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This week’s biggie is the Sun’s move into Sagittarius on Tuesday, 21 November.

This year’s Scorpio season has been more of a SuperScorpio season, amirite? With expansive Jupiter in the sign of secrets, spirituality, and transformation, much of what was kept hidden has been exposed in often shocking ways. 

You may have had vivid dreams, fallen severely ill, felt moody/depressed, or faced challenges in crucial relationships + situations.

Elsewhere, have you noticed that this Scorpio season’s news pretty much ripped off the glamorous facade of Hollywood and exposed the horrific sexual abuse within that system? Yup, Scorpio is all about sex and power – and now that the Sun is about to enter truth-seeking, mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, we could be receiving some illumination re: these scandals and, perhaps, even see justice done.

Let’s hope! Sagittarius is a highly optimistic (and lucky) sign, after all.

And now for this week’s reading!


LEFT: ACE OF WANDS. This is a great card to start off the week – the Ace of Wands represents a new beginning in one’s work, creativity, or any new endeavour. This could be something completely novel, or a breakthrough + start of a new cycle in an ongoing project. The energy in this card is bright, cheery, and full of feisty optimism; its message is to combine our hopes with bold, practical action to achieve our desired outcomes.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut for some time, this card signals that you’ll be getting unstuck soon.

MIDDLE: SIX OF PENTACLES. This card is associated with generosity, compassion, charitable acts, and an equal give-and-take. It’s a lovely reminder that energy must always flow: if you desire good for yourself, then do good for others. Conversely, if you’re in a situation where the give-and-take is unequal, take action to get the balance right.

The Universe is kind… and always watching. Trust that your goodness will be rewarded, often in ways you don’t expect.

RIGHT: NINE OF WANDS. This is known as the card of the Wounded Soldier, and sometimes indicates earlier setbacks along a long, painful road towards achieving your goals. When this card appears, don’t give up – take a quick break if you’re exhausted and demoralised, but remember: feelings are not facts.

Whatever road you’re on, however broken you feel, it’s not over. Keep on fighting the good fight.



BE BLESSED: LOYAL HEART. Your blessing for this week is the Divine blessing of a loyal heart – you may be feeling alone in your battles, but take heart. You are not alone. Neither are you forsaken. As much as you love and sacrifice for those you put your faith in, so too are you loved, cherished, and defended in the Spiritual realm.

remember: your Angels are ready to intervene on your behalf whenever you require Divine assistance.

Call on them now – and expect miracles.

BE CAREFUL: NO PLACE LIKE HOME. In the warning position, this is a card that reminds us to stay centred even when the ground beneath our feet seems to be shifting. This card can sometimes refer to a relocation (new residence, new job, new relationship etc) and/or a sense of dislocation (feeling unsure or anxious, a sense of loss or of not belonging) – if this is you, be assured that your situation will be resolved in the fullness of time.

stand firm. remember who you are and what you stand for.

Be confident in yourself, and you will be unshakeable.

BE ADVISED: IMAGINE. Has this tough situation you’re in been dragged out forever, tired soul? Are you filled with dread and overcome with weariness?

You know it’s not over. You know there is a strength within you that is invincible, because your soul is immortal. You know you can overcome. You know this.

Perhaps what’s missing is the vision you once had: the visualisation of that end-goal you hold so dear to your heart.

There’s a saying that goes: “Without a vision, the people perish.”

It’s time to lift your eyes above the chaos and look to Heaven – or look within, because Heaven is also within you. It’s time to visualise that desired outcome again. Take your time: precious things deserve all the time and effort needed to be found, and found again.

It’s time to imagine and re-imagine what your life looks like when you’ve achieved your desired outcomes. So do it. And don’t stop until that vision is burnt into the eyes of your soul, until it lives and breathes with the rest of you, until it grows wings and soars and takes you with it.

Don’t give up. The vision is within reach.

God loves you, and the Universe is kind. Did I mention She’s always watching?

All my love to you for whom this message was channelled. Have a great week ahead.

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