With this post, we cross over the threshold and welcome the new year.

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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius occurred on 21/22 December (depending on where you live in the world), and this ushers in a new era of energy. The focus now is on serving the greater benefit, defending the rights of the oppressed, fighting for all that is good, and other noble aspirations. After the heavily karmic energies of 2020, I’m looking forward to how the strongly Aquarian vibes of 2021 will teach us to be better and kinder to each other.

On 29/30 December, we round off the year with the Full Moon in Cancer. This Full Moon forms a happy sextile with Uranus, planetary ruler of change and innovation; it’s a great time to take action and manifest a new intention, as well as try exciting new things.

Let’s get to the reading stat!


LEFT: EIGHT OF WANDS. This week will be filled with productivity, communication, and the (hopefully positive) outcomes of earlier efforts. See how the eight branches are depicted in this card with young buds emerging – these represent the many possibilities that you can look forward to as 2021 approaches.

May your actions blossom, bear fruit, and bless you richly.

MIDDLE: THE CHARIOT. It goes without saying that 2020 has been an unprecedentedly complex year. All of us have learnt important lessons about the power of community, and the need to look out for each other (which are lessons typically associated with Aquarius).

Many of us may have experienced loss, grief, and/or various setbacks in 2020 – this is part of the process of karmic realignment in order that humanity may evolve and grow. But as we move into 2021, it’s time to release the baggage of the past, and charge ahead towards a bright and beautiful future.

Those who move forward with courage and conviction will do very well. Those who keep looking back will continue to be trapped in the past, stuck in the sufferings created by their own minds.

Only you can decide where you want to go, and where you want to end up. Dear ones, make good choices.

RIGHT: THE EMPRESS. This is a lovely card! The Empress speaks of self-care and the possibilities of flourishing in an atmosphere of love, nurture, and kindness. This is a good time for creative pursuits, for making plans, for demonstrating love and care. Take a breather this week, count your blessings, and set the intention to make more good things happen in 2021.

For some of you, this card can represent a figure of authority (usually a female) who could play a role in events this week. This is someone who genuinely cares – show them some appreciation this week. Or the Empress could be you – in which case, refer to my first point re: self-care. You deserve it!






Unsheathed, the precious sword is radiant.
Its blade is pristine, untouched by dust or dirt.
A Noble One wields this valuable weapon;
His glory wins the acclaim of all.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The interpretation of this lot states:

宝剑出匣 光辉万里 贵人指引 无不观美

My translation into English: “The supreme sword is drawn. Its glory shines for ten thousand miles. With the guidance of your benefactor, none will overlook its beauty.”

This has always been a fascinating lot. I love the image of a precious sword being unsheathed, and wielded by a skilled noble. To me, this speaks of taking strong, persistent, courageous action to achieve your goals, with the guidance of a kind and loving (a very Empress-like) Universe.

Consider the precious sword: it wasn’t always like this. This sword, and every sword, began as a lump of metal. It was beaten, sharpened, placed in the hottest fires, and constantly hit in every direction.

Perhaps this feels like your experience of 2020. Perhaps you’ve somehow come through this difficult year feeling particularly beat-up. You’ve endured many fiery baptisms, suffered the knocks and curveballs of life… and here you are now.

By the grace of the Divine, you’re still standing. You’re still here.

This week, reflect on your experience of 2020, and mindfully reflect on how you’ve grown as a person. You’re certainly very different from who you were in 2019. Then ask yourself:

“Can these challenging experiences be a way of preparing me for greater things in my life?”

It’s time to start seeing yourself in a new light. Not as a victim of circumstances. Not as a nobody or a nothing.

But as a vessel of the Divine and Universal Will, who has undergone various tough challenges to become the best version of yourself.

Perhaps one day, what you have gone through – how you endured, and what you did to get through those dark days – will serve as help and inspiration for someone else who’s close to giving up, who needs all the comfort and encouragement they can get.

I believe that the Divine sees our hearts and knows our actions even better than we do. Trust that you are known, understood, and loved by a kind Universe. Trust that She is preparing the right people, opening the doors, and making everything come together for you.

All you have to do is persevere and trust.

And when your time comes, your life will be taken to a higher level.

Have a great week ahead!

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宝剑出匣 光辉万里 贵人指引 无不观美