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There is immense power in these three words that we say, far more than we realise: 

“I don’t know.”

The acknowledgement of one’s ignorance heralds the end of darkness, and the beginning of illumination. The end to a cycle of blindness, weakness, folly; the dawn of potential, wisdom, empowerment, and a new you.

Yet so many of us are afraid of appearing ignorant. This ego-based fear of seeming inadequate is rooted in the completely wrong, messed-up idea that your worth is based entirely on what you know, have, or do. 

While it can’t be denied that your knowledge, possessions, and actions can roughly indicate where you stand in life, these are totally the wrong criteria by which to judge a person.

Because we are more than what we are now.

Each one of us carries incredible potential to change, to heal, to break through our current constraints. And it all starts with the acknowledgement that wherever we stand right now, we don’t know everything – we can do better, we can be better.

We evolve – or regress – every minute of our lives, with every decision we make. We continue walking on our Soul’s path – or off it, if we’re not listening to our Higher Selves. There is no such as stagnation until you are stone cold dead.

So long as we live, there is hope for transformation. For love, joy, and peace. For lives of faith, grace, and courage.

We only need to ask for help. this is not hard, but requires us to admit vulnerability.

The Divine is always, always listening. But Spirit cannot step in and save you unless you issue the invitation. And if your precious bloated ego is in the way and you won’t ask for help, you can’t bring yourself to admit that YOU DON’T KNOW how to save yourself anymore and you require assistance, then the Universe will respect your decision.

It’s easier than you think, dear one – to speak your truth. To come out and say I’m tired, I’m scared, I don’t know what I’m doing, please help me. 

Dear one, if what you read here resonates with you – it’s time to pray.

Call out in your heart to whomever you feel comfortable talking to – it could be God, Goddess, your Angels, a deceased loved one, your Soul or Higher Self – and so long as you do it with all your heart, I promise you, Someone in this big ol’ Universe will hear and respond.

It’s time for change. It’s time for healing. It’s time for the truth.

I don’t know.”

Bless you all, my darlings. May the Highest Light and Love lead you all the way.

On to the reading!


LEFT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS. When this card appears, it’s time to trust your intuition. Turn within. When the ego finally breaks and says I don’t know, that’s the moment your inner guidance will be able to reach out to you. This card also speaks of seeking trustworthy counsel from a Spiritual person – not necessarily a religious person, but someone with a connection to a Higher wisdom, and usually a female (or at least a man who’s in touch with his feminine side).

Spirit is calling you when the High Priestess appears. Will you heed the call?

MIDDLE: THE MOON REVERSED. This card is not a great card to get, honestly – it can indicate a whole range of issues including chronic depression, indecision, hidden enemies, and a sudden flash of enlightenment after a long period of confusion. It definitely indicates a sense of having been stuck in some sort of emotional/mental rut for a while. When this card appears, the action you need to take is almost always entirely inward. In other words – this week, you’ll need to do some inner work on yourself.

If there’s any Tarot card that perfectly captures the vibe of “I don’t know”, it’s the Moon! #itsasign

RIGHT: SEVEN OF SWORDS. Known as the Thief’s card, its appearance raises some gnarly questions – where did you misplace your truth? Could you be lying to yourself, lying to others, or allowing yourself to be lied to? If your peace of mind + happiness has been stolen, how did it happen? What can you do to regain inner balance and harmony? Do you even know?

This week, some of you might have tough questions to face, but it’s all good – trust that an honest approach to the challenges you’re facing will lead you (eventually) to a better place.



LEFT: COME TO THE EDGE. Come out, come out of your comfort zone! When this card appears, tremendous blessing awaits you… but you’ll need to take that step forward to receive it. You will never know until you try, and you can never fail unless you don’t try at all.

MIDDLE: UNFINISHED SYMPHONY. Remember what I said earlier: So long as we live, there is hope for transformation. You will always be an unfinished symphony until the day you pass into the realm of Spirit.

Isn’t that a wonderful realisation? It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made or what you’ve failed to get right so far. You’re still alive. You can still heal, transform, break through, and overcome. Spirit wants you to keep going, and never to give up on yourself. Now get to it and start working on your most precious asset… YOU!

RIGHT: BLESSED. Remember that Spirit has your back, and is eagerly waiting for you to call out for assistance. Remember that there is a far greater – and kinder – Universe than the circumstances you see around you right now. Remember the grace that has brought you this far, and be grateful. Counting your blessings can be difficult at times, but it’s a helpful Spiritual + mental discipline that keeps your focus right.

Let your heart of gratitude be the key that opens the door to blessing.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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