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The day to watch out for is Mercury conjunct Neptune on 3 or 4 April, depending where you live in the world. When Mercury (planetary ruler of thought and communication) conjuncts Neptune (planet of creativity and illusion), gear up for creative solutions and imaginative strategies that could take your life to another level. However, you’ll also need to be careful – in the hands of unscrupulous or susceptible people, the energy of this aspect also heightens the risk of scandal, lies, and gossip. Keep away from the backbiters – with lockdowns going on in so many places, it shouldn’t be too difficult.


Onward with the reading!


LEFT: KING OF CUPS REVERSED. The seas are stormy – but keep calm and hang in there. The reversed King of Cups can represent a time of emotional turbulence. It can be difficult to take charge of matters when the heart is not aligned with rational logic, but don’t use this as an excuse to run away (this card can be associated with escapist fantasies, addiction issues such as alcoholism, and co-dependent relationships).

Be strong. Take a step back and breathe if things are getting too intense. But whatever it is, never lose your link to your heart and soul. Hold on to the truth of who you are. Practice compassion – be kind to yourself and to others.

Some of you might meet a person who could play a role in this week’s events – this person could be either emotionally unavailable or controlling. Don’t fall for their games.

MIDDLE: THE SUN. Snug as a bug in the middle of this reading, The Sun is my favourite Tarot card to see. Representing joy and success, The Sun in this reading also speaks of gaining clarity in a situation that was causing emotional turbulence (see reversed King of Cups).

So don’t worry if things seem unsure right now – they’re about to clear up very soon.

RIGHT: JUSTICE REVERSED. If you’re facing a complex situation that requires a decision, Justice in reverse advises you to strategise wisely. Don’t rush into anything without a plan.

This card also indicates that some form of karmic realignment will be meted out soon. It may or may not appear fair, but trust that in the bigger scheme of things, the Laws of Karma are sound. Some of you will rejoice. Some of you are going to get burnt very badly.

All this is a reflection of who you are and what you choose to allow in your life. It is what it is.






Whip in hand, the horse-rider charges ahead,
Danger and disaster on either side.
Like a house set on fire,
Heaven sends a timely rain to reduce all to ashes.

The theme of emotional turbulence + complex situations continues in the divination lot for this week. Heaven looks kindly on us and the difficulties we struggle with now – but be careful that you are not creating negative karma by doing the wrong thing.

Screw that New Age bullshit about “there’s no such thing as right or wrong, all is one, your free will is paramount”. Seriously. If there’s a virus going around and some people are still defying common sense, basic hygiene, or social responsibility – that is negative karma and will create really, really crappy consequences in the future. Don’t let it be you.

Do the right thing. The good thing. The wise thing. With lot 99, expect the unexpected – both positive and negative things are going to happen – and it’s your karmic record that will determine how the Universe will step in to co-create your destiny with you.

Your job is to show up and do what’s right.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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