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Guys, I know it’s supposed to be Sagittarius season but energetically, it feels like Capricorn season has already started. This week’s Full Moon in Gemini on 12 December shines a nervous spotlight on the triple conjunction of Pluto (Lord of Transformation, co-ruler of Scorpio), Saturn (Lord of Karma, ruler of Capricorn), and Venus (Lady of Love and Beauty, ruler of Taurus and Libra).

(Everyone will be affected in different ways, of course, but if your zodiac sign was mentioned earlier, you could be feeling it more keenly.)

Pluto, Saturn, and Venus are jostling for space in conservative, pragmatic Capricorn. Besides ruling love, harmony, beauty, and relationships, Venus also rules money. The next two weeks will be uncomfortable for those struggling with love, money, or both. After the uneasy two-week period is up, we head straight into the last solar eclipse of the year. Eclipses, as you already know, tend to facilitate sudden and major disruptions.

So I’m giving you darlings a heads-up now: things are getting intense as we step into 2020, and if you thought 2019 was tough, 2020 will make this year look like a walk in the park. Some of you are going to ring in the New Year with a bout of ugly-crying. That’s fine – just remember to bring tissues.

If Kim can ugly-cry, so can you.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: KNIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this card appears, make sure you are aligned in speech, thought, and action. Refrain from both extremes of idle procrastination and aggressive recklessness. Someone who’s a bit of a pain could play a role in this week’s events, but they are not as powerful as they think. You can easily ignore these influences and push forward with your objectives – in fact, you should.

MIDDLE: THE LOVERS. Alignment seems to be the key theme here – whichever choices you make while moving forward with your goals, be sure you’re coming from a place where heart, mind, soul, and ethics are all in consensus. Anything less is a waste of your energy.

Whatever is worth your time, money, resources etc will require you to make the right choices.

Choose wisely, and you’ll never have regrets.

RIGHT: THE EMPRESS. As a priestess to the Goddess, I tend to associate this card with the presence of the Divine Feminine. Those of you who connect with the Goddess will do well to seek Her in prayer and meditation this week – next to The Lovers, it could well be that you have a major decision to make, and She has the answers you need.

The Empress also indicates a time of creative inspiration, blessing, and abundance. If you’ve been considering a new venture, start bouncing ideas around, brainstorming, and making plans.

If you’ve been working yourself to the bone, The Empress is here to remind you that a return to self-care is necessary. Indulge in life’s simple pleasures; refresh and restore yourself in every aspect of your being. Don’t be a stranger, either – some of you will benefit from reaching out to family and loved ones for some quality time together.

A figure of authority (usually female, but this can also be a man in touch with his feminine side) could play a role in this week’s events. This is a person who can offer sound advice, and appreciates your gratitude. Remember to thank them, and you’ll find yourself in their good graces very quickly. This is likely to be someone with clout, so go ahead and make those friends in high places!






You sail in search of the ship’s long-lost compass.
The compass is found – but so what?
Despite its reappearance,
You are disappointed and your efforts are wasted.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

All because something worked in the past – gave you a sense of purpose, guided your major decisions, even saved your life – doesn’t mean it still works now.

When this lot appears, some of you are clinging on to old solutions and paradigms that you’ve long outgrown. It could be a relationship, a belief system, a job.

You might be thinking: maybe all I need is that motivational boost, that vacation, that quick fix, and all will be well again.

Nope. Once this lot is drawn, you are assured that the old ways no longer serve your highest benefit. It’s time to move on, and leave the old guides behind.

If you’re relying on a broken compass to navigate your life, then that compass is no longer a guide.

It’s a security blanket, and you’re only fooling yourself. Time to let go.

Making the right choices often involves the strength and courage to move out of your comfort zone, despite the intimidation of other people and your environment (reversed Knight of Swords). It requires you to make the right choices (The Lovers), to seek the counsel/ assistance of a Higher Power, and to prioritise your own well-being (The Empress).

Have a great week ahead!

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