The transit to watch out for this week is Mars square Neptune on 28 January. Mars (planetary ruler of conquest, aggression and the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio) faces Neptune (planetary ruler of creativity, illusion and the zodiac sign Pisces). Astrological squares represent energies of crisis, conflict, and confrontation.

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Be careful during Chinese New Year reunions and visits, my fellow Chinese darlings: the chances of getting into an ugly situation are slightly raised during this time. Keep a safe distance from fights, confrontations, lies and gossip. Scorpio, Aries, and Pisces face a slightly higher chance of getting entangled in a gnarly situation. Know your triggers, and keep away.

Let’s get to the reading! Before I start, I would just like to say: this could be a trying week for some of you. But all things pass – hang in there.


LEFT: THE TOWER.As the first card in the reading, The Tower sets the tone and theme of this week’s energies. This card popped out and landed face-down once I started shuffling the deck – a sign that things are really coming to a head for some of you.

The Tower is known as one of the dark keys of the Tarot, besides The Devil and Death – this isn’t a bad thing per se, but indicates that some of you will be confronting the dark/shadow side of your situation very soon.

The Tower represents opportunities for growth that take the form of a crisis. Its previous name, in the Marseilles Tarot, was The House of God – signifying a meeting with the Divine that humbles you and reminds you of your own human limitations. Your illusions and expectations are forcefully shaken, and possibly destroyed, by a violent confrontation with reality. Mars square Neptune, anyone?

When the Tower appears, you are strongly encouraged to manage your expectations wisely. It could be time to put aside the old assumptions and be flexible in the face of oncoming change. You won’t be able to avoid the disruption of this imminent upheaval. Either you flow with these energies of transformation, or you get thrown out.

Be realistic and practical with The Tower. Stubborn pride gets you nowhere in the House of God. If something you want hasn’t been going your way no matter what you’ve tried, you’re the one who has to back down and change your plans. It’s likely your expectations or perceptions of a certain situation no longer reflect reality – or perhaps never did.

Can’t find the job you want? No one wants a second date with you? Ignored for promotions at work? Still not found your dream home? Tweak your strategies and expectations NOW, and perhaps The Tower will be slightly kinder to you.

The truth is when The Tower arrives, the Universe is being cruel in order to be kind. Accept this blessing in disguise with gratitude – what held you back will fall away, and you will be awakened to the Truth.

MIDDLE: PAGE OF CUPS. The Page of Cups in this reading has two meanings, one very good and the other, not so. Let’s start with the good news.

The Page of Cups can refer to open-hearted communication, a request to offer or receive help, a celebration of interdependence and tender loving care. If or when The Tower hits you, reach out for help; if or when The Tower hits someone around you, reach out to help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the love and purity you meet in challenging times.

In a positive reading, this is a very sweet card to get. But this is not one of those readings, and therefore it is my responsibility to add this caveat:

Some of you with water signs, especially Pisces, featuring predominantly in your birth chart could be meeting The Tower head-on very soon. If this is you, you probably saw the signs for months, but did little or nothing to stop it. The Tower is the culmination of karma, mostly yours – bad choices, negative actions, harmful intentions – and that inevitably seeks repayment. You will soon discover that no one is exempt from the Laws of Karma. Brace yourselves; you made this bed. Now lie in it.

RIGHT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. Even in the reversed position, the Wheel of Fortune is not necessarily a bad card to get, but it does indicate that delays and setbacks are to be expected. Good fortune can still be present for most of us when this card appears upside-down, so don’t worry! 

However, for those who are represented by the shadow/negative Page of Cups (see previous section), the reversed Wheel of Fortune signifies unavoidable bad luck as a direct result of negative karma. So we see here how the Laws of Cause and Effect are pretty much inescapable.

Those with fixed signs dominating your birth chart – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – expect the unexpected, hang in there, stay strong. The reversed Wheel of Fortune will soon set itself right again, and things will get back on track for you in good time.

What’s important is that you MAKE THOSE CHANGES. MOVE FORWARD. You know what you need to do. Get on it, and Godspeed your progress.






One is stranded on the mountain ridge
While the sun sets. Seeking Heaven in prayer,
One finds peace and safety
In the midst of crag and cliff.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The appearance of this divination lot is a positive omen for those who may be going through challenging times, but who keep the faith and maintain their karmic integrity.

The one who seeks Heaven in prayer in response to adversity enjoys a genuine relationship with the Divine, and who innately trusts the Powers That Be to intervene for the highest and greatest good.

I’m not talking about the people who only seek the Divine when they need help – we all know that the “friends” who only call you when they need a favour aren’t true friends. Neither am I talking about the people who are drunk on false New Age distortions of Spiritual Laws, and deluded enough to think they can manifest anything they want (news flash: it’s a lie, and you will suffer karmic repercussions for abusing this Law).

I’m talking about the people who know who they are and what they stand for. Who understand their unique value and role as partners and co-creators with the Universe, and who willingly bear responsibility for their karma by living lives of accountability and integrity.

Such people, even in difficult times, are blessed – the Goddess Herself intervenes on their behalf and sends people, information, and situations to assist and support.

The traditional explanation for this lot states: Jade is found after chiseling stone; gold is found after sifting sand. Your own efforts will save you and no one else – therefore be diligent and wise.

Some of you may be confused by this explanation, because the final outcome of this divination lot states that Benefactors will change your fate for the better. No worries, there’s no contradiction – just remember that all change starts from within you.

Get the ball rolling with your own efforts, and then external intervention will help to carry you through. Be pro-active in your own solutions to a challenging situation. Benefactors are not saviours, after all – your own efforts will save you and no one else.

Hang tight, everyone. And have a great week ahead!

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我这里所指的是那些清楚自己的立场和明白自我的人们。他们了解自己独特的价值和与宇宙共创命运的身份角色, 活得有责任感和正直 ,并且愿意和懂得承担自身的因果报应。