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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

“When people speak or act in a certain way, and their words or actions do not flatter you, what conclusion do you tend to reach? That you have been insulted, and therefore are entitled to take offence? 

“Remember this wisdom: all thought, speech, and action arise out of the overflow of the heart. How you behave in response to external conditions is primarily a reflection of you: your strengths, your weaknesses; your hopes, dreams, and fears. Should you be inauthentic in any part of your being, it is you who will ultimately betray yourself.

“We cannot control how others behave – and neither should we. I would remind you that most of the time, people speak and act out of the desire to protect themselves, and not necessarily to hurt you.

“Taking offence at someone else’s insecurity, dishonesty, or disrespect – interpreting their bad behaviour as a personal attack against you – is usually a waste of energy.

“You do not need to condemn them; neither are you obliged to mollycoddle them. Simply release them with love. Do this with grace – by doing so, you honour both the Universe and yourself.

Look to yourself, and work on yourself. Raise the vibrations that resonate within your soul, and arise to joy. Peace of mind and happiness are your birthright – claim them with confidence. Draw firm boundaries, and do not allow yourself to take offence where it is unnecessary.

“Taking offence is very rarely necessary or useful.

“Rather than start a fight or continue a provocation, seek to create an environment of love, peace, and joy within yourself, where you are guided by a Higher perspective. Once you see the futility and unworthiness of taking personal offence at another person’s self-centred insecurity, you will eventually develop a Higher compassion.

“It is this compassion that will empower you to let go of petty offences, in order that you may rise further in your own Spiritual growth and evolution.

“May you cultivate the Divine Compassion that will stand you in good stead to anchor Light, in a world so desperately in need of it.”

– Channelled message from Guan Yin, 26 May 2018.
Oracle: Kelly Tan.

Let’s get to this week’s reading – this week’s energies are HUGE. All three Tarot cards are Major Arcana, meaning that Universal energies and ‘destined’ circumstances play a crucial part in this week’s events. The Oracle card, The Fates, also makes an appearance. Keep your eyes and hearts open, darlings.


LEFT: THE SUN. This is my favourite card in the Tarot deck. The Sun represents joy, success, and happiness; it also signifies the illumination of truth, and the clarity gained from a higher, broader perspective. When this card appears, the truth will out – and you will find happiness! Remember the Goddess’s call to us at the end of Her message “to anchor Light, in a world so desperately in need of it. This week, let your soul’s Light shine!

MIDDLE: TEMPERANCE REVERSED. Here’s what must happen before you’ll get your bliss, though. Temperance in reverse suggests an imbalance that needs to be re-aligned in order for healing to occur. This card sometimes also refers to a disparity of thoughts, opinions, values, and beliefs. Remember our channelled message earlier – not everyone’s behaviour will be to your liking, but neither are you obliged to cling on to personal offence.

Regain your inner equilibrium, and the things around you will fall into place.

RIGHT: THE DEVIL. Because darkness and the Devil are what lie in wait in you don’t act your own act together, bbs. Choose personal offence, self-victimisation, and the Drama Queen Narrative, and you’ll find yourself trapped – perhaps indefinitely – in cycles of negativity and dysfunction. And why on the Goddess’s sweet Earth would you ever want that?



BUILDING BLOCKS. Work on those foundations – and keep working at them! When this card appears, look to yourself and work on yourself (and isn’t this what the Goddess was just saying earlier?). Make sure you cultivate a core within your soul that is strong, loving, and pure. This card is often a herald for good fortune in the future. Blessing is coming your way, and you need to be ready for it.

Let the healing, building, and reconstructing begin!

TIME FOR A NAP. Work hard and rest well. This card is a reminder that after we’ve done the work we need to do, LET IT GO. Guard your heart and mind against worrying, over-thinking, or letting fear-based fantasies hijack your own peace of mind. Remember the message of Temperance in reverse: your job is to maintain/regain inner equilibrium, so be sure to balance out your efforts with ample rest.

THE FATES. When this card appears, we’re reminded once again of the wisdom involved in maintaining our intricate inner balance in tandem with the Universe. Learn to discern what you can handle versus what’s beyond your control, and focus on doing your best within your own sphere of influence. It’s all good.

Have a great week ahead!

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