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As we near the end of Gemini season, let’s reflect on how we communicate our thoughts. 

Gemini is the celestial Communicator. Ruled by expressive Mercury, its energies can be easily distracted, frenetic, and a little thoughtless if not well-disciplined.

Those who consider themselves Spiritual must be aware that our words are an overflow of what lies in our hearts. It’s one thing to claim that we lead a Spirit-driven life and that our choices are made from the heart. It’s also important to remember that there are consequences to what we think, say, or do.

I’ve just returned from a visit to a client and her family. They’d suffered recently when a relative, who claimed to be a spiritual person, said he had a vision. While I’m not going to doubt the vision he apparently had, his interpretation of it was – to say the least – just awful.

There’s no point being Spiritual if what you say makes people cry for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re a Spiritual person reading this, let your words bring joy, love, peace, and comfort as much as is possible. If the message you feel you have to pass on is a difficult one to digest – use tact, discretion, and a huge dose of humility. Timing is crucial too.

It’s also entirely possible that you’re not even meant to pass on the message from Spirit you thought you heard. Many times, you are informed so you can do one thing, and one thing only: PRAY.

If you feel that you absolutely have to pass on every message you receive from Spirit, this attitude says a lot more about the size of your ego, and your desperate thirst for validation, than it does about the message you’re actually passing on.

Those of you who presume to be psychics, prophets, oracles, and teachers – use your words very, very wisely.

Here’s this week’s reading!


LEFT: ACE OF CUPS REVERSED. This is not a week for emoting. The reversed Ace of Cups reminds you to put your game face on, keep calm, and take a rational approach to things. You can punch a pillow or cry into your hot chocolate later. For now, focus on dealing with what needs fixing, planning, and/or strong leadership.

MIDDLE: TWO OF RODS. At the heart of this spread, the Universe wants you to know that you’re on the cusp of something big. This card appears as encouragement for you to make those plans. Dream big, aim high. Reach out and network with people who can help your cause. As with the reversed Ace of Cups, this is a card of solid, strategic, calm, organised leadership. Like the globe-wielding young man depicted in this card, your destiny lies in your hand – work it well!

RIGHT: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. Here’s some more Tarot pep talk for you if you’re not certain about how to move forward: the Eight of Swords appears reversed as a promise that if you’re willing to follow the advice of the previous two cards, a difficult situation you’ve been stuck in for some time can – and will – begin to budge in your favour.

It may be slow, but it will happen. Trust. And take action now.



LEFT: THINKER. Reaffirming the message of the reversed Ace of Cups is this card, Thinker. This week, take things at face value. Use the gifts, talents, and abilities your logical mind possesses to work on the issues you’re facing. Don’t over-think: agh, I hate this term. ‘Over-thinking‘ is highly misleading because I honestly think over-thinking isn’t actually thinking at all, but an obsessive behaviour which is driven by irrational and uncontrollable impulses – i.e. it’s actually a form of dysfunctional emoting.

MIDDLE: PEACE. Along the lines of keeping calm and carrying on is this card, Peace. When this card appears, you’re encouraged to take on an attitude of radical acceptance and trust. Set the intention to have faith that whatever you’re facing, all will be well. Sometimes you really do need to take a break from all that emoting to find your footing and move forward.

Stepping away from over-dramatic emoting can be as simple as making the conscious choice to.

RIGHT: IMAGINE. Channel all your energies into imagining what can be, rather than fretting and emoting over what could have been. Here’s another reminder to organise yourself and take the lead in your own life, Two of Wands-style. I love it when Spirit makes the effort to reiterate significant messages so we get the point!

Have a great week ahead!

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