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The final Mercury retrograde of this year starts on 31 October and ends on 20 November. It will occur entirely in the sign of Scorpio, usually one of the most ruthless signs in the zodiac (and, mind you, most Scorpios are proud of that fact). However, this particular Mercury retrograde is conjunct Venus – yep, the planetary ruler of love, beauty, and relationships – which softens the impact this retrograde would otherwise have on us.

The usual Mercury retrograde reminders apply: watch out for issues related to mindsets, thinking processes, communication, technology, or transport. Due to its proximity with Venus, many of you could be rekindling old relationships, reconnecting with people from the past, and/or reviewing your ties with some folks and deciding how best to move forward.

It’s a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, after all, so do expect a certain intensity and depth of passion in events during this retrograde. Those with a natal Scorpio Mercury (i.e. born when Mercury was in Scorpio) should expect a rebirth/ renewal/ resurrection experience of sorts. That would include yours truly – Scorpio Mercury is a placement associated with psychic, divinatory, and healing gifts – so I’ll be mindfully taking a step back to rest and rejuvenate/ recalibrate my energies during this period. And then I’ll be back, better than ever. Scorpio’s the sign of transformation, after all.

Let’s get to the reading!

LEFT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE. You may or may not be feeling lucky in recent times, but that doesn’t matter – when the Wheel of Fortune appears as the first/anchor card in a spread, understand that what you’re going through is predestined to some extent. There almost seems to be a certain degree of fatedness in the situation you’re facing, and thankfully, with this card in the upright position, you’re more likely than not to end well if you make the right choices.

Wait a minute, Kelly, you may be saying right now. You just said this was predestined – doesn’t that mean there’s nothing I can do? My answer to that: oh no! It actually means, all the more, that you’ll need to MAKE SURE you stay on the right track.

If a situation you’re in has certain predestined elements, it means that your soul had contracted to learn a significant lesson from it – and if you don’t learn your lessons this time around, you’re very likely to encounter the same predestined lesson over and over again, until you pass the test.

So make the right choices. The question is, how? Our next card answers this question.

MIDDLE: PAGE OF SWORDS. Here’s how. The Page of Swords advocates taking an intellectual approach to matters, whilst maintaining an emotional distance. Consciously decide that you will not be ruled by your emotions, and you’ll be alright. This card also indicates that you will do well to ask the right questions. You might even need to call out the BS in a situation, and speak truth to power.

In some readings, the Page of Swords represents a spy. Be careful if you’re mired in a political situation – someone could very well be sent to keep an eye on you. Watch out for inquisitive people who want to ask “just a question”, or seem to keep tabs on you for no apparent reason. No need to be paranoid, just be careful.

You may also be doing a bit of ‘spying’ yourself – this is a good time to look around discreetly for a new job if you’ve been thinking of a change, for instance. Good luck, and may the Goddess be with you!

RIGHT: NINE OF CUPS REVERSED. This card, interestingly, usually indicates that you’re very close – incredibly close – to achieving your dreams and being truly happy. But no, you’re not there yet. And you’re not happy about it.

When this card appears in reverse, be brutally honest with yourself. Are you putting in sufficient effort and time to make your dreams come true? Are your priorities correct, or are you held back by the fear of what other people might say? Could your expectations be unrealistic?

How much do you really want to make your dreams come true? And what are you willing to do to make them happen?

Some of you are going to have to revise your plans this week. Be open to change, and you’ll break out of your rut.






Hacking the ground in search of water,
With painstaking effort you
fight through great difficulties.
Be chance, you meet a good friend who
Takes you by the hand, and
Leads you to Paradise.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn – keep fighting. Keep going. Absolutely DO NOT GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE UP.

This is a time to pray. Petition Heaven for your desired outcomes. Be focused and consistent in your efforts – and, for the love of Goddess, if you haven’t been putting in enough effort, START NOW.

All you wish for is right in front of you. However, difficulties must be faced and overcome before victory can be attained.

With this lot, you are likely to receive help, both human and Divine. Reach out for assistance, and you will receive it.

Have a great week ahead!

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