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Right. So I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks with work and my charity fundraising campaign for Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary (check out my posts on Facebook & Instagram @kellylightworker for more details). Thank you for your patience, and let’s get back to the weekly divination articles.

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On 10 July at 9:16 am Singapore time, we have a New Moon in Cancer that forms a pretty positive sextile with Uranus, the governing planet of change and innovation. This is a good time to make beneficial changes, in particular with regards to home, family, and partnerships. Some of you could find it worth your while to take a leap of faith in a certain matter that’s close to your heart – not necessarily a romantic matter (in fact I wouldn’t recommend this), but something you care about.

I’m glad to report that July is likely to be a less intense month than the previous months. Let’s get to the reading.


LEFT: THREE OF WANDS. Congratulations. For those of you who have put in the effort and done the needful work, the Three of Wands is an assurance to you that your just rewards are about to arrive. As a Number Three card, remember that the potential to continue growing is strong. Don’t rest on your laurels – this is not the time to take a break or get complacent. Keep pushing forward as best you can.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. Sometimes, doing the work entails doing what’s necessary, even if your heart’s not entirely in it. So long as your tasks don’t go against your conscience, you don’t always have to be a huge fan of the work you’re currently doing.

Bored? Distracted? Slightly frustrated? Bite the bullet and keep moving forward, my friend. Your breakthrough will appear soon enough.

For some of you, especially those in the dating scene, remember to take a step back and let other prove their worth to you before you give ’em your heart. With the reversed Knight of Cups, they might have their own agendas for chatting with you or otherwise expressing interest. Time will reveal all.

RIGHT: THE FOOL. This card represents the power of new beginnings and the value in taking that leap of faith. A new opportunity could be coming your way, and you’re possibly going to hear news of it soon enough. (This is very timely for a New Moon, too.) Just a friendly word of caution: look before you leap. The Fool sometimes can also indicate a situation where someone’s rushing forwards recklessly, to their detriment. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Keep your eyes wide open and your minds alert.






Unsheathed, the precious sword is radiant.
Its blade is pristine, untouched by dust or dirt.
A Noble One wields this valuable weapon;
His glory wins the acclaim of all.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The interpretation of this lot states:

宝剑出匣 光辉万里 贵人指引 无不观美

My translation into English: “The supreme sword is drawn. Its glory shines for ten thousand miles. With the guidance of your benefactor, none will overlook its beauty.”

Consider the precious sword: it wasn’t always like this. This sword, and every sword, began as a lump of metal. It was beaten, sharpened, placed in the hottest fires, and constantly hit in every direction.

As we come to the mid-point of 2021, you may have hoped that things would be much better than they were in 2020. Some might be disappointed that we’re still not out of the woods in terms of the pandemic. Perhaps others are concerned about the global recession that’s going to be here for a while more. Yet others are worried about climate change, social inequality, and the myriad other challenges that we still haven’t found answers to yet.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Like a sword, you’ve weathered the changes and taken the hits. You’ve been placed in the heart of the fire. You’ve gone through all this, and you’re still standing.

This week, reflect on how far you’ve come in 2021 and tell yourself this:

I’ve come this far. I will keep going.

It’s time to start seeing yourself in a new light. Not as a victim of circumstances. Not as a nobody or a nothing. But as a vessel of the Universal Plan.

Nothing might make sense at the moment. Nothing might make sense for a while more. But your job is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To keep going. And to know that your time will come.

Perhaps one day, what you have gone through – how you endured, and what you did to get through those dark days – will serve as help and inspiration for someone else who’s close to giving up, who needs all the comfort and encouragement they can get. You never know.

You never know. That, in a nutshell, is the beauty and the terror of life.

And that’s why we need to take that leap of faith.

All the best for this week. You’ve got this.

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宝剑出匣 光辉万里 贵人指引 无不观美