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We are currently right smack in the middle of the 2021 mid-year eclipse season. This is a good season for decluttering your life, making major choices and changes, and getting (back) on track with a higher purpose. This particular eclipse season ends with a solar eclipse on 10 June – from now till then, be extra mindful that the actions you take align with the outcomes you desire to manifest.

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During eclipse seasons, people tend to get all excited about the actual eclipses, but tend to forget that we are dealing here with an entire season of energetic themes. This series of eclipses falls along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Gemini rules perspective and communication; Sagittarius governs our search for wisdom and truth. These are the themes of our current eclipse season. These eclipses also align in the exact same position they last did in mid-2003, so you might find yourself facing a similar situation or life juncture that you did back then.

Will you make the same choices you did in the past? Or will you shift your direction and destiny?

Whatever you choose, I wish you well.

Now onto the reading.


LEFT: SIX OF WANDS REVERSED. You may have been dealing recently with a challenging situation that caused you to lose confidence in your ability to overcome your obstacles. The rider in the reversed Six of Wands now dangles upside-down precariously; if he does not regain his faith in himself, he will fall off his horse and all will be lost. Steady yourself. What can you do, and what do you need to stop doing, if you want to stay on course?

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this card appears in the reversed position it’s actually a good thing. The reversed Eight of Swords refers to a difficult situation that is slowly unravelling in your favour. Eventually, the situation with improve. Hang in there.

RIGHT: THE MOON. Nevertheless, uncertainty still clouds your perspective of the situation. A lot of information remains obscured and unknown. Yet, you must continue to make the right choices for yourself and move forward. Trust your inner wisdom and keep going.

It’s said that the measure of someone’s potential to succeed is their ability to handle uncertainty. How far are you willing and able to move forward in your life even if you don’t have all the information you think you need?

And maybe that’s the whole point of this eclipse season: that it’s okay not to have all the answers.

What matters is that we keep going and we never give up.





Poetry by day and song by night!
Such gatherings are filled with pleasure and laughter.
Such occasions are rare and inevitable.
Therefore, let us celebrate together.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

I am absolutely certain it’s not a coincidence that last week’s lot was lot 60 and this week’s lot is 61.

To me, this is a strong and comforting indication that the Universe is watching over our individual and collective situations unfold. This is a clear sign of things proceeding as they should (which echoes the message of the reversed Eight of Swords earlier) – remember that during eclipses, events that occur tend to have a quality of fated-ness to them. Be observant of what begins and ends around this time, and you will discover the message that the Divine has prepared for you.

When this lot is drawn, remember that life is filled with both joy and sorrow, fortune and misfortune, blessings and challenges. If you are going through a tough time right now, this lot advises patience, optimism, and faith in the kindness of the Universe.

The traditional explanation of this lot states: 守旧随时之象。凡事时吉利也。Choose to trust that your difficult situation will improve when the time is right. Choose positivity and know that your challenging situation will improve when the time is right. Do not waste your energy fighting what is inevitable, but take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Focus on what you can control, and don’t worry about the rest.

Have a great week ahead! Yes, you can.

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对我来说,这是一个证明了宇宙正守望着我们每一个人和整体状况的走向的一个强而有力的温柔明示。 这证明了一切事情都朝着应该前进的方向发展,这正响应了前面的逆位宝剑8的信息。要记住,在月蚀或者日蚀季节发生的事情多少都是带着冥冥中早已注定的因素。好好地观察这段时间所发生的开始和结束,你就会发现神灵为了你而准备的信息。