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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

My last weekend was crazy busy so apologies for the slight delay – but better late than never, hey? PLUS it’s you who gets to benefit from my busyness so it’s all good. #StayTuned 🙂 

What Spirit has laid on my heart recently: the value of understanding Spiritual Laws and connecting with our Souls as the foundation of true Spiritual growth.

As a Lightworker, I’ve seen both the light and darkness in human nature – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Many people who like to think they are on the Spiritual path have a tendency to equate growth, healing and evolution with external achievements. Never mind the Spiritual Laws, living the right life, or cultivating the right mindset and values. They follow Internet trends, attend workshops and retreats, purchase readings with whichever Spiritual practitioner is popular, make the pilgrimage to whichever holy site is Instagram-worthy, and then proclaim themselves healed/evolved/empowered.

Boost chakras! Activate new DNA! Cleanse karma! Discover Akashic records! Swim in the River Jordan! Nothing wrong with these things per se, but many people use them as a substitute for genuine Spiritual growth.

Such people are only fooling themselves.

True Spirituality comes from within. It is a lifelong, exciting, often painful process of constant transformation that is based on making the right decisions consistently, as we shed our old layers of darkness to reveal and anchor more Light within ourselves.

Our decisions shape our destiny. Not our purchases.

You cannot buy, attend, or Snapchat your way into Spirituality. You cannot take shortcuts – there are none. You cannot avoid challenges. You take responsibility for how your life turns out. If you’re not happy with it, YOU have to change: no refunds are offered, and the Universe won’t provide a customer service officer to assist you.

By taking responsibility for ourselves, we take hold of our power.

And it is precisely this which so many people are terrified of. You see, when people disconnect from their own power and responsibility for themselves, it’s so much easier to blame someone or something else when things go wrong.

We all know someone who’s constantly stuck in problems, but keeps trying out Spiritual solutions. Stupid feng shui crystal didn’t work. Those ‘karmic cleansing practitioners’ are frauds. I’ll sign up for kundalini yoga instead.

And the whole idea of, oh, maybe they’re in a bad place BECAUSE THEY HAVE POOR ATTITUDES AND MAKE STUPID CHOICES doesn’t occur to them. Deep down, they usually know it. But they suppress the knowledge of responsibility.

The truth is this:

Once you become responsible for your own truth and your life’s purpose, you become incredibly powerful.

Responsibility is a hard road to take. But it is the only road worth taking.

Sorrow and suffering are inevitable, but the joy and growth you experience in return are worth it.

And that is Spirit’s message for the week. On to the reading!


LEFT: THREE OF PENTACLES. When this card appears, the potential for success is present for you – remember to consider/incorporate diverse perspectives and opinions in your process, try not to be stubborn, and you’ll do fine. This card often heralds happy future outcomes for those who put in the effort now.

MIDDLE: THE EMPEROR REVERSED. This card is all about power, responsibility, and our approach to them. When reversed, we could be looking at a situation where someone is avoiding their responsibilities or being a control freak. Interestingly, both possibilities can co-exist. A mature man or authority figure (usually male) could play a role in events this week.

(Just so you know, I drew these cards after discussing my thoughts on taking responsibility for our Spiritual lives. With Mars and Saturn in Capricorn right now, I suppose Universal energies are very supportive of this issue.)

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Remember the warning against being stubborn? The Tarot is repeating the point here. The reversed Knight of Pentacles is a stick in the mud, obstinate, someone who also will not take responsibility for himself. Make sure this isn’t you.



BE BLESSED: ROUND AND ROUND. People who are stubborn and refuse to take responsibility for themselves will often find their lives repeating certain dysfunctional patterns. If you’ve noticed yourself getting entangled repeatedly in the same rut despite your best efforts, take note.

Spirit is giving you an opportunity to break out of this cycle: instead of spinning round and round aimlessly, you’re being offered a higher perspective of things – and, if you wish, the grace to break through and break into a new, more productive stage of growth. Will you take it?

BE CAREFUL: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE (PROTECTION POSITION). When this card appears reversed (i.e. in the protection position), Spirit is yanking your pointing finger down and saying It’s not Me, it’s YOU! This card indicates that Spirit has shown you many signs, warning you against a particular choice you made in the past – but you ignored the signs and right now you’re not in a good place.

don’t blame Spirit. don’t pity yourself. Take responsibility and act.

BE ADVISED: CLEAN IT UP. It’s YOUR life. Whatever mess has been made, YOU clean it up – because no one else will. Take responsibility for yourself. Take back your power. You don’t need another psychic reading. You don’t need another healing retreat. You don’t need another drinking + bitching session with your friends. Focus on what you can do now. Grow a spine and get rid of the garbage you allowed into your life.

All best, and have a great week ahead.

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