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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

If you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year, you don’t need me to tell you what the big astrological transit this week will be:


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The Lunar New Year is celebrated by billions of folks in numerous communities all around the world. This is the New Moon in Aquarius, which (for this year at least) comes mere hours after a happy Venus conjunct Jupiter transit.

The potential for love, luck, and wealth is high. Opportunities abound – so take them wherever you can. One caveat: we are also moving towards the Saturn square Uranus transit, which is exact on 17 February. This transit can be stressful – it facilitates sudden, unexpected changes, and can impose on your personal space.

To deal with these energies: keep calm, open-minded, flexible, and patient. One Chinese tradition for the Lunar New Year forbids any display of bad temper, negativity, or conflict – that’s 14 days of being on your best behaviour. Focus on what is positive, and you will be able to turn even unpleasant surprises into good experiences.

Come 12 February 2021, the Lunar Year of the Metal Ox begins. After the challenges of the Year of the Metal Rat (the Metal Rat is, unsurprisingly, seen as an omen of conflict, accidents, and disease), we can look forward to more love, light, and luck with the Metal Ox.

Yes, it’s good news – this Lunar Year is supposedly a lucky one, especially in terms of relationships.

In the Lunar Year of the Metal Ox, diligent effort will be amply rewarded – especially in the areas of money and romance. The Ox is ruled by feminine/Yin 阴 energy. Many people will feel a pull back to the energies of family, home, and household responsibilities.

The Ox is hardworking, devoted, purposeful, and stubborn. Get used to working very, very hard. But make sure you work smart as well. And may the Celestial Ox bless you richly with the fruit of your labour.

Let’s get to the reading, stat!


LEFT: EIGHT OF WANDS. When the Eight of Wands appears, things are about to get busy (or busier). This card indicates productivity: events, projects, ventures etc are about to develop rapidly, and generally in a positive direction. If you have been working hard on something, this is a good omen that your efforts will be rewarded.

MIDDLE: PAGE OF SWORDS. The Page of Swords indicates a need to watch your back, though. This is a spy card, and often represents someone (or some people) keeping an eye on what you’re doing. The Page of Swords can also symbolise someone who’s keen-witted and intelligent, and who could play a role in this week’s events. If you’re halfway through a significant project or endeavour, this card is a reminder to conduct your research and get all your questions answered.

RIGHT: FOUR OF SWORDS REVERSED. January has been an intense start to the new year, no doubt. But if you’ve been thinking you could just lie back and pretend all this change isn’t happening, think again. The reversed Four of Swords encourages an end to over-thinking and ‘analysis paralysis’, the unpleasant sense of being stuck when you’ve been over-analysing an issue. There’s a time for rest, but this week isn’t really one of those times. Take action! Sometimes that forward step is all you need to get out of a rut.





As the world begins, opportunity beckons.
The timing is auspicious; everything is in its place.
To draw this lot is no small achievement.
The loyal and upright ones claim the King’s favour.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This divination lot bears immense positive potential! When this lot is drawn, understand that the incoming Lunar New Year promises wonderful beginnings, opportunities, abundant blessing and great fortune in all matters.

Have confidence and step forward. You are ready for the next cycle of life. Conditions are favourable; seize the day and win it.

Look out for signs and synchronicities that indicate your alignment with the Divine Will. As always, the Goddess and the Universe are watching over you.

Have a great week ahead!

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