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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

I haven’t done one of my point-by-point astrological updates for a while so here goes: 

1 Dec: Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Mars gets a little restless in Libra, and Uranus in Aries is as restless as you can get. The atmosphere could be electric; watch out for impulsive choices (especially with the holiday shopping). It’s a great time to channel your energy and money into charitable causes…

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2 Dec: cosmic amplifier Jupiter in intense Scorpio forms a trine with Neptune in spiritual Pisces. This is the first of three beautiful Jupiter-Neptune trines (the other two will occur in 2018). Expect your spirituality to get a major boost. If you’ve been praying for a sign, keep your eyes wide open today – your connection to Spirit + the Universal Consciousness will be flowing, glowing, and growing!

3 Dec: a big day in the skies. The final Mercury retrograde of 2017 begins in free-spirited Sagittarius.

Mercury rules transportation and Sagittarius rules travel. triple-check your travel plans – you don’t want to end your year with a spoilt holiday vacation!

New to retrogrades? Basically, when a planetary body goes retrograde, it appears to be going backwards in its course. During this time, whatever domains that planet (or asteroid) rules will come under intense scrutiny; expect the unexpected, let go of expectations, and get ready for a lot of lessons learnt in those areas.

Mercury rules travel, transportation, communications, and technology.

back up all your devices, get your car/bike/e-scooter checked, and think – twice – before you speak.

This Mercury retrograde ends on 22 December, and its post-shadow period ends on 10 January 2018. Its influence will be intensified by the Full Moon in Gemini (in Singapore, it’s full at 11:46 pm) – plus, this is no ordinary Full Moon, but a Super Moon as well (where the Moon comes the closest to Earth).

Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, so the synergies between the Full Moon and the retrograde could be immense – and surprising. Gemini is the sign of the Celestial Twins; be on the lookout for exciting new friends and kindred spirits entering your life  – as well as friends possibly leaving your life – on this day and the fortnight following.

With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius now, the risk of foot-in-mouth syndrome is at an all-time high.

Switch on the brain before engaging in conversation with your new friends, and all best!

Let’s get to this week’s reading!


LEFT: SEVEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. Whom can you trust? When this card appears upside-down, some lies, half-truths, and false gossip could be exposed. If you struggle with trust issues, these could come out in the open as well. A situation may arise that demands you take a side – either take the side of the righteous, or none at all. And don’t compromise.

MIDDLE: PAGE OF WANDS. In the Tarot Court, Pages are messengers. This particular Page represents positive new ideas + communications in career, a project, or a creative/business venture. This Page is represented by the zodiac sign Sagittarius… see the link with Mercury, the messenger planet, in Sagittarius and the upcoming retrograde? I take this as encouragement from Spirit that we don’t have to put our lives on hold just because it’s coming… we only need to be wise + careful.

As with all Court cards, a Page can represent a person or energy that will play a role in this week’s events. Key qualities to watch out for: courage, cleverness, enthusiasm, charisma, impulsivity, and a short attention span.

RIGHT: EIGHT OF WANDS. This could be a productive week! When the Eight of Wands appears, you’ll be able to get lots done once you put your mind to it. Projects, ideas, activities, and events are all calling out for your attention now. Focus on what you want to achieve, and your chances of successfully attaining your desired outcomes are high!



BE BLESSED: PEACE. This is a blessed time, indeed! When this card appears, we are reminded that peace can be ours when we make the right choices that enhance our lives. Many of these choices may never even be seen by the world, because they occur within our hearts and minds: the choice to release ourselves from false hopes + expectations, and to accept fully whatever is happening in our lives right now. Peace is a profoundly stabilising force; wherever you can create peace for yourself, go right ahead and do it.

BE CAREFUL: A CHANGE IN THE WIND. As finite human beings, we tend to see stability as a good thing, and instinctively avoid rocking the boat. Yet the only constant in life is change. When this card is in the warning position, we are urged to see this oncoming change as a good thing, and to let go of our narrow expectations of what constitutes a good or bad development. Note how this message dovetails with the blessing of peace – radical acceptance is key to maintaining one’s inner equanimity at all times.

BE ADVISED: MENDING. This week, Spirit calls us to heal ourselves and each other through another radical act of liberation: the act of forgiveness.

Are you disrupting your potential for achieving peace by holding on to grudges, gossiping + backstabbing, stalking your targets’ social media, and bitching about them incessantly to your little gang of supporters?

And all your claims of OH I’M OVER THAT PERSON and I’M BETTER THAN THEM and YEAH I’VE MOVED ON ring so, so false. Because you still won’t let go, you’re still hurting, and you still haven’t done anything about your low self-esteem.

If this is you, stop lying to yourself. It’s time for mending.

The first step is to mend that gaping wound in your soul. You’ve been hurt, and that injury needs attention.

Then it’s time to get honest about your feelings about certain people, situations, and events. Do you have to stay with those toxic energies? Hell no – in fact you need to cut them out of your life, stat – but the important thing is that you get clear, within yourself, where you stand with regards to who and/or what hurts you.

Then it’s time to let go, and let God. And if you decide to bring in a professional to help with the release – a therapist, a counsellor, a healer, a shaman – by all means do so.

There’s no shame in seeking help, but it’s a shame if you hurt your own life’s happiness because you’re afraid to.

you deserve to live life in all its beauty. whole, healed, happy, and at peace.

Have a great week ahead!

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