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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

If you’ve just been through a challenging time, the worst is probably over, but recovery will take a while. Let’s get to this week’s reading!


LEFT: THE SUN REVERSED. You’re almost there. The Sun is one of the most positive cards to get in the Tarot – it signifies joy, success, and accomplishment. Even in the reversed position, there is the suggestion that happiness is just around the corner. Hang in there, darlings – really hang in there.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

MIDDLE: THE TOWER REVERSED. The Tower was our first card in last week’s reading – this week, it reappears, but upside-down. This is a good sign! Quite possibly, the worst is over for many of you who have been facing challenges recently. Now that doesn’t mean the fallout is complete, so you might still be cleaning up after the initial crisis, but at least the Tower has done its job and is moving on. Keep rolling with those punches, and know that you are no longer at the epicentre of the earthquake!

The Universe is moving forward. So should you.

No pity parties, please.

RIGHT: JUSTICE REVERSED. And this is why I’m suggesting that you stop the mud-wallowing celebrations – because the Universe is NOT in the mood to give whiny brats a hug and a cookie. Justice is the Karma card of the Tarot, and when She is upside-down, be careful what you pray for – you just might get it.

If you think your life is going to keep messing up, damn right it will. If you believe you can overcome your challenges, you’ll be given opportunities to find that strength in you. If you consciously seek the highest and greatest good in whatever adversity you are facing, Heaven will take your side in the battle.

And the Goddess Herself will fight for you.

But whatever you decide to do, be sure your heart is pure and your hands are clean. The Goddess divination lots this week explain why.






In winter, the water turns into ice.
Why fight so hard for good repute?
Sit quietly. Wait for your winter to pass.
When Spring’s foliage returns,
All will naturally be clear.
(Trans. Kelly Tan)



The rider who whips his horse relentlessly
Must live with either the fear of danger
Or an actual disaster.
Like the man who burns his own house down –
After the rain, all is ash and ruin.
(Trans. Kelly Tan)

We get two divination lots this week! Both warn against the futility of striving for validation. You are encouraged to be mindful of the seasons and circumstances in your life, and to act accordingly. Taking unnecessary action wastes energy; doing so out of a misplaced sense of pride, anger, or ego will only result in self-destruction.

I see many clients who “burn their own houses down”.

They quit stable jobs, dump good people, mistreat loved ones.

then they ask me why their lives are so f-ed up.

As humans, we tend to assume that we need to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, in order to get things done. Taking the initiative is great – but even better is doing the right thing at the right time, with the intention of achieving the highest and greatest good in the situation.

Universal energies being what they are this week, take deep breaths and count to ten many, many times before you make any rash decisions.

Have a great week ahead!

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