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Mercury’s busy this week. On 27 July, communicative Mercury forms a square with aggressive Mars; then, on 1 August, Mercury forms an opposition with disruptive Pluto. Mercury rules communication, thinking processes, travel, and technology. Uncomfortable Mercurial aspects with Pluto and Mars indicate a heightened risk of conflicts with others and within oneself.

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No getting around this – the astrology of current times remains intense. Discomfort is an essential part of the growth process. Don’t discount or avoid tensions when they arise – instead, ask yourself if this could become something productive. Then decide how you want to address it (or not) for your highest benefit.

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: TEN OF WANDS. Something could be coming to an end this week – your job is to push forward, step by step, and persevere. The potential for success lies before you – so, too, does the possibility of burnout. Try to plan for a break when you can. 2020 isn’t going to end any time soon, so you’ll need to keep up your energy.

MIDDLE: TWO OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Some of you could find your inner balance disrupted this week. Old assumptions will be pushed aside, and opportunities will arise for you to learn, grow, and embrace the new.

That said, many of you will be feeling the heat this week. Focus on what you can control, and be flexible with the rest. Avoid multi-tasking or people-pleasing: this card indicates that the chance of failure is high. Be honest with yourself and others about what can and cannot be accomplished. Then do your best.

RIGHT: DEATH REVERSED. Big change is coming – and this can be a good thing. Death in reverse indicates that this need not be as traumatic as feared, but a flexible and practical approach works best. Pick your fights wisely, and recognise when to go with the flow. Clinging on to the old only drags out the stress of change, so try to avoid that.

The best way to look at Death in the Tarot is to recognise that endings are necessary for beginnings to flourish.





The fierce flames reach even the sky,
Destroying all, but sparing one lotus blossom.
Completely unharmed,
The lotus flourishes once more.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, some of you could be involved in a high-stakes situation. It goes without saying that stress levels will be high, and you will need to tread carefully to avoid trouble.

The advice for how best to deal with this tricky situation is implied, rather than stated directly. The lotus is the flower that represents the Goddess Guanyin – this indicates that Divine protection will be upon whoever keeps their faith in the Higher Power they devote themselves to.

Another thing about the lotus: it’s rooted deep in the mud, and its roots form a complex network which keeps it grounded. That’s your next clue: keep grounded, and seek help from your network if necessary. The interpretation of this lot states that the recipient will 皆遇贵人, meaning that help will be forthcoming if you’re willing to ask.

Have a great week ahead!

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