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Courage is when you feel the fear… but still do what’s right. 

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Courage is not fearlessness. Fearlessness can be foolhardy. Despite the discomfort it brings us, there can be some wisdom in fear when it is honoured and understood for its true purpose: as a warning system that sets us on the path of our highest and greatest good.

Courage is when we are connected to our Higher Selves and the Light of our truth shines so brightly in our innermost beings that we MUST heed its call. We cannot ignore it.

We acknowledge, but choose not to give in to the ego’s primal scream of fear – the fear of change, the fear of rejection, the fear of failure – and we move forward.

Towards our calling. Our heart’s desire. Our life’s purpose. Our destiny.

Fast forward to you on your deathbed. Morbid, but a necessary meditation, and a powerful Spiritual practice that puts life in perspective.

You can choose to die, knowing that in this life you did your best – and whether you won or lost, you can honestly say you did what you could.

Or you can wallow in regret, and die in misery. It’s your call.

On to the reading!


LEFT: KING OF WANDS REVERSED. I love it when the reading validates the message Spirit inspires me to channel! This week, the King of Wands flips into reverse gear: a warning to us about the consequences of cowardice, poor planning, and the unwillingness to move forward in life with a goal or plan. Don’t be this guy.

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF SWORDS. Because when you choose to disempower yourself, the Universe will respect your decision. The Eight of Swords is the card of the victim, the soul who feels constantly beaten up by the world, and who simply won’t take responsibility for his/her actions.

Look carefully at the card and you’ll notice the girl isn’t even tightly tied up. Also, she’s surrounded by Swords – but the path before her is clear. All she has to do is take off the bondages that hold her back and take those steps forward.

RIGHT: SIX OF WANDS REVERSED. Another warning against listening to the ego and letting your lower instincts drive your decisions: this card, in reverse, speaks of eventual defeat due to insecurity or arrogance.

True courage brings with it the calm of self-confidence and the peace of knowing you stand in your truth. You will neither give in to fear nor to delusion. Aim for that, and keep going.



BREATHE. When this card appears, patience and pacing are required. Spirit has always been associated with the breath of Life – if you find that you’ve been rushing ahead and forgetting to take a breather, here’s your reminder now. It’s totally okay to take a step back just to breathe. Don’t worry – whatever is meant for you isn’t going to disappear simply because you decided to pace yourself.

UNFINISHED SYMPHONY. Here’s a card which affirms the truth that what is meant for you won’t be going anywhere soon. Unfinished business is indicated when this card appears. There are still experiences to go through, lessons to learn, and growth to be achieved. You’re playing the long game here – pace yourself for the long haul.

THINKER. When this card appears for you, keep things simple. There’s no need to be a drama queen – there’s never a need to be a drama queen! Take things at face value, don’t over-think, and take the most logical and straightforward approach to the matter at hand. There might be people around you who are letting their inner divas out at the moment, but you don’t have to join them (please don’t). Take a step back, breathe and focus, then take Occam’s Razor back with you into the fray and cut a bitch. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Have a great week ahead!

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