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Welcome to the first full week of 2021. We have completely crossed over from 2020 and are now on the uncharted territory of a new year.

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So many people, at various points last year, believed that they wouldn’t be able to get past their obstacles and challenges.

Yet, here we are today.

If you haven’t figured out your plans for 2021 yet – or if you’re still struggling with a sense of “2020 messed up my life and I’m too tired/ scared/ doubtful of the future to try again” – the skies bear good news for you: on 8 January, the illuminating Sun forms a sextile with Neptune, planetary ruler of optimism and creativity. This is a good time to dream again – to visualise how you want your life to turn out. The ability to imagine your goals, after all, is key to manifesting them.

It’s 2021, dear ones. You can, you will, you must dare to dream again.

Let’s get to the reading stat.


LEFT: ACE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. The potential for a tangible new beginning is present. Despite the possibility of delays and setbacks, this exciting opportunity can manifest and become your reality if you let it.

The question is, are you willing to do what it takes for this to happen? How much do you really want a fresh start? Your truth is revealed in your actions, so if you want the good things that the Universe desires to bless you with – do what it takes to get ’em.

MIDDLE: THREE OF CUPS REVERSED. Many people experienced disappointments in 2020, and some in particular discovered that their relationships (family, friends, lovers, co-workers etc) were perhaps not as stable, supportive, or trustworthy as they had assumed.

Understandably, some may feel almost afraid to be too happy about anything, given our current climate of uncertainty. My question to you is: even if you’re feeling bleak or jaded right now, can you still find things to celebrate? Blessings to count?

As surely as you are alive and reading this… you have something to be happy for.

Now find it.

Sometimes a shift in mindset is all that’s needed to make a challenging situation more bearable, or to create the hope and courage needed to move forward.

RIGHT: DEATH REVERSED. If there is resistance to the progress you’re making, or a fear of committing to the opportunities that lie before you, then it’s time to address those inner demons. If you want to live your best life, then you owe it to yourself to remove every obstacle and blockage, both external as well as within your psyche.

Let go of the old, and embrace the new. It is the new year, after all.




Extraordinary jubilation at the door!
Great fortune for those who have accrued karmic merit.
Marriage and harvest, all proceed as desired,
And the sick recover with wonderful medicine.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This divination lot is unique in that it has one poem, but offers two separate meanings and two different interpretations. If you were wondering, all of them are highly positive.

The meanings for this lot are given as follows:


The first meaning states that celebrations are held at the door to one’s household; the one who draws this lot is assured that all will go well. The second meaning in parentheses emphasises the blessing of good timing. Just as flowers bloom in Spring, the one who draws this lot will meet benefactors and receive great good fortune.

The interpretations for this lot diverge slightly:

积善之家  必有余庆  忠义之门  拱照福星
(另: 春深日暖 百花自开 事莫迟疑 从人显达)

The first interpretation advises households to perform good deeds, accumulate karmic merit, and hence receive the good fortune that is naturally attracted to them. The descendants of such upright and loyal families will live blessed lives, as if they were constantly guided by auspicious stars.

The alternative interpretation focuses on the significance of taking timely action. It bluntly states: Spring days grow warm. A hundred flowers bloom. Do not doubt or hesitate. You will surely attain your goals.

But I’m struck mostly by the final line of the poem:

The sick recover with wonderful medicine

As the divination lot for the first full week of 2021, the energies of this divination lot will be thematically relevant to the events of this new year.

You probably know that vaccines for COVID-19 are currently being produced and disseminated all around the world. This current pandemic’s days are inevitably numbered – it really is only a matter of time.

Nevertheless, how soon we’ll get out of this rut depends chiefly on our choices as individuals, societies, and nations.

If or when the vaccine becomes available to you, please consider getting yourselves vaccinated.

The benefits of vaccination far outweigh its potential risks.

Have a great week ahead!

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积善之家  必有余庆  忠义之门  拱照福星
(另: 春深日暖 百花自开 事莫迟疑 从人显达)


另一个解释则专注在行动的时机的重要性。这里明白标示着 春深日暖 百花自开 事莫迟疑 从人显达