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Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? This Tuesday 7 November, Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in a secret rendezvous at L’Hotel de Scorpio.

Things are about to get sexy – but also possessive, secretive, and intense. Venus in Scorpio can be a drama mama, and with expansive Jupiter + communicative Mercury egging Venus on, there could be an equal chance of a passionate proposal or a stormy break-up.

This week’s energies are big! Check out your Tarot & Oracle reading below:


LEFT: THE FOOL. This is a great week to try something new. The Fool symbolises that free spirit in us who’s fun-loving and fearless. Embrace the energies of new beginnings; if you’ve been stuck in a problematic situation for a while, The Fool is here to reassure you that a new approach to feasible solutions is about to appear. Stay curious, optimistic, and open-minded.

MIDDLE: STRENGTH. This card almost invariably appears when some measure of stress has been present and ongoing in a situation. Its message: Keep calm. Face your fears. Have confidence in yourself. You’ve got this.

RIGHT: THE CHARIOT. The Chariot is a card that speaks of force, direction, and authority. It urges us to take charge of our lives and go for whatever our hearts desire! In combination with Strength and The Fool, it looks like this is a week where Universal energies are on your side to take courageous action – so do it!



BE BLESSED: FORK IN THE ROAD. When this card shows up, you’re coming to a crossroads and will be expected to make a significant decision soon. Be sure to choose wisely, as the various options all seem beneficial. Now is the time to be perceptive: look beneath the surface of whatever is being offered. The Universe is on your side, but you still have the final say – so make sure your decisions serve your highest good.

Your choices shape your destiny. Be wise.

BE CAREFUL: TICK TOCK. In the warning position, Tick Tock is a reminder that we need to be mindful of time. You are called to be productive with the time you’ve been given. Don’t rush your decisions – but don’t procrastinate, either. If you’re feeling particularly frazzled, take a step back and ask yourself where (or who) the time pressure is coming from, and act accordingly.

The more urgent an expectation seems, the more you need to check that it’s actually legit.

BE ADVISED: YANG. This card represents the active masculine Universal energy, and reaffirms the message of the Tarot (especially the Chariot) – this week presents wonderful opportunities to take proactive steps towards attaining our goals, hopes, and dreams. So:

Put aside the analysis paralysis, the fearful chatter of your inner critic, the seductive traps of your ego.

Ask yourself: what do you truly desire, that serves your highest good?

Be clear. Set your intentions. Then go for it.

Have a great week ahead!

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