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You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus Saturn Direct is
Coming to town!

The big news in the skies this week: Saturn, Lord of Karma and Time, stern and unflinching discipline master of the cosmos, stations direct in its home turf of Capricorn on 29 September.

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Good news or no? A lot depends on how you’ve behaved over the previous four months plus.

Planetary retrogrades provide opportunities for self-reflection and inner transformation, so Saturn retrograde has been a double dose of karma. Plus, Saturn stations direct when the Sun is in Libra, further strengthening this season’s energies of justice and honour (Libra is the zodiac sign represented by the scales of Justice, and is deeply concerned with fairness and accurate judgement).

With Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, karma will be measured with regards to how you’ve been building your life, especially in terms of career, personal power/status, finances, and family. The past few months have been a major test of responsibility for us all. When Saturn stations direct on 29 September, we’re expected to have come up with solutions to the challenges presented in these areas of our lives. Saturn wants to see plans and preparations.

Have your Plans and Preparations ready. This is the only way to deal with Saturn.

Plans and preparations will give you all the resources you require to get ready for the next phase. Saturn likes to see hard work, humility, focus, and determination – Saturn rewards these attitudes with productive outcomes, success, and promotion.

You can guess what happens when you don’t take responsibility for yourself or your dependants, and then Saturn stations direct. Remember that Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

Anyhoo… let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: TWO OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This reading starts with stress. Some of you could be facing situations where the workload is piling up, responsibilities are multiplying, but there’s only one of you – and everyone else seems so far away. Juggle those priorities as well as you can, and try to take a step back once in a while to breathe and regroup.

This card, in reverse, warns against a loss of inner balance and joy when you’re overly focused on the work before you, and not nourishing the soul within you. Do take time out for self-care.

MIDDLE: FIVE OF PENTACLES. This card represents deprivation, and can refer to a perceived lack of anything you deem necessary to your well-being now: financial stability, supportive relationships, social standing, career, forgiveness, hope… etc. It also symbolises difficulty and hardship, and encourages you to reach out for help wherever necessary. You don’t have to suffer alone – others could very well have the answers.

RIGHT: THREE OF CUPS. It does look like other parties have the solutions, after all. The Three of Cups is a card of celebration, and indicates a situation where the intervention of friends and loved ones brings about a happy resolution to a challenging situation.

The number Three is also associated with the Divine in many ways (the Goddess, the Holy Trinity, etc), and can symbolise success when one cooperates with the Divine plan. You might wish to pray for certain outcomes to be achieved – even if you’re atheist/agnostic, it doesn’t hurt to ask the Universe for a helping hand.





Hacking the ground in search of water,
You painstakingly fight through great difficulties.
By chance, a good friend takes you by the hand,
And leads you to Paradise.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This week’s Goddess divination lot synchronises so well with the Tarot message, you know it’s meant to happen. (This repetition in messages is usually Spirit’s way of emphasising an important point.)

This divination lot depicts a person digging for water; when this lot is drawn, difficulties must first be overcome before victory can be attained. Therefore, petition Heaven sincerely for your desired outcomes. Be focused and consistent in your efforts. Trust that after the hard work is put in, help will arrive and success can be yours.

The ‘good friend’ mentioned in this lot can either represent a human benefactor or Divine intervention. What’s important is to put in your best efforts, stick to your goals, NEVER GIVE UP, and keep your eyes open to changes in your environment.

Help can come in the strangest ways. It can take forms you never would’ve expected in a million years. It can appear almost as an accident, a cosmic coincidence that you will be given the grace to leverage on.

Remember that this wise old Universe knows what She’s doing. She knows a hell lot more about solutions than you do. All She desires is to see you trying your best, and willing to collaborate with Her when She comes with assistance.

Have a great week ahead!

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