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Depending on where you live in the world, this week’s partial lunar eclipse in Cancer will occur on 10 or 11 January. In Singapore, it will occur on 11 January (11:07 – 5:12 am Singapore time).


As far as the astrology goes, this eclipse is going to be challenging AF. What a way to start the new year, huh? But the greatest adversities yield the sweetest rewards, so let’s move forward with courage and wisdom, love and light. Don’t be afraid!

What’s the lunar eclipse astrology, Kelly? I’m glad you asked. As mentioned earlier, the lunar eclipse occurs in Cancer, that Cardinal Water sign which is ruled by… the Moon. So basically the Celestial Crab is stuck in deep mud because its ruler’s energies are on its home turf, but blocked.

The inherent energetic frustration of this eclipse is elevated by the fact that there’s a stellium in Capricorn, Cancer’s opposing sign, right now. Therefore, this lunar eclipse is in opposition to Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn. Jupiter is not in direct opposition to the lunar eclipse but is still in Capricorn, and close enough for its expansive energies to boost the already chaotic tensions here.

This lunar eclipse can facilitate the recurrence or worsening of mental illnesses: watch out for depression, anxiety, psychotic episodes, disordered personalities, et al. The emotionally vulnerable are likely to experience deep feelings of guilt, shame, and loneliness; this can exacerbate obsessive and addictive behaviours. Relationships and family issues come under the spotlight, and can become the source of intense conflict.

Honest self-care is key to getting through this eclipse.

You’ve probably heard me explain before that eclipses are the Universe’s way of pressing the reset button on a lot of things. How this happens: the energy of eclipses tends to bring out that which is hidden – the Shadow Aspect that exists within every individual, group, and/or organisation.

Eclipses let out the skeletons in all our closets. Faced with the qualities we don’t like to confront, we’re pretty much made to choose which path we’ll take: ignore the darkness and hope it goes away? Or deal with the darkness and take our lives to a higher level?

Oh, and before you think to yourself Nah, I’ll just do what I’ve always done, the eclipse only lasts a couple of hours anyway, let me inform you that the effects of eclipses can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to SEVERAL YEARS after the eclipse, depending on your birth chart.

By taking care of yourself and dealing with issues in an honest, loving way, you greatly increase your chances of healing and moving forward, as well as boosting your quality of life in 2020.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: FIVE OF PENTACLES. This card represents deprivation, loneliness, and lack. A challenge has arisen that threatens your peace of mind over the practicalities of living. Finances, health, career, and significant relationships appear to hang in the balance.

But look carefully at the Five of Pentacles, and you’ll notice that the two beggars depicted in this card are walking past a stained glass window of a posh building – possibly a church. So close, yet so far from help and comfort.

The Number Five, in numerology, represents the energy of adversity that can be overcome simply by reaching out a hand, either to offer or to receive help (four fingers + one thumb = Five). Could you be closer to the solution than you think?

You may not be feeling so great about something in your life right now. The Tarot is gently asking you what you’ve done about it… or have you simply assumed that solutions don’t exist, and given up the fight?

Where is that person who used to dream dreams and build hope for the future? Where is that person who had plans, insights, solutions? The person who had the courage to be open and vulnerable and ask for help, advice, anything? You either used to be like that, or you know you can be like that – brave, strong, and free.

What happened? You may or may not know. But whatever happened in the past, that’s over. The New Year has just begun. 2020 is here. The Universe is asking you to step up.

Now is the time to be objective about your situation, and proactive about addressing it.

Reach out. Take action. Get help if needed.

The only way to fail is to give up. You’ve got this. You can do it.

MIDDLE: THE MOON REVERSED. The most obvious interpretation for this card is a reminder that the partial lunar eclipse could possibly cause some disruptions. Seated at the heart of this week’s Tarot reading, I would add that the reversed Moon speaks of releasing illusions and delusions, detaching from emotional extremes, and gaining clarity.

It could be that the challenging situation you’re facing is more an issue of perspective than a reflection of reality.

Eclipses are a great time to set the intention that you will release self-limiting beliefs, and let go of whatever holds you back from your true potential. Let this week’s eclipse energies provide that much-needed boost for you to break free.

Having said that, think carefully before making huge decisions this week. Not that you can’t or shouldn’t, but The Moon usually appears as a reminder to fact-check everything before you set something in motion.

RIGHT: FOUR OF SWORDS. If you’ve been worrying and over-thinking a situation to the point of exhaustion and numbness, this card is for you. Take a break – you are in desperate need of a timeout.

This card can sometimes indicate a time of illness arising as a result of excessive mental strain. It also implies that not everything you’re worried about is necessarily a reflection of reality.

This week’s Tarot reading consistently addresses the theme of perspective versus reality. Some of you reading this would benefit from a good rest, and an objective re-assessment of the situation you’re facing.

The New Year is here. It’s a good time to try out new ways of doing things. Leave worrying and over-thinking behind you, and implement different approaches to the situation you’re facing. This is a Swords card, so the focus here is on how you think, make decisions, communicate, and manage stress/conflict.






The stream flows, the breeze blows;
The moon is radiant. 
The noblemen admire the scenery.
But seek out your own path,
And do not linger amongst such sweet distractions.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

I find it very interesting how even this week’s divination lot mentions the Moon! Repetition is Spirit’s way of drumming an important message into our heads, so do be mindful of this week’s eclipse, and practice self-care.

This week’s divination lot is a call to focus and press on with the endeavours you have begun. You may be tempted to procrastinate, or even deny the existence of a problem – don’t. You know what you need to do, so do it. And if you don’t know, then your task is to figure that out!

When this lot appears, the great things you wish to accomplish are possible, but they will also take great effort. Now is not the time to be fooled by distractions, or compare yourself to the noblemen admiring the scenery.

Yes, it may seem that other people have it easy while you need to slog constantly. No, it’s not a good idea to slow down and start imitating them in the hope that you’ll be successful like them. No, it’s definitely not a good idea to resent them or pity yourself. And YES, if you are willing to keep forging your own path ahead, soon you will have your own cause to celebrate.

Time is of the essence. Whatever you need to do, do it now.

Focus on your path. Move forward.

Happy New Year 2020, and have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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这周的新加坡时间1月11日(时间11:07 – 5:12)将会迎来巨蟹座的部分月食。从星相学角度来看,这次的巨蟹月食将会是充满挑战性的。但是在历经过逆境后结出来的果实将会更加甜美,因此各位不要害怕,以智慧,爱与光勇敢地前进吧!