You know how the things that look too good to be true probably are? Yup. 

On Saturday 10 February, love + relationship ruler Venus joins fantasy-driven Neptune in dreamy Pisces and stays there until 6 March. On the plus side, things could get really romantic for many of you. On the other hand, the shadow side of Venus + Neptune in Pisces consists of illusions, lies, delusions, manipulation, and drama.

Reality… what’s that?

Be very careful – there is an element of psychological instability in this transit. Not only that, we’re still right smack in the middle of Shake-Shit-Up eclipse season (the next one is on 15 February). Water signs (and those with a lot of Water in your natal chart) are particularly susceptible to these energies. If you’re feeling mentally + emotionally fragile at this time, PLEASE make self-care your top priority.

Be good to yourself. Your relationship with YOU matters more than any other.

Onto the reading!


LEFT: THE CHARIOT. This week, keep your focus on your end goal. Move forward and don’t look back. This card is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer ; in this reading, it’s also an implied warning not to cling to the past (Cancer is very good at that, unfortunately).

Cancer also rules mothers and mother figures: a female boss, co-worker, relative, or friend could play a role in this week’s events – this interaction presents an opportunity for genuine closeness, healing, and possible release from a relationship/work dynamic that no longer serves you.

It’s the Chariot, bbs. Move forward!

MIDDLE: THE WORLD REVERSED. This is a week where a lot of the work done is inner work. You might not be seeing tangible results or a change in the external environment – yet. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve the outcomes you desire.

The sense I’m getting from The reversed World here is that some of you out there need to be patient. Trust that your prayers have been heard, and they will be answered – more importantly, how are you preparing yourself for the time when your prayers really do come true?

RIGHT: SIX OF SWORDS REVERSED. Change is coming, but how this shift will occur is not for you to decide. Follow The Chariot’s advice and do what you can, then take a time out – you’ve been dealing with a lot lately, and people have let you down.

Plans to travel or to move will meet with delays, setbacks, and disappointment at the outcomes. Cluttered minds and hearts would do well with a break. Meditation works wonders.

The key is to focus on what you can control. Leave the rest to the Universe.

This card is associated with communication planet Mercury in Aquarius, the sign of community. When in reverse, beware – there is a good chance that in the near future, someone (probably female; see The Chariot) will be spreading false + vicious stories about you behind your back. This person could be trying to discredit + alienate you within your own group, community, or organisation.

DO NOT ENGAGE or RETALIATE. Rise above the pettiness. The truth will out. your day will come.

The Universe sees all. Keep your hands clean, and trust that good will come out of evil. #karma



BE BLESSED: NEW LIFE. The potential for a wonderful new lease of life is coming your way. Opportunities beckon – even if they haven’t actually appeared yet, or even if they take an unexpected/unfamiliar form. I’m sensing that how well you integrate these exciting new energetic shifts depends a lot on how you deal with the next card.

BE CAREFUL: UNFINISHED SYMPHONY. There’s unfinished business that needs to be taken care of. As the Tarot mentions earlier, do what you can, then leave the rest to Goddess. What’s important is that you no longer maintain emotional ties to what’s happened in the past. Starting anew requires a clean break from the old – do what you can to make this happen.

BE ADVISED: FORK IN THE ROAD. We shape our destinies with our choices. A crossroads is on the way, and you will be called upon to make the decisions that serve your highest good, whilst harming none.

Venus + Neptune in Pisces don’t like to take responsibility for personal choices. These are energies that feel wonderful when things are going well, but when issues arise,  the potential for deceit, politics, drama-queen antics, temper tantrums, bullying tactics, and victim/martyr narratives arise.

It can get toxic – your advice (and challenge) this week is to rise above this pettiness, and focus on the greater good.

Have a great week ahead, and remember: don’t engage with petty people. Love and Light to you!

*          *          *          *          *

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