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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

We’re into the first week of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season. As pandemic lockdowns let up and anti-racism protests rain down all over the world, we can all be forgiven for thinking the world has turned on her head. This is typical of eclipse seasons, and the transformative energies of our current eclipse season are amplified by other astrological transits, as well as our evolutionary shift into higher levels of consciousness.

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Eclipses like to host pre-shows to announce the sort of shake-up they’re planning for us. It’s something I’ve noticed. Usually, it’s good to observe events that happen about a week (or two) before the first eclipse hits. The heartbreaking murder of George Floyd and the global resurgence of the Black Lives Matter protest movement fall within this timeframe.

In the wake of the rather violent lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 5/6 June (click here for a refresher), the skies continue to pull off some gnarly transits this week. The Sun in Gemini forms a square with Neptune in Pisces on 11 June, so watch out for delusional thinking and fake news. The truth is your friend, darlings. As if that’s not enough, our Gemini Sun then forms a quincunx with Pluto in Capricorn on 14/15 June. This sets up energies where a power struggle could manifest, a sort of turning point where a crisis can lead to obsessive and/or destructive behaviour. So be wise, stand firm in your own power, and don’t allow anyone or anything to take away your peace.

In other news…

My latest little charity fundraiser, KELLY X TWC2 raised $4,491 SGD, all of which was donated on 3 June to Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) – an organisation that safeguards the rights and well-being of migrant workers in Singapore. Many thanks to Shirley and Devi for their assistance and support, as well as to all of you who donated! Thank you!

And now let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: EIGHT OF CUPS. With the grace to move forward and leave the past behind, the Eight of Cups is sound advice to keep going through these troubled times. In times of unprecedented unrest and upheaval, the only way out is through. Change can feel lonely sometimes, but feelings are not our reality – the next card explains why.

MIDDLE: THE MOON REVERSED. The reversed Moon is an indicator that last week’s lunar eclipse has set some serious stuff in motion – but what’s being stirred up is greatly needed for our mental clarity and our progress as the human race.

The reversed Moon teaches us that emotions are valuable, but cannot be used as a yardstick of genuine growth. Emotionally-driven changes are dramatic, but mostly fizzle out in the long run. People who over-rely on emotions to make important decisions almost invariably choose the wrong options, setting themselves up for lives of misery and defeat. (Take an objective look at the drama queens you know, and you’ll get what I’m saying.)

Real, effective change starts from our mindsets and values. The reversed Moon tells us that it’s time to change.

RIGHT: ACE OF CUPS REVERSED. We are moving on to new beginnings and new cycles of life. In the past few weeks and months, Mother Nature awakened. The Earth stretched and yawned, and our lives were completely overturned. As one human race, we were exposed for our fragility, our hubris, our arrogance and moral blindness towards the planet and even each other.

But here comes a second chance.

Mankind is about to embark on a new normal.

As we step forward into this new era, the reversed Ace of Cups reminds us that the Universe doesn’t particularly prioritise our feelings. Feelings are not bad – they’re valuable, but just not more important than logic, practicality, and the strength to move past our comfort zones. Harsh, but true. That’s because the Universe knows, better than any of us, that the vast majority of what we think and feel are merely delusions and illusions of the ego. Fortunately, our wise old Universe really only cares for the truth.

And one truth we do know is this:

The only constant in life is change.

What really counts is how you adapt to change – with humble hearts and open minds. The reversed Ace of Cups encourages us to put our game faces on; to be strong and courageous; to weep, to grieve, to fight, and to celebrate at the appropriate times – but always to remember that all things pass.

Let’s be smart about how we move forward, and be open to change.





The cold water has yet to boil.
Neither cold nor hot, it’s refreshingly cool.
To go out in the world and succeed,
Ensure you’re competent in many skills.

Lot 78 is a 上签 or upper lot, indicating Divine favour and blessing even in this challenging time. When this lot is drawn, you are advised to practice compassion, and assured that everything will unfold in a steady and blessed manner: 平善用事之象。凡事平稳大吉也。Never give up.

The first line of this poem speaks of the wisdom of balance – maintaining your internal equilibrium will stand you in good stead, even as these tumultuous times threaten to destabilise inner peace. This is a good opportunity to practice the spiritual discipline of keeping our hearts, minds, and souls grounded, giving us the strength to withstand the disruptions of our times.

I love the interpretation of this lot, which speaks of blessing, liberation, and Divinely-appointed assistance after a challenging season:

囚人逢赦 病遇良医 求财谋望 贵人指示 

The criminal will be pardoned; the sick will meet a good doctor; those who seek their fortune will receive guidance and support from benefactors. Not too shabby despite our current troubles, I’d say.

As our weary world slowly reopens to welcome a new normal, remember that the key to receiving the blessings of this lot is to DO YOUR BEST (i.e. “competent in many skills”) and PRACTICE COMPASSION (i.e. “平善用事”). Be kind to one another. Bring a little piece of Heaven down into our troubled earth now, and you’ll find that Heaven will also bring blessing to you.

Have a good week ahead – and let’s see where our current eclipse season next takes us.

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我对于日蚀的观察让我发现,日蚀经常会有类似开场表演般的行动来预告我们所即将面对的变化。在日蚀发生前的一两周里是最佳的观察期。乔治 · 弗洛依德的不幸死亡和关爱黑人生命的示威抗议活动都在这段时间里发生。


另外一个消息就是我近期所举办的慈善筹款活动刚刚宣告结束了,这次我筹得了新币$4,491,已经在6月3日时全数捐赠给了本地保护外籍劳工的权力与福利的机构( 客工亦重 )。在这里由衷感谢各位助手和捐赠者们的鼎力支持!

















第七十八签是一支上签,意味着在这充满挑战的时期也有神灵的恩惠。这支签劝导你凡事要以慈悲为怀并且确保一切都会稳定进展。 平善用事之象。凡事平稳大吉也。不要放弃。



囚人逢赦 病遇良医 求财谋望 贵人指示