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This week, we look forward to the Full Moon in Leo on 9 February at 3:33 pm, Singapore time. The Full Moon in Leo forms a happy trine with Mars in Sagittarius, boosting confidence and energy as we pursue our goals. Having said that, though, this is not a great Full Moon for beginning new projects – you’re better off sustaining or finishing up current tasks.

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This week’s reading is intense so let’s get to it.


LEFT: DEATH. Last week’s anchor card – the first card that appears and sets the theme for the entire reading – was the Tower, one of the three dark keys of the Tarot. This week, it’s the second dark key: Death. This card indicates a sudden, forceful change that brings about the ending of a cycle. With what’s going on in Australia, China and elsewhere, it’s safe to say that there’s a literal component to Death in this reading as well.

With Death, we can only go with the flow, roll with the punches, and submit to the will of the Divine. As with last week, stay humble and flexible – the forces driving this week’s developments are far stronger than you.

It goes without saying for my darlings in countries affected by the Wuhan Coronavirus: be wise. Take all the necessary health and hygiene precautions. And don’t over-think.

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF WANDS REVERSED. This is not a great week for people planning to travel, initiate new plans, or multi-task: you’re likely to come up against delays, setbacks, and unexpected developments.

There may be issues with communication this week – either there will be mixed messages, a delay in responses, or an outright misunderstanding. Count to ten before you speak, and don’t jump to conclusions.

What this week is good for: focusing on what you need to get done. Being patient and resilient in the face of uncontrollable changes. Developing radical acceptance and inner strength.

RIGHT: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. When this card appears, self-care and healthy boundaries are the order of the day. Avoid extremes of obsession and carelessness. Someone who either micro-manages or is neglectful could play a role in this week’s events.

The Empress also represents a pregnant woman or a successful conception. When reversed and in close proximity with Death, she represents a period of incubation before a disease manifests its symptoms.

I’m not here to fear-monger but please, please, take every precaution against infection. Be safe, not sorry: this applies especially to vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, the immunity-compromised and, of course – expecting mothers.






Be carefree and live a quiet life;
Maintain a simple and consistent routine.
Do not worry or fret –
Be assured that no disaster will befall you.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When things appear to be going out of control and we’re reminded of exactly how powerless we actually are against cosmic forces, it’s tempting for our fears to go into overdrive. This lot appears as reassurance that, thankfully, much of what we fear is unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, we are advised to maintain a safe, stable routine – to keep calm and carry on.

If you think about it, this lot is almost like advice you’d give an anxious expecting mother – a reversed Empress! The baby is safe, sound, and growing in your body. Just focus on your health and wellbeing; take care of what is within your control, like eating a nutritious diet and getting sufficient rest, and let the forces of Nature help the baby grow. Don’t worry – when the time is right, you will deliver a child, and your joy will be great.

What child could you be bearing now? A business idea? A new relationship? Your next career move? Plans for a relocation? An actual baby?

The traditional explanation of this lot states: You will do well to maintain the status quo. Bide your time, and do not rush. Change will manifest in the fullness of time. Be patient, and everything will turn out well.

Whatever child you’re bearing, keep going. If you’ve been searching for a job, a new house, a life partner – don’t stop now. Keep moving forward, and be consistent in your efforts. Focus on what you want to achieve and you will get there in the end!

Don’t worry, but place your cares and burdens in the hands of the Divine. Pray with a sincere heart, and you will be heard.

Your job is to be focused and consistent.

Never give up – success will soon be yours.

Have a great week ahead!

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第三十一签的诗意是: 此卦守旧安然之象,凡事时待时则吉也。