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“No man is an island. Interdependence is key to life, and one of its beauties.

“Yet so many of you are plagued with loneliness. It crushes your spirit that you cannot reach out and hope to find compassion in the eyes of a fellow human being.

“Pride has darkened the souls of many. They mistake solitude for independence, and arrogance for strength.

“No one calls for help… but I hear the cry in every heart! How I long to gather you in My embrace, but you are not willing!

“Foolish children! What does it matter that you ask for help in humility? That you admit vulnerability to others who are as fallible as you? Or that you offer help, and submit yourself to the risk of rejection?

“Is your heart so hardened that you cannot bend in order to reach out to someone, either to help or to be helped?

“I tell you this: the person who gains the world but loses his soul, his ability to empathise with suffering, his capacity for love and humility… such a person is dead before his time, his accomplishments are worthless, and his life is wasted.

“I remind you that life as you know it would not be possible without the assistance of your family, friends, strangers, and even enemies. I ask that you seek a higher perspective that overrides mere self-fulfilment.

“The attachment to ego is the root of solitude and much suffering.

“It is time to live beyond yourself. It is time to contribute.”

A message from Guan Yin, channelled by Kelly Tan, 3 March 2018


*stunned silence*

… okay, here’s this week’s reading:

(Yes, here’s another vintage tablecloth! #chinesenewyear)


LEFT: ACE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. The seed falls to the ground but does not sprout; the goal is visualised but not manifested. This week, be flexible with expectations. Delays and setbacks could arise, although that does not necessarily spell the end of your dream. If you’re initiating a business or financial venture this week, you’ll have to be patient with outcomes.

MIDDLE: ACE OF CUPS. A new beginning is coming for you, but it might not take the form you expect, and the benefits you will receive from this new cycle are largely intangible. This will be a breakthrough in emotional states, in Spirit, and in energies – particularly in relationships. There could be tears – some of you won’t be prepared for the intensity of this oncoming energetic shift. And that’s okay.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. Take it easy. This week calls for a slow, steady, methodical approach to things. Put your shoulder to the grind and don’t expect miraculous results… but ultimately, it will be worth all the effort you put in. Someone who is reliable, honest and hardworking will play a role in this week’s events. If you’re looking for an ally, this person should fit the bill.



Before I start, I just wanna say that you know this week is going to be hectic when even the Oracle is kind of …intense.

BE BLESSED: CLEAN IT UP. You are being given a window of opportunity to set something right. It could be (literally) a messy room or work cubicle, an unresolved conflict, or a dysfunctional pattern you tend to repeat in your thoughts, emotions, communication style… This is a good week to make good out of something that’s not aligned with your Higher Self.

BE CAREFUL: THE FATES. Be mindful that you really only have control over yourself. Do the best you can, then leave the rest to the Universe. Prayer helps. When this card appears in the warning position, it is a seriously good idea to clean stuff up because some form of Divine intervention (read: bitch-slap) might otherwise be coming your way soon.

This is the second week in a row that the Universe has hinted at some kind of imminent shake-up, so I’d take this repeated announcement seriously if I were you.

BE ADVISED: MENDING. This card is associated with forgiveness, release, and either reconciling or moving on. Whichever path you take, act from a place of love, and you will always choose correctly. The important thing, though, is to heal by letting go of the offence, the hurt, and the past grievances that hold you back from a wonderful future.

There’s a beautiful path ahead of you. Take it.

Have a great week ahead! And if you were wondering about Guan Yin’s message about interdependence and living beyond yourself, She recently instructed me to set up a group for people who feel called to the Divine Feminine.

If this resonates with you, join us at The Goddess Process – let’s love Her and uphold one another in prayer, support, and encouragement.

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