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You may have noticed that once we switched over to September, the energies shifted: from August’s intensity and confrontation to a more balanced, productive vibe. I get the sense that we’re being called to ground ourselves, to release the old whilst welcoming the new: some of us could feel like we’re juggling different perspectives, almost as if different versions of ourselves are co-existing, perhaps struggling, within the same body.

We are called to cleanse, clear, and get ready for the HUGE energetic shift that will meet us soon enough, and that we’ll need to embrace if we are to thrive in 2020 – it’s a very powerful year ahead.

For September, i.e. Virgo & Libra seasons: engage in lots of tender self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance. Once the Solstice arrives at the end of this month, we’ll be undergoing yet another huge wave of change and transformation. So take care of yourself NOW – especially if you’re prone to stress-related or digestive issues (associated with Virgo), or challenges with headaches, the lower back, and hips (associated with Libra).

Energies will be very, very different after the Solstice. You have my word on this.

Let’s get to the reading!

Tarot (L-R): The Sun, The Magician reversed, Page of Wands reversed
Goddess Divination Lot: 85


LEFT: THE SUN. This card is usually a very positive omen, and even in this rather intriguing spread, it’s still a good card to see. Here, The Sun is an encouraging sign that events this week could develop in a way that brings illumination, dynamism, and clarity to a confusing/stagnant situation.

So if you’ve been struggling with something that you can’t seem to get to the bottom of, have no fear: this week, changes are happening. The truth will out. All will be clear as day – then you can figure out what steps to take next.

MIDDLE: THE MAGICIAN REVERSED. Don’t let your guard down, though. With the reversed Magician in the centre of the spread, some people will insist on their agenda in order to maintain their control over a complex situation. Be mindful that not everyone is going to be honest, open or forthright about the truth. Some sneaky and manipulative sh*t could be going down. Keep your eyes open.

On your end, be careful what you say, and to whom. Not everyone can handle the truth. Some others may ask for your opinion – not to gain clarity, but ammunition for their own use. Use wisdom and discernment in your speech and actions – avoid both extremes of paranoia and carelessness, and you’ll be fine.

RIGHT: PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED. This card, to me, usually represents exactly the sort of petty villain who would sneak around, spreading gossip and twisting words to sabotage others and further their own self-serving agendas. This card symbolises people with small hearts and minds – the notorious 小人 (“small person”) who is detested in Chinese culture. Make sure this isn’t you.

This week, watch out for 小人 and troublemakers.






Clouds part; fog obscures the way ahead.
In the midst of a reunion, the moon waxes fully.
Wakening from an enchanted dream,
Your benefactor points you towards Heaven.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

Like The Sun in the Tarot, this divination lot speaks of illumination and clarity blessing your road ahead. Avoid the traps of emotional stagnation and mental confusion. Set the intention to see the truth of the situation before you as it is – nothing more or less. Things will come together, “in the midst of a reunion”, and become clear as the full moon shines and reveals all.

Petty villains and sneaky magicians may be around, but so too are good souls and helpful spirits. This lot indicates that help will come when you awake from an enchanted dream.

Got that? When you WAKE. UP.

Once the intention is set in your heart to align with reality, the Universe, and your highest good – once you decide that you’ve had enough of dreams and delusions – Heaven will intervene and point you to your destiny.

This week, get real. Get grounded. Cleanse and clear. Let Heaven lead the way.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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