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Darlings, I have something to share: She’s pulling me away from astrology. 

I’ve been feeling it for about a month now. The Goddess is okay with me talking about astrology, but I keep getting the sense that a shift in direction is coming for me. Astrology will still be a modality I love, but not necessarily one that I see myself working with for much longer – or to the same degree.

I have no idea what this new modality or direction would be. Astrology and the Tarot/Oracle are such a good fit, and I suspect that’s precisely why She’s pulling me away.

I’m getting too comfortable with this, and the Goddess cares about my growth. Not my comfort.

So I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ll be exploring new directions. Sometimes I’ll soar; other times, I’ll stumble. (The Goddess has kindly interrupted my flow of thought to remind me that even a stumble is a lesson learnt. Not a failure. The intention is all.)

观音 / Avalokitesvara / Guan Yin, “The One Who Hearkens to the Cries of the Suffering World”

2018 has been acknowledged as the Year of the Divine Feminine by many seers. I have worked with Goddesses for a while now, but this year She has swooped in and taken the reins in a way that I have never experienced before.

It’s going to be an amazing ride this year.

I invite you to join me as we connect with the Goddess in powerful new ways.

Let’s get on with the reading! (The retro tablecloth you see in this pic is older than I am, btw – Chinese New Year decor ftw!)


LEFT: THE SUN REVERSED. In the upright position, The Sun indicates joy and the pleasure of being fully present in one’s life – when upside down, there could be a sense of loneliness, longing and insecurity. Be careful that you’re not lying to yourself (or others) that you’re happy – there can be self-deception when The Sun is reversed.

Clearly this is a result of previous decisions that didn’t work out the way you expected them to. What’s a soul to do, then?

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. Here, the Tarot offers a clue for backtracking and (re)working things out so you can get real joy in your life! The Eight of Swords is frequently associated with a sense of powerlessness and a poor me victim mentality; when reversed, you’re invited to leave this dysfunctional dynamic.

Considering that this is THE THIRD WEEK IN A ROW that the Tarot & Oracle have been discussing victim modes, drama queens and miscellaneous toxic stuff, please consider this a HUGE sign from Spirit that something needs to be done – urgently – about a negative situation you might be in at the moment. Please refer to THIS LINK and THIS OTHER LINK for the previous two weeks’ articles.

It’s pretty clear that someone who reads my posts isn’t paying attention to the signs. I have no idea who it could be – I’m just the messenger. Make sure it’s not you.

RIGHT: STRENGTH REVERSED. Upright, this card speaks of keeping calm and overcoming one’s challenges with an unshakeable confidence. Upside-down, that option isn’t so feasible anymore. Things are spiralling out of control. Whatever stories you tell yourself to feel better – the truth is you’re losing the battle, you’re losing the war. You need to do something.

With Strength in reverse, don’t go it alone. you need help to deal with whatever it is you’re facing.



BE BLESSED: UNFINISHED SYMPHONY. In the blessing position, Unfinished Symphony reminds you that thankfully, the energies of this difficult situation are not completely spent. The game’s not over yet, and you still have the opportunity to make things right. Do it.

BE CAREFUL: YANG. Ah, but how to make things right? In the warning position, Yang reminds you to act from a place of love, gentleness and compassion – NOT with aggression, arrogance, or any form of manipulation. Remember that it was probably a misguided attempt at controlling the situation that got you into this trouble in the first place – and yes, playing the ‘powerless’ victim is a control tactic.

BE ADVISED: SOUL MATES. This card suggests that the situation you’re stuck in probably involves one or more soul mates. These are people who have contracted with you to come into this difficult situation with you, in order that you may all learn important life lessons and repay karmic debts to each other.

Soul mates can be lovers, friends, family members, co-workers, and even enemies. They’re not all lovey-dovey. Remember: Spirit cares about your growth. Not your comfort. And whichever way is necessary for you to learn your lessons, to grow and to be released from karma – no matter how challenging or painful – that’s the way you gotta go.

So don’t make it harder by dragging your precious bloated ego into this mess. Act from a place of love and humility. Forgive and be forgiven. Seek to bless others and not to be blessed – you’ll be amazed at how the healing and blessing will come for you anyway. #karma

Be a beacon of love and light in a world that’s often dark and lonely.

The longer you play the blame game, the worse it gets for you. Because, like it or not, life goes on. If you insist on staying in your personal hell, by all means – but you’ll find it an increasingly desolate and awful place when people run out of patience with your bullshit.

You’ll also end up repeating the lesson in another time and place – which means you will be stuck in the same karmic pattern until you get your act together, make the right decisions, learn your lessons, and grow.

It’s your call.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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