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What you believe, you become. 

A fundamental Spiritual Law goes: As within, so without. What we consistently think, feel, and act upon within ourselves will inevitably be reflected in the world around us.

A person who cannot love or accept herself will find herself surrounded by critics, saboteurs and adversaries wherever she goes. A backstabbing gossip will always find herself gossiped about and backstabbed. A person without healthy boundaries will constantly be targeted by other people seeking a doormat to stomp on.

So when friends and clients come to me, hurt and frustrated by the negativity in their lives, part of my counsel to these dear souls – besides the obvious, which would be to cut out the toxicity as much as possible – would be to examine their innermost beliefs and perspectives.

If they’re honest with themselves, they realise they’ve incorporated a dysfunctional belief telling them that they deserve their suffering. And that’s why they stay in negative situations, or their attempts at getting out are half-hearted at best.

Usually, that’s when their bullshit starts: the excuses, the blame games, the victim narratives. And that’s when they need to decide: whether to stay in their rut, or fight their way out.

As within, so without. If you want your world to change, first change yourself.

And here’s where I take issue with a piece of advice that’s pretty popular nowadays: Chill.

On the surface, “chill” sounds good, doesn’t it? Just chill, bro. Relax. No problem. But like many other deceptive  beliefs, the advice to “chill” ultimately brings destruction to those who follow it.

Now let me get this clear: I am a firm believer in being flexible, in resting at appropriate times, in letting go of what is not within my control. But this is not what “chill” really means.

The advice to “chill” gives blanket permission for someone to choose mindless passivity. To escape reality and evade responsibility. To stop thinking, stop being conscious, stop being in your power. To tolerate the shit that is splattering everywhere in your life, because man, it looks so uncool for you to actually be concerned about your own wellbeing.

Because while you’re being chill and pretending that you’re not bothered by how crap your life is, the Universe is moving on. The toxic people and situations in your life are not going to let up. The positive opportunities you could have taken hold of are slipping away – into the hands of those who choose to live mindfully, and to stand in their power.

As within, so without. What you believe, you become. I have never seen, met, or known of a successful person who advocates “chill”. Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma… I don’t see any chill here – these are all very strong, passionate people. It seems to me that “chill” is associated with people who are NOT in control of their lives, but desperately seeking to give everyone the impression that they are. In other words:

“chill” is an ego defence mechanism.

Kelly, you’re so harsh and unspiritual. Weren’t Buddha and Jesus like, really chill dudes? Your ignorance is showing, friend. Buddha renounced his royal status, his wealth and family, his entire life to pursue the gruelling process of enlightenment, coming close to death several times along the way. Jesus, the Son of God, submitted to false criminal charges, then was humiliated, tortured, and crucified – to save a world that laughed at him while he hung dying.

Yet billions of people all around the world love, worship, and pray to these two “chill dudes” today. Not because they were chill – completely the opposite. Buddha, Jesus, Guan Yin, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Stephen Hawking… these are people who lived their lives completely WITHOUT chill. They understood their place in the Universe and gave Life their very best shot, fulfilling their soul purpose with single-minded focus, courage, and devotion. They won and lost, they celebrated and suffered, they lived joyous and tragic lives, and they left behind a glorious legacy when they died.

If you want your world to change, take action with wisdom, grace, and compassion. Do not “chill”.

“Chill” is for the cowards, the fools, the dishonest, selfish, and insecure.

“Chill” is what they do to corpses at the morgue.

Make sure you’re not one of them.

On to the reading! Just FYI: I type out whatever message the Goddess lays on my heart BEFORE I select the cards. I do it in faith that whatever She says, She will validate, and it has always worked out. Check out the spread below and you’ll see what I mean.


LEFT: SIX OF SWORDS REVERSED. You’re stuck in a rut – trying to move on to calmer waters, but somehow it’s not happening. Avoid the temptation to resort to finger-pointing and self-pitying, and take a moment to think over what I mentioned earlier. What, within yourself, must change before you can see change in the situation around you?

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF WANDS. This is a card that advises taking the initiative, being proactive in taking back your power, and being aware of the karmic repercussions of every action you take (the Number Eight in numerology is an indicator of strong karmic influences in the situation you are experiencing now).

RIGHT: TWO OF WANDS REVERSED. This card, when upright, recommends taking advice from trustworthy counsellors around you. In reverse, it is a warning – you need to cut off the sources of misinformation and possibly well-meaning, but dysfunctional guidance. If anyone in your life (including your own inner voice) has been telling you to “chill”, I recommend that you go one step further and completely freeze that shitty advice out of your life. If those “advisors” persist with their garbage, freeze THEM out as well.



YANG. This is the card of initiative-taking, courageous action, and the will to manifest one’s desired outcomes. If you want a better life, you need to act. Deal with whatever holds you back and act in your power. This is your life – start acting like it is.

TRUTH BE TOLD. This could be a big week for some of you. It appears that you not only need to act courageously, you need to speak your truth as well. This could well be part of the process you’ll need to undergo in order to take back your power. It can be exhilarating, liberating, and terrifying all at once. And if an authentic life is what you desire, then do it.

Speak from the heart, but also use your common sense. above all, be a decent human being.

BREATHE. And this is the Oracle’s “Go fly a kite, kid” to the people who think that not being chill means you can’t relax at all. People who truly understand the wisdom of Spiritual living will know that life, like the Universe, is experienced in cycles. So even as you act in your power and take control of your destiny, remember to take time out (whenever appropriate) for mindful rest and rejuvenation – but never lose sight of your goal.

This card also indicates the perfect timing of the Universe, and a reminder to flow with Her – not against.

Have a great week ahead!

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