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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

What is joy? Is it simply an emotion, or could it be more? 

We live in a world where external stimuli bombard us incessantly with a deluge of information. Telling us what to buy, what to think, how to act, how to feel.

Some people have become lazy as a result. They look to the world to tell them what they should be – forgetting that their truth can reside only within themselves.

Then when adversity meets them on the road – as it does with all of us, sooner or later – these people are at a complete loss.

That’s when you see some folks scrambling. Obsessive-compulsive, erratic, self-sabotaging behaviours tend to surface at this point: drugs, alcohol, online shopping, virtual stalking, etc.

In my experience as a Lightworker, I’ve found that most (if not all) addictive behaviours that arise as a response to personal crisis are a soul’s cry for help, but not always in the way that we assume. Yes, these behaviours are clearly attempts at self-soothing. Yes, they are also cries for help. I would add that these souls are saying, specifically:

“Help me. I don’t know who I am or what I stand for.”

The nature of truth is that it is consistent. Addictions are a counterfeit of this consistency, giving its followers a false and transient sense of comfort as they desperately seek to attain some kind of balance, peace, and joy in their lives.

What these people actually want – and need – is to access their own inner truth. It is this truth that will give them the balance, peace, and joy they desperately desire. Not another vodka shot, not another Chanel bag, not another one-night stand.

Once you go within and connect with your Higher Self, the truth of who you are, and the purpose of your existence, joy becomes a constant and near-effortless state of being. An Old Testament scripture goes, The joy of the Lord is my strength. Connect with the Divine spark within you, and it becomes much harder to be rocked or damaged by life’s storms.

There is something about attaining your inner truth that makes you damn near close to invincible. and Divine.

Let’s get to this week’s reading!


LEFT: TWO OF CUPS. Known as the soulmate’s card, the Two of Cups is here to remind you of what drives you in life. What is your passion? What gives you purpose? These are crucial clues to discovering your inner truth. Some of you might bump into a soulmate this week – keep your eyes open. Bear in mind that soulmates are not necessarily romantic. These special souls are here to help you fulfil your life’s purpose by helping you learn some important life lessons.

MIDDLE: ACE OF SWORDS. This Ace brings opportunities for clarity and the seed of victory, as yet unseen, in a new venture. Something new is on the horizon. This Ace is unique in that it also tends to herald some form of conflict during its manifestation. But don’t let this hold you back – cut through the bullshit, fend off the doubters, and carry on.

RIGHT: PAGE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Upside down, this Page represents a lack of motivation, diligence, and/or common sense. Someone in your life – possibly you – has come ungrounded and now you’re drifting. Time for a reality check, and possibly some assistance from a teacher, counsellor, or mentor. No shame here – feel free to ask for help if you need to regain clarity and/or direction.



LEFT: CHOP WOOD. This is the card of consistency – of the constant, reliable action that is a physical manifestation of the truth in our lives. This is also a card that speaks of humility and perseverance. Its advice: not to be distracted by the glamour of the world, its noise, or the shortcuts to happiness it (falsely) promises. Do the inner work – the tedious, unglamorous task of being true to yourself, discovering your role in this Universe, and realising how valuable, yet simultaneously insignificant you are. You’ll be amazed at what you find out.

MIDDLE: THE FATES. When this card appears, remember how much you are truly in control of your life – and be gracious enough to let go when it’s not for you to decide how things turn out. Knowing how best to work with the Universal flow, rather than against it, is key to maintaining your bliss and wellbeing.

RIGHT: MENDING. This is a powerful energy we’re dealing with this week. A big part of finding our joy and our truth depends on what we are willing to release and heal. Forgiveness – of yourself and others – could play a role in how events turn out this week. Never mind if the person deserves that forgiveness; do it for yourself.

Be set free – to live in light and love the truth.

Have a great week ahead!

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