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Agh, guys. I’d just written about 500 words of astro-transits, and the Goddess made me delete the whole thing. She’s serious about me not touching astrology so much. 

Move forward, She’s saying. Why don’t you trust Me?

And I want to say that I trust Her with all my heart, but I also know how fragile and fickle my human heart is. Faith only grows when we are honest with our limitations, stretch beyond our comfort zones, and reach out to receive Divine grace – trusting that The Divine Source will never forsake us, and we will receive all we need.

It’s scary. But faith is the only way forward. The alternative is to hide, to deny, and consequently to die a little every day we live – a fate worse than death.

I don’t just want to live – I want to live a life of love, joy, and purpose! My Lightwork and my Goddess allow me to do that, and I am grateful; every day is a beautiful adventure and an opportunity to learn + grow. But the price to pay – there’s always a price to pay – is that the Goddess will often lead me to situations that scare the shit out of me and require my conscious Yes, my choice to trust Her, my freewill decision to close my eyes and fall…

… Into the blessing. into the breakthrough. into Her arms, and more of Her fierce, unconditional love.

I will say this: the Goddess Guan Yin has never let me down. She has gone way above and beyond what I have ever asked, expected, or imagined. My prayer is that I will cultivate a love, faith and devotion to her that can match Her commitment to me.

Taken from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Part of the human condition is to struggle with faith, with the possibility that a Love so good and pure and powerful could exist. Why it scares us so much is because it reveals the possibilities of love, light and purity that we ourselves are capable of.

In the Gospel of Mark [9:23-25], a man brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus for healing and said:

“If You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.”

“’If You can’? echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes!” Immediately the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe; help my unbelief!

[Jesus] rebuked the unclean spirit. […] After shrieking and convulsing violently, the spirit came out.

The man didn’t have to pretend that his faith was perfect; he only had to be honest with how far his faith could go, and be willing to reach out for help. The Divine took over from where the man came to the end of himself, and then the miracle happened.

Beloved Goddess, I do believe. Help my unbelief.


The weight has lifted; I feel a release. I think I was meant to share about my personal journey with faith, after all. Not Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio.

She just laughed and called me Her mischievous Priestess. I’ll take that. 🙂

On to the reading! This week’s reading feels like it’s going to get real intuitive.


LEFT: THE EMPEROR. This week, be firm about what you truly believe in. There’s a deep and unshakeable confidence that comes with knowing who you are and what you stand for. Having said that, take ownership of your own responsibilities. This week is about standing in your own power and taking it back where you might have lost yourself a little. A mature male figure (possibly someone in an authority position) could play a role in events this week – this is a good ally to have, so do what’s needed to get him on your side.

MIDDLE: THE SUN REVERSED. Even in reverse, this is not a bad card to get. The Sun represents joy, success, and achievement; upside down, the potential for happiness and accomplishment is still present once setbacks are overcome. There’s some loneliness, nostalgia, and perhaps insecurity when this card is ill-dignified. So many of us are like this:

We pretend to be Emperors – strong and confident outside – but inside, we’re not so sure.

our faith can waver. not only in the divine, but also in ourselves.

And that’s totally okay – we’re only human.

RIGHT: SEVEN OF WANDS. How, then, do we strengthen our faith? The Seven of Wands says STAND UP AND FIGHT! Notice that the man in this card holds a Wand and defends himself against six unseen assailants. In this reading, the sense I get is that the six attackers represent the man’s own inner critics, false beliefs, and self-limiting assumptions (six in numerology is associated with physicality, its strengths and limitations).

you are only human, but never let that stop you from breaking through your own limitations.

You are stronger, wiser, nobler than you think.

This week, may you find faith. and may faith find you.



LEFT: SOUL MATES. This week, the soul mates in your life will play a role in helping you (re)discover faith. Soul mates are not always romantic partners – they can be family  members, friends, co-workers, even people you can’t stand. Their soul contract with you is to get you to learn and grow so you can evolve as a Higher Being.

Interactions with soul mates are not always sweet and fluffy – because if you’re meant to grow, it could be through some sort of conflict or confrontation. Here’s your heads up – now you know!

MIDDLE: PEACE. The key to finding peace of mind is through a radical acceptance of what is, and not sweating the small stuff. This week, make the conscious decision to cut out the noise around and within you. Find that core of inner knowing, and stick with it.

RIGHT: TICK TOCK. Some of you could be waiting on a desired outcome. When this card appears, patience is called for. Also, this raises the question: Have you done the needful to bring about this outcome? If so, congratulations – now release your attachment to outcomes and exercise your faith in the Universe to make things happen. Whatever happens, it’s all good.

Have a wonderful week ahead! And if you’re looking for a supportive online community to help strengthen your faith and enhance your connection with the Divine Feminine, click HERE to join us at The Goddess Process!

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