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If you’ve been noticing that recent days and weeks have felt intense, you’re correct. Jupiter is currently not only retrograde, it’s orbiting closer to Earth than ever before. The planetary ruler of expansion and higher consciousness (also my birth chart ruler, so Jupiter is like a cosmic guardian to me), Jupiter will reach its closest point to Earth in June, elevating its energetic impact on us Earthlings.

Here’s what I said about Jupiter retrograde 2019 the first time:

During this retrograde, think about what exactly you want to grow, improve upon, or take to the next level – expansion, or what I like to call blowing awesome sh*t up, is Jupiter’s domain. What’s your heart’s desire? True love? A satisfying career? Family harmony? Financial freedom? All wonderful dreams to have.


I won’t go into specifics, but the 2019 Jupiter retrograde is marked by some uncomfortable aspects with the Moon (ruling our emotions and subconscious), Mercury (thought, communication, travel, technology), and the asteroid Juno (love, committed relationships, marriage, childbirth).


For example: if you desire true love, this Jupiter retrograde could reveal to you the kind of partner you really are, and what you’ll need to change in order to get the love you desire. If you want financial freedom, this Jupiter retrograde could expose a financial blind spot, so you’ll have the opportunity to get a proper money management plan up and running.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, after all. Whatever it touches in your garden will grow – including parasites and weeds. If you choose not to learn your lessons and grow from the retrograde experience, your challenges and obstacles will grow. If you choose to avoid responsibility for an existing problem (eg a debt problem or an addiction issue), this retrograde will blow not-so-awesome sh*t up for you – there could be a breakdown, or possibly some sort of intervention.

Your decisions shape your destiny. Retrogrades are the Universe’s way of nudging you into productive self-reflection so you can align better with the Divine will for your life. And Jupiter is here to take whatever choices you make and grow them into the next level of awesomeness. Or not.

Onward to the reading! This week is intense. That’s Jupiter for you.


LEFT: NINE OF SWORDS REVERSED. If you have been struggling or stuck in a challenging situation for a while, the potential for your breakthrough could appear this week as the Card of Nightmares appears reversed. As a Number Nine card, this breakthrough could come in the form of closure – as a Sword card, chances are this situation will improve slowly, and a lot depends on how you think through your plans as well  as communicate them.

So thank goodness that your nightmare is possibly beginning to end this week! Some conviction leading to action is still necessary to some extent, though. What could it be?

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. Whilst the upright Knight of Cups advises you to follow your heart, the reversed Knight of Cups counsels something quite different. If you’ve been misled by your ego or toxic relationship dynamics under the false impression that you’re following your heart, this card counsels you to step back. Do a huge re-think of how you’ve ended up in your current situation. If things are not working out, it’s time to put your game face on and do what’s needed. Screw following your heart (which many people have misinterpreted to mean they can act like dumbasses and get away with it – no, you can’t). This time, use your brain. And maybe your nightmare will end after all.

A person who’s emotionally manipulative and who loves relationship power games could be playing a role in this week’s events. It’s up to you whether you want to be affected by their bullshit. Make sure this person is not you.

RIGHT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Here’s the missing link in the whole situation – your intuition. It could be that you’re currently in a tough spot because earlier, you didn’t trust your inner voice. For instance, I’ve given countless readings to women who chose to fall in love with incompatible or inaccessible men. They knew from the start that the guy wasn’t right for them, but their delusional desperation to be loved pushed them into doomed relationships and, inevitably, awful (and completely avoidable) heartbreaks.

Some of you will have to learn how to listen to your inner wisdom. The High Priestess also represents a mentor who offers spiritual insight, so it could benefit you to seek the advice of someone you trust – this is usually someone who’s mature and possibly in a leadership position of sorts.






Hold back on your plans for a time;
Yet refrain from idleness – this can create trouble.
You are like a bird, having flown into a net:
Who knows how long it requires to escape?
(Trans Tan Kelly)

When this divination lot appears, be patient. You may have ideas about what you want to achieve, but as the Tarot mentions earlier, you might need to do a re-think first. Refrain from idleness, and don’t just sit there! Expect the unexpected with this lot. More importantly – people around you in this challenging situation may not be what they seem. For some of you, a trap could literally be laid at your feet. Tread carefully, and discern friend from foe.

Have a great week ahead!

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