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Kelly’s Tarot & Oracle Reading, 11-17 Dec 2017

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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Who likes surprises? They can be fun! On Saturday, 16 December, the warm and vibrant Sun forms a trine with maverick prankster Uranus. This is a time to expect the unexpected – in a good way, no worries! – and also to try something new. Who needs comfort zones anyway?

If you’re thinking of extending your horizons, the world is your oyster. With expansive Jupiter and assertive Mars in mystical, fixed Water sign Scorpio, gather your squad and explore deep waters via a beach meditation retreat  – or you could work with Sagittarius season’s #yolo energies and sign up for a memorably one-of-a-kind workshop (baking with breast milk? Naked yoga with your cat? DO IT).

Click here for a workshop @the Cat Museum on 16 Dec: make your own Christmas cards, photo frames + ornaments. your payment goes to charity!

One more point to note: this week’s Moon is in its waning phase, so Universal energies are ripe for rest, review, and release; this fits in well with the current Mercury retrograde, so keep this week simple + straightforward as much as you can.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: FOUR OF PENTACLES. This is traditionally known as the Miser’s Card. It speaks of holding on to that which gives you a sense of security. This card is as much a warning as it is counsel, because the Tarot is telling you to hold on, but slyly refuses to tell you whom or what to hold on to. That’s your decision to make. The question to ask is:

Whom + What can I hold on to that will give me joy? 

MIDDLE: TEN OF CUPS. Quite a different, exuberant energy here – the Ten of Cups is the Happy ever after card of the Tarot. Ten, in the Tarot, is the number of spiritual completion. It heralds the end of one cycle and the brief, almost breathless pause before the start of a new journey (which would be represented by an Ace). The number ten therefore refers to closure, release, the fulfilment of consequences, and the sacred act of moving on. The next question to ask is:

Whom + What can I let go of that will give me joy?

RIGHT: JUSTICE. This is the card of fair and equal treatment, karma, and the joy that comes from doing the right thing and being a person you can be proud of. Remember that every action incurs karma, either good or bad, and what goes around comes around. The Law of Karma will see to it. Focus on what you can control, and set things right as far as it is appropriate for you (the Universe does not take kindly to martyrs, busybodies, and social justice warriors, in case you were wondering).

Some of you might need to have The Talk this week regarding certain matters that have stagnated, or escalated out of hand. Some of you might need to take major, decisive action and set things right in a problematic situation. Some of you might need to stop making excuses for yourself and the people around you. And if you’re feeling a little defensive reading this, the question to ask would be:

How far am I willing to take action and give myself joy?

Because, at the end of the day, it’s all down to you: whether you want a life of joy, and if so, what you’re willing to do for it. As I mentioned at the start of this article, this week’s astrology is relatively quiet + benign, so it’s a good time to move forward in a situation without needing to worry too much about the influence of Universal energies.


BE BLESSED: SERENDIPITY. Your blessing for this week is Serendipity – Spirit’s assurance that you are loved and watched over. The Universe is guiding your way with signs, synchronicities, and all manner of miracles… your job is to keep your senses open + alert, as well as to maintain a heart of joy, faith + gratitude.

BE CAREFUL: FORK IN THE ROAD. Some of you are facing a decision, or will soon be facing a decision, that could overwhelm you with its potential consequences. Now is the time to be very clear within yourself about what you want. The three questions I highlighted earlier would come in pretty handy for this.

BE ADVISED: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. This is a card that speaks of communicating effectively, as well as being responsive to modes of communication that you might have missed in the hectic grind of day-to-day living. For instance, your emotional and physical states are prime indicators of action you need to take. If you’ve been feeling stressed, stuck, or frustrated, your soul is calling you to action. If your migraine has hit Day 5 and shows no signs of letting up, your body is crying out for you to do something!

Emotional and physical states are prime indicators of action you need to take.

If your family member, partner, friend, or pet has been behaving differently (and not in a good way), maybe it’s time to find out what really is going on, and figure out what can be done.

Have a great week ahead!

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