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I had a great eclipse experience and I hope you did too – the secret to working with eclipse energies is to be honest about the lessons you’re learning, and to be kind to all (including yourself). But hey – isn’t that the way we should live everyday? 

This week’s reading gets a little intense, but that’s to be expected since we’re right smack in the middle of eclipse season and some retrograde planets. Here we go!


This week’s Tarot is seriously intense. All three cards are Major Arcana, indicating that Universal energies and the forces of destiny are going to play a greater role than usual in the outcome of events. The best strategy to take is to do our best with what we’ve got, release what we can’t control, roll with the punches, and trust that the Divine plan will work out for our highest and greatest good.

Our faith is one deciding factor in how well things turn out for us.

Another factor is prayer: the sacred act of communing and co-creating with the Universe.

This week, I’m sensing I need to read this spread intuitively as one tableau. No fixed positions here.

LEFT: THE TOWER. This is the card of major upheaval. A transformative experience is coming for you, and it could take the form of a crisis. This is an opportunity for growth, breakthrough, and change if you’ve been busting to get out of your rut. Very often, when this card appears something is about to end, break/be broken, change/evolve, and/or begin.

Let go of old ideas, mindsets, values, relationships, habits, etc. You won’t need them anymore.

And welcome the new!

MIDDLE: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. At the heart of this spread is the Goddess Herself, but ill-dignified. She’s asking: have you been taking care of yourself and others? Have you been kind? Where has life stopped or stagnated for you? What are you obsessing over? What have you neglected? What are you trying so desperately to control? Most of all: can you trust the Universe? Can you trust Me?

RIGHT: THE HERMIT. When The Hermit appears, a life cycle is ending. This concurs with The Tower at the beginning of this message. This is a time for introspection, spiritual learning and growth, as well as some serious contemplation about what steps to take next. Some of you will be doing lots of thinking this week, and that’s a good thing. Remember:

every ending carries the seed of a new beginning.




The poem:

You are the scion of a prosperous family.
Before your eyes, all is ease and luxury.
The King will grant you a girdle of gold and jade.
Your good name will spread far and wide.*


When this lot is drawn,
Great good fortune comes after change and upheaval.*

(*trans. Kelly Tan)

This lot depicts the fate of a person facing great changes, who has momentarily forgotten his/her true worth. It reminds us to delve within ourselves and remember who we are. Each of us is a spark from the Divine Source. Change and transformation are inevitable in this life, but none of them have the power to undermine our sense of who we are and what we stand for.

Once you choose to work with the Universe, you will be amazed at how the realm of Spirit is willing and able to provide you with every blessing you need. The girdle of gold and jade speaks of power, favour, beauty, and abundance – things that we all want in our lives.

Believe you deserve this. Because you do.

Beloved, you are precious, wonderful, brilliant, and wise. You matter. You are loved. You have something to offer this Universe, and you will fulfil your potential to bless.

First, remember who you are.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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