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Before we begin next week’s reading, I want to take a step back and talk about the final Super New Moon of 2019: it’s the New Moon in Libra and occurs on 29 Sep 2019, 02:26 Singapore time. New Moons are great for new beginnings – with Libran energies reigning, you would do well to set intentions for auspicious new starts to anything involving the following: relationships, beauty, money, and (interestingly) the law.

As we leave de-cluttering September and enter re-balancing October, you may be hoping that the speed and intensity of karmic realignment eases off just a little bit… but that would be a vain hope. 

Instead, you’re likely to find that karmic forces become increasingly refined and skilled at beating the BS out of certain unbalanced dynamics, situations, or people. This is because we’re right smack in Libra season. After all, Libra is the zodiac sign that rules justice and cosmic harmony. Libra is also the only zodiac sign that is represented by a non-sentient object: the weighing scales of justice. 

That’s right: Libra is a machine.

Libra season is where you’ll be seeing a lot of messed-up situations start the process of being sorted out. The best way to navigate your path through Libra season is to engage your intellectual capabilities and detach from excessive emotion. Say to yourself: no hard feelings. It’s nothing personal.

Remember: Libra is a machine – elegant and objective.

Mental discipline is key. Go with this flow, and you’ll do just fine.

(You can work on your shadow self and all that deep, intense emo stuff when Scorpio season creeps in at month’s end.)

On to the reading!


LEFT: SIX OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Interestingly, the Six of Pentacles is one of the cards in the Tarot that feature a weighing scale, the symbol of Libra. Immediately, we see a link to Libra season and its native concerns of balance, justice, and fair play. When this card appears ill-dignified, be mindful of the give-and-take in whatever situation you’re facing. Are you drained from over-giving, or benefitting at someone’s expense? Are boundaries well-kept? Mutual respect is a must even if equality cannot be achieved here.

Some of you may be invested in unnecessary, harmful, or even humiliating power games. Get out of them as soon as you can. The Universe is watching, and Karma never forgets.

Some of you may be waiting on developments with regards to employment or career progression. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Read all contracts with extra care. 

If you’re searching for a job, NEVER give up even if the situation doesn’t look promising at the moment. Keep moving; keep searching. (The Goddess Divination lot below explains why.)

MIDDLE: THE HIEROPHANT REVERSED. The Hierophant, in the Tarot, is also known as The High Priest. He represents the man-made institutions that we create in order to understand and connect with the Divine. Here, then is where the seat of Spiritual power lies… but also the seed of corruption.

When this card appears upright, we are advised to follow the rules and respect hierarchical structures. When this card appears reversed, the guru can no longer lead the disciple, and the disciple must look within to seek guidance from the Divine spark that we all possess.

This week, old assumptions of power and authority are falling down. Seemingly infallible principles and people are going to disappoint you. All this must happen in order that you learn an even more precious Spiritual principle: that of personal responsibility as the foundation of all growth.

If you’re trying to fix a problem, the reversed Hierophant advises unconventional, even maverick solutions. Toss out the old ways and try something new. 

If you’re concerned about career or business: this card indicates that opportunities could lie with companies outside of the mainstream. Look away from the big firms and the public sector for a little while. Consider the start-ups, the SMEs, and/or any possible opportunity for your skills set and innate abilities to be used in a refreshingly different way.

For instance, a research scientist doesn’t have to stay in a lab forever; job opportunities involving data analysis, engaging scientific modes of enquiry, or simply the courage to explore new things can be considered. 

I know a Scorpio lawyer who made a huge career switch late in life: after decades of being a feared shark in court, she told me: “It drove me mad. I was trapped and miserable.” Now, she’s using her amazing organisational and presentation skills to serve as an administrator for a major charity organisation. 

Who says you can’t change your destiny? Who says you must always stay in the same lane?

RIGHT: TEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this card appears, the situation may be looking bleak – but take courage.  Tarot reversals can indicate many things, and often a reading with all three cards reversed (as you may have noticed about this spread by now) is a huge Universal signpost screaming at you: THIS COULD GO ANYWHERE!

The Ten of Cards is called the ‘crash and burn’ of the Tarot. It represents hitting rock bottom in a particularly difficult situation. It’s one of the cards that is less painful to look at when reversed.

Once more, the theme of personal responsibility is strong here. Depending on the choices you make, you can either extend this crash and burn period indefinitely, or you can heal from this pain and rise again. 

It’s up to you.






Unsheathed, the precious sword is radiant.
Its blade is pristine, untouched by dust or dirt.
A Noble One wields this valuable weapon;
His glory wins the acclaim of all.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

I’ve always found this divination lot a particularly fascinating one. When this lot appears, the Goddess’s message for you is:

Your time is now.

Really? You may ask. But the situation I’m in looks bleak (reversed Ten of Swords); the economy is too shaky for me to make any moves (reversed Six of Pentacles); I’ve been let down by people I respected and I don’t know whom to trust (reversed Hierophant).

And that is precisely the point of this divination lot. You may be planning something new and wonderful – a career shift, a relocation, an engagement or marriage – but perhaps the situational context isn’t perfect, and you’re concerned that the time isn’t right.

I’ll let you in on a secret:

There’s no such thing as perfect timing.

As a Spirit practitioner who engages in divination (the art of foretelling likely future outcomes based on current energies), Divine or pre-destined timing is very, very rare. In my Lightworker career thus far, I’ve been given messages of ‘fixed’ timing only three times or so. All were death dates – not stuff you really want to know – and Spirit only released the information to me only because the families of the soon-to-be deceased had special instructions to comply with.

What’s far more common and useful for you to know: that your choices shape your destiny. Take action!

This means making good, solid plans, then going ahead with them even if certain circumstances do not appear to be in your favour at the time. It means having the courage to create your destiny with the sincere, wholehearted intention to achieve your dreams and live your best life.

It means living a beautiful life to the fullest – the life you deserve.

In my personal and professional experience, I’ve found that Spirit and the Universe loves it when we pursue our passions with consistency, diligence, and integrity. When we prove that we have a goal and we’re never giving up, the Goddess smiles, and lends a hand. She wields you like a precious sword, and your glory in Her hands will win the acclaim of all. This is the beautiful process of co-creation with the Universe that so many people talk about, and that you can experience if you choose.

May you attain your desired outcomes as you set your plan to action, and may Divine Grace bless your heart’s courage as you step up to create – and fulfil – your destiny.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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