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Good news for astrology enthusiasts! The Mars retrograde ends on 27 August. Plans can move ahead, initiatives can be acted upon, announcements can be made. Now that their planetary ruler is free to move forward once more, people with Aries and Scorpio featuring prominently in their chart will be feeling more motivated to make progress with their goals. 

That aside, let’s check out this week’s reading!


LEFT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES. When this card appears, it’s a good omen for developments in finance, business and career – especially if you’re a woman. Stability, progress, growth, and greater confidence are indicated in this wonderful card.

The Queen of Pentacles is the Earth Mother of the Tarot and encourages us to cultivate a spirit of nurture and care. This is your green light to take a day off and relax at the spa if you’re feeling stressed and unbalanced (more on that later)!

Alternative Queen of Pentacles activities include, but are not limited to: starting/growing your investments, spending time in nature, engaging in self-care, connecting with pet animals, gardening, caring for children, etc.

A mature woman (or a man who’s in touch with his feminine side) with a caring personality could play a role in this week’s events. This person is.resourceful, compassionate, and practical. If this person is not present in your life, then become your own Queen of Pentacles – embody her energies, and be the wonderful blessing you can be.

MIDDLE: THE CHARIOT REVERSED. Having said that, you’ll need a plan and a purpose in order to move forward effectively. The Mars retrograde may be over, but that’s no excuse to rush into plans without performing your due diligence and thinking things through.

When the Chariot is reversed, take note: planning, pacing, and preparation are key.

Act without a plan, and your Chariot will overturn.

Remember, we’re in Virgo season now: this mutable Earth sign is all about practicality, detailed plans, and conscientious (almost perfectionistic) execution. It was probably a Virgo who coined the phrase: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Words from the wise – let’s heed them!

RIGHT: TWO OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This card appears as an indication that you might be feeling stretched this week. Divergent demands are pulling you this way and that. You may be tempted to allow the stress to overwhelm you – don’t. Regain your inner equilibrium by prioritising and, I can’t say this enough, planning + preparing in advance as much as you can.





The poem:

Delay your agenda for a time;
Rushing frantically will only lead to trouble.
Like a bird caught in a net –
How long before it can escape?*

*Trans. Kelly Tan

This Goddess divination lot confirms the Tarot reading, reminding us not to rush thoughtlessly into situations we may regret later. Like a bird in a net, it’s easy to fly into trouble – not so easy to get out again. This lot also warns against the possibility of traps and hidden enemies; nothing to get paranoid about, so long as you plan well and wisely.

In general, the end of Mars retrograde facilitates energies that are conducive to forward movement – so keep calm and carry on, and don’t worry! I’m just getting a sense that some of you (not all, only some) reading this have plans that are absolutely wonderful – they just need some minor tweaks. Also, consider the timing of what you’re about to do.

Get your plans + timing right. soon you’ll be free as a bird, and happy as a lark.

Get ready to soar, everyone!

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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