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I didn’t mention this in last week’s reading because I wanted Saturn direct to take the spotlight, but here’s a chaser: Pluto stations direct on 4 October.

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Yes, Pluto – Lord of Transformation and the Shadow – ends its retrograde and resumes its regular forward progression. Pluto’s energies represent our secrets and fears. While retrograding, we were given opportunities to reflect on our darker selves, throw the skeletons out of our closets, and turn our lives to the Light. Now that it’s over, the question arises: did you face your fears and turn them into fuel for your own forward progress in life, or did you continue to shove uncomfortable issues under the carpet?

Whatever it was, now that Pluto has resumed its usual orbit, one thing is for sure: you’ll be facing those fears, whether you like it or not. Along with Saturn – Lord of Karma and Time – which is also direct now, Pluto’s polarising energies will push you to take a side, to choose your truth, and to address the darkness within you that has kept you bound and struggling.

But it’s completely up to you whether you choose the Light.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: KING OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This week, beware of people who over-promise and under-deliver; people who act like control freaks but have no genuine sense of responsibility; people who are crap at their work but will point the finger at you. This card also warns against mistakes in money management. For some of you, problematic leadership is going to be a challenge this week.

So conduct your due diligence, and make sure your side of the street is kept clean. That way, even if something went wrong and someone tried to throw the blame on you, it’s less likely to stick.

MIDDLE: JUSTICE REVERSED. However, even with the best-laid plans, things can still go awry. With Pluto and Saturn direct, there’s a distinct possibility that some karmic repayment could take place this week, and it will be savage. No one escapes karma, so do make sure your hands are clean – or, at the very least, that you are willing and able to handle the consequences of whatever karma was sowed in the past.

RIGHT: THE SUN. Despite this week’s challenges, there still is strong potential to do well. The Sun is arguably the most positive card in the Tarot. It represents joy, success, and clarity – meaning that if you do what’s right and honour the Laws of Karma, you will have much to celebrate at the end of the struggle. At the very least, you will gain clarity into something that eluded your understanding before.





Priceless treasures are hidden nearby;
You search everywhere, but in vain.
Why not wait for the one who knows their whereabouts?
This person’s advice will put your mind at ease.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, bear in mind that a challenging situation you may have been cracking your head over could have a solution that’s surprisingly simple, straightforward, and accessible to you. Do not over-strain your faculties by coming up with new-fangled, increasingly complex ways of fixing the issue, or by over-relying on someone/something that’s beyond your control.

Feel free to reach out and ask for advice – someone could point out something you hadn’t noticed before, thereby guiding you along the path to the solution you were meant to use. Above all, believe in yourself and your own abilities.

Have a great week ahead!

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