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This week kicks off with a Full Moon in Libra. Peeps in Singapore, this happens on Monday 29 March at 2:48 am, Singapore time.

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This Full moon has several interesting aspects. It forms an opposition with the Sun, Venus, and Chiron – all in Aries. It also forms a happy trine with Saturn. There’s a lot to unpack here but I’ll summarise everything instead:

The next two weeks (up till six months for those whose birth charts are influenced strongly by the Libra Full Moon) will bring opportunities for you to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your life. This is especially relevant to the areas of your personal relationships + finances, and family or communal (including work) responsibilities, because of the influences of Venus and Saturn. Powerful endings and beginnings are all possible with this transit. The presence of Chiron brings healing, but this usually occurs through the processing of old memories and past experiences. Be honest and courageous about facing past wounds, and you will bounce back wonderfully.

Now let’s get to the reading.


LEFT: FOUR OF CUPS. Some of you could be feeling stuck, bored, or taken for granted in a situation; for others, you could be frustrated with a situation that seems to be going nowhere. Be mindful that you are considering all possible options for forward movement, and focus your energies on what is truly beneficial.

Some of you have been stressed for long enough – take time out and get some fresh air. You may want to consider incorporating a gentle health and wellness regime in your routine: yoga, meditation, and Pilates could go a long way.

MIDDLE: SIX OF WANDS REVERSED. This card can appear when there is a loss of confidence in the progress of a matter. You are advised to keep your chin up and keep pushing forward. Sometimes you have the confidence you need; sometimes you have to fake it till you make it.

Even if you’re really not feeling assured or confident about a matter you’re approaching, remember that your feelings are not your reality. They’re a useful signpost for self-awareness, but they seldom affect the fact of what is happening around you.

Whatever it is you have to overcome, you know what you stand for and what you want to achieve. I say go for it, do your best, and don’t allow anything or anyone to deter you from pursuing your true path.

RIGHT: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. As you persist and persevere, you’ll find that the difficult situation you’re facing gradually becomes less and less of a challenge. The obstacles begin to fall apart; closed doors open, and new routes emerge.

Be strong. No one can victimise you without your consent.

No matter how difficult the journey you’re currently on, remember: this too shall pass. Your job is to show up for everything – the good and the bad. At the end of this journey, you will be glad you didn’t run away or give in to self-pity.





Do not worry about the troubles before you.
Treasure lies ahead to fulfil your desires.
Freed from its golden chain,
The monkey roams among mountain caves.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

If you’ve been dealing with a difficult situation in the past few weeks or months, be comforted – relief is coming to you. A tight spot could unravel and give you space to breathe freely – or to move on.

You either have overcome, or are about to overcome, various challenges and adversities. Your path will become easier once you have dealt with these obstacles and done the needful.

So get rid of the anxieties that trouble your mind and spirit. Open your heart to life’s possibilities, and be patient. Trust that the Universe is opening doors, wait for the right time, and the right path will be opened to you eventually.

Have a great week ahead!

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