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Hello darlings. This week could get intense for some.

On 3 May, two interesting squares arise: first, Mercury squares Jupiter at 5:33 pm Singapore time. This transit can lead to inspiring ideas, but also can cause mental confusion and carelessness. Less than half an hour later, the Sun forms a square with Saturn – this transit exposes poor choices and imposes constraints (in some cases, even some form of backlash) to get us to do better.

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On 8 may, Venus forms a square with Jupiter. This is a transit where so many things seem so promising – friendships, relationships, luck – but excessive indulgence in the good things could bring about negative outcomes. Overspend now, and you’ll be broke later. This is a tricky transit in the sense that you can’t afford to take things at face value, and is a theme that this week’s Goddess divination lot covers (later in this article).

Overall, this is a week where the Universe is making sure we shape up, and I am all for it. You’ll notice that this week’s reading is also quite different from the usual.

Let’s get to the reading stat!


LEFT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. The reversed Queen of Pentacles represents someone who is a poor money manager; insecure, incompetent at work and at life, but with expensive taste. Make sure it’s not you.

Traditionally, the reversed Queen of Pentacles was a gold-digger, mistress, or kept woman. Today, this is the card of the influencer wannabe who spends money on frivolous items to impress people on social media. The boss or manager who invests all their energy into workplace politics instead of doing their job. The ‘old friend’ who wants to meet up out of the blue… then spends the whole meet-up asking you for money, or trying to sell you some MLM products.

This is an energy you do not need or want in your life. Keep such situations and people far away from you. They’ll drain you of your resources, then turn on you and trample your reputation to the ground. And then they’ll look for another host to feed on.

If you’ve been feeling the pinch in your wallet lately, be very, very careful whom you tell this to, and whom you spend time with. Draw up and maintain a budget. Similarly, if you’ve been feeling the need to move forward in your career, be careful whom you share this information with. 

Some people call themselves friends, but really are jealous saboteurs. You know who they are.

MIDDLE: THREE OF CUPS REVERSED. This warning is repeated here in the reversed Three of Cups. Upright, you have friends celebrating with you. Upside down, some of these friends are traitors – consciously or subconsciously, these are people who do not wish you well, and will cause you harm given a chance.

This card also warns against premature celebrations – hold on until you’ve actually achieved your goals. Also, try to avoid unnecessary and costly outings this week, especially group outings – unexpected developments could cause some unpleasantness.

RIGHT: NINE OF SWORDS. Failure to keep your energetic boundaries clean this week could result in mental stress, regret, and some sleepless nights. This card is known as the ‘Nightmare card’ – in the outcome position, it often heralds negative developments and can portend the failure of a project.

There’s nothing much else to say about this card. Remember that you control your karma by making the best possible decisions for the highest good, and taking the right action accordingly.





You are seduced by many flattering words
Into adopting a thief as your child. 
Do not lust after the temptations before you.
Remember the lessons of your past.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

Not every divination is going to be sweetness and light. There will be some weeks like this where energies are heavier. But we trust that the Universe is a loving Mother Who wants only the best for us… and sometimes that will involve warning us against poor judgement.

When this lot is drawn, be careful that you are not deceived by falsehoods and false friends into making decisions that you will regret. Discernment is key this week: you will be required to distinguish between friend and foe, truth and lie, light and darkness.

Talk is cheap; action is everything. Don’t fall for sweet talk and empty promises. Let people prove themselves to you with actions and with truth.

Remember this, and you will not have to endure the nightmare of trusting the wrong people, making the wrong choices, and bitterly regretting your outcomes.

Have a great week ahead!

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