenging year for many, and if you’ve been feeling particularly hard done by these few months, this card reassures you that things are on the upswing for you. The trick is to maintain hope, confidence and optimism even when your emotions are screaming at you to wallow in self-pity and resentment.

As I mentioned earlier, Scorpio is a fixed Water sign. The flip side of fixed Water is a state where the Water element (aka our emotional state) stagnates and; left unchecked, the dark side of Scorpio energies can lead us into envy, resentment and bitterness. All the more we need to take a cue from the King of Cups and rule our feelings, not the other way around. This bears repeating:

tsunami of emotions might arise this week as we tackle difficult issues that we’ve managed to hide or suppress so far. But so long as we persevere and stay fixed on our course, in love, light and honesty, the New Moon at the end of this week presents us with opportunities to break free of the old patterns that hide our truth and hold us back, and create new ones that give us life.

Hang in there, and have a wonderful week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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