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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

What happens when faith runs out? 

It’s happened to all of us in some form, at one time or another. The bills keep coming, but your income isn’t catching up. The relationship is dying, but nothing you do can stop the inevitable end. The doctors say they’ve done their best, but the treatment isn’t working as well as it should.

You’ve done everything right. You’ve prayed to all the gods and goddesses you know. You’ve tried positive thinking. Affirmations. The Secret. The Law of Attraction. Even spiritual practices that you once scoffed at as silly superstitions, you’ve started to follow – Donating coffins to the poor to save my business? Are you crazy?! – out of sheer desperation.

There comes a point in every person’s life (even if you don’t identify as a spiritual person) where you’ve taken a leap of faith and you’re suspended in air. Between the challenging situation you’ve leapt from, and the completely unknown future you’re about to fall into.

What scares you – what scares us all – is how little we know about what’s on the other end of the jump. Will the future be as we’d hoped, expected, prayed for, and worked towards? Will it be something else –something we didn’t expect, but we can grow to accept? Or will it be horrible, a living nightmare where we slowly self-destruct?

What if there’s nothing at the other end and you keep falling until you crash?

Know that as you read this, and if this resonates with what you’re going through right now – you are not alone. The Divine Source is watching you, and the Universe is waiting for you to take action.

But it’s not the kind of action you’d expect.

The Universe is waiting for you to stop struggling on your own. To stop blinding yourself with egocentric delusions. To be completely honest about what you want. To work through your issues, connect with your Higher Self, and align yourself with the Divine Will.

Here’s something a lot of people don’t realise about prayer: God, Goddess, whatever name you call the Divine – they’re not Santa Claus. They won’t blindly give you what you want, because lots of times – when blinded by ego, emotions, and circumstances – you don’t actually know what you want.

Humans have a tendency to mistake Form for Essence. Here’s a typical example: when the girl who’s just been dumped by her abusive ex prays for him to return, she’s not actually asking to be abused again. What she wants, in truth, is Love – but her idea of love takes the form of a boy called Joe who hits her.

Would any Spirit who serves the Highest Light say Yes to that prayer?

When you pray, understand that you are tapping into an immortal, omniscient, invincible intelligence that wants to co-create your future with you, but needs you to pull your head out of your ass first before you can settle the mess in your life – and finally move forward.

Back to that uncomfortable moment: suspended in mid-air after you’ve prayed for answers, and before they manifest. I wish I could say something nice and comforting to you all, but the truth is this:

For some of you, it’s a waiting game – be patient. You’re the lucky ones.

For some others, you need to fine-tune your requests. Reconnect with your Higher Self and the Divine will – then breakthrough will come.

For some of you, you’re going to keep falling until you wake up. My prayer is that you’ll wake up before you hit the ground.

Make sure you really know what you want.

On to this week’s reading!


LEFT: TWO OF SWORDS. This week is not the best time to make snap decisions. Gather all the info you need first before you make your move. This card also indicates a lack of emotional connection or honesty, mainly with yourself. The best choices in life align our minds, hearts, Souls, and Spirits in a way that brings us joy. If you’re not feeling it, DO NOT rush into anything.

MIDDLE: THE SUN REVERSED. The potential for success and happiness is within reach – but what holds you back from complete and unbridled joy? This card in reverse sometimes indicates solitude and the need to reach out for support + trustworthy counsel. You are so close to happiness. Do it – find the missing piece of your truth, and make things happen.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When this card appears, it is possible that insecurity lies at the root of your issues, especially those of a material nature: finances, health + wellness, career, education. You are likely not feeling too zippy at this moment; the energies of this spread indicate tiredness, as well as some anxiety.

This week, take a time out. It could be something as simple as a half-day off to sleep, a quick spa getaway, or whatever relaxes you. Your body will thank you for it. Also, watch out for a petty, insecure woman in your life (or a petty, insecure, and particularly bitchy man) – this person could influence how events unfold. Keep on this person’s good side, or at least keep a distance, and you’ll be fine.



TIME TO GO. There’s an energy, relationship, or situation in your life that’s about to end. When that happens, walk forward, and keep going. You are on the threshold of moving on, but new opportunities have not quite appeared yet. Remember what I said earlier about being suspended in mid-air? Yup – you’ll be needing all the faith you can get right now. Be assured that every ending is, in itself, a new beginning. You’re going to be fine.

SERENDIPITY. I love how the cards I draw unfailingly validate the message Spirit gives, week after week! Serendipity represents the importance of our aligning with our Higher Selves and Spirit. Once we do that, we open the door for Divine intervention, protection, healing, breakthrough, and miracles. What good comes out of clinging to ego attachments? Choose to work with the Divine – not against – and set yourself free.

SOUL MATES. The situation you’re facing could be made extra complicated by the fact that you’re dealing with soul mates here. These people have made an agreement with you, before your present incarnation, to appear in your life and help you learn important life lessons and/or balance karmic debts.

Understand the greater role these people play in your life – your partners, friends, family, colleagues, even enemies – and thank them in your heart. Most soul mates don’t actually stay in your life for very long; once they’re done with their role you’ll find that they disappear rather quickly.

If you’re at a point where release/separation is necessary or inevitable, it’s all good. Remember: whatever or whoever is meant for you will return. And if they don’t, congratulations! You’ve been liberated from something that was no longer serving your highest and greatest benefit.

In the meantime, let go, put your big boy/girl pants on, and keep moving forward.

Have a great week ahead!

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