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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

Busy this week in the skies: Mercury and the Moon.

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Now astrology is a secondary modality of mine – I don’t pretend to be a professional astrologer, I’m happy to stay in my lane as Lightworker and Tarot consultant – so I’m not going to go too deep into what’s going on with Mercury’s transits this week. But here, in a nutshell, is what you need to know:

  • 4 May: Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus – good for communication, especially anything to do with finances, business, or wellness
  • 7 May: Mercury sextile Neptune – good for beginning or developing spiritual/ artistic/ creative pursuits
  • 9 May: Mercury trine Pluto – good for deeper negotiations in business or relationships; careful with privacy issues
  • 10 May: Mercury trine Jupiter – good for high learning, negotiations, contracts, volunteer work, legal matters; positive news could be forthcoming

On 7 May, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio occurring alongside Mercury sextile Neptune. Home, family, and intimate relationships/issues will be the focus in the next couple of weeks, with an emphasis on hopeful optimism, healing, spiritual insight, and lovingkindness. See, Scorpio can be nice too. 😉

Speaking of lovingkindness:

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This pandemic has placed the spotlight on one of Singapore’s most frequently overlooked communities: our migrant workers. Here’s your opportunity to act with compassion. If you’d like to make a positive difference to the lives of those who have worked hard and without thanks to build our nation, here are a couple of organisations that work to safeguard the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Singapore: 

Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME):

It’s Raining Raincoats (IRR):

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2):

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: THE HANGED MAN. As the first card in the reading, the thematic anchor for this week, and a Major Arcanum indicating Divine Will, The Hanged Man represents the wisdom of learning to see things from a new and creative viewpoint. We may not be able to effect major changes while the global pandemic runs its course, but we can each do our part by staying home, safe, and healthy.

Meanwhile, this week is an excellent opportunity for us to work on personal projects, plan our next steps for career/ relationships/ etc, or simply rest – don’t forget all the times you complained about being so busy you couldn’t take a break, haha.

MIDDLE: THREE OF CUPS REVERSED. Interestingly, this could be a week where some people’s true colours will be revealed; you could learn something new about family, friends, and loved ones. With Mercury trine Pluto coming for us this week, a secret could be revealed. A personal connection could take a turn this week – either you’ll grow closer together or there could be a drift apart. How you choose to deal with this is up to you.

RIGHT: FOUR OF WANDS REVERSED. Home is where many of us will be staying put in for quite a while more, and this card speaks of issues at home. It could refer to almost anything – from family disharmony to house repairs/ renovations to your cat vomiting on the carpet again – and generally indicates a temporary issue that can be fixed. So no worries there.





A message from afar is hard to predict.
Don’t over-think or insist on your way.
Turning a stone into a mirror
Is a difficult and pointless task.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The novel coronavirus rages on, and I’m not going the way of many other Spiritual practitioners who are looking for a higher message in all this.

Why? Because I know better than to regurgitate pious platitudes like Everything happens for a reason, God will make a way, or Nature is healing, we are the virus when people are losing their loved ones, their livelihoods, and their hope for the future.

So whilst lots of people out there are scrambling to sound holier/ smarter/ more-woke-than-thou about this situation we’re all in, I’m going to keep it real.

This week’s divination lot is simple: stay where you are. Work with (or around) what you’ve got. “A message from afar is hard to predict” – literally, the Goddess is telling us to stop trying to make sense out of what is beyond control or speculation (this is a very similar message to The Hanged Man, btw).

Focus on what is directly before you. Don’t drive yourself crazy with over-thinking, or pushing for the impossible to happen.

You’re going to be okay. It doesn’t feel that way right now, and it might not feel that way for a while. But this wily old Universe has a way of making things work out eventually. Hang in there (yes, we are all The Hanged Man right now) and, in time, you will learn to see things from a new perspective.

Have a good week ahead.

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  • 5月4日:太阳与金牛水星将会在这天形成合相,有利于尤其是在经济,生意和健康方面的沟通话题。
  • 5月7日:水星与海王星形成六分相,有利于开始或者发展关于灵性,艺术和创意相关的意兴追求。
  • 5月9日:水星与冥王星形成三分相,有利于生意或者关系上进行更加深入的探讨,但要注意隐私方面的问题。
  • 5月10日:水星与木星形成三分相,有利于高等教育学习,商讨,合约,志愿工作还有法律相关,而且也可能会有好消息将至。



Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME):

It’s Raining Raincoats (IRR):

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2):