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I’m typing this out less than 24 hours after Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, addressed the nation and announced the extension of our circuit breaker period. Understandably, people are upset – but given the recent spike in infections (albeit contained mostly within our beleaguered migrant worker community), is anyone surprised?

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I’m not surprised at all – not because I’m a psychic, but because I’m a Singaporean, and I’ve had a lifetime of seeing how this government works. Our leaders have always chosen to err on the side of conservative; in the face of a major threat of public health, I expect nothing less.

How have you been keeping up at home, my darlings? I’m doing pretty well. As a natural introvert and loner, I’m in my element here, and very content indeed. Plus, with social media and messaging apps, can we truly say we’re alone anymore?

My point is this: instead of complaining about what you’ve been deprived of, discipline your mind to focus on the blessings you do have, and act with compassion towards others.

Stuck at home, fighting with your family? Thank goodness you’re not stuck in a hospital, fighting for your life.

Fretting over job stability? Thank goodness you still have a job for now, and you’re capable of finding another if the need arises.

Upset that your rights and freedoms are restricted – you, a citizen, treated like a prisoner in your own home? Thank goodness you’re not one of the 180,000 foreign workers and dependants in Singapore who are also forced to stay at their places of residence, strangers in a foreign land, homesick, lonely, and fearful for loved ones in their home countries (click here to read ST article).

This pandemic has placed the spotlight on one of Singapore’s most frequently overlooked communities: our migrant workers. Here’s your opportunity to act with compassion. If you’d like to make a positive difference to the lives of those who have worked hard and without thanks to build our nation, here are a couple of organisations that work to safeguard the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Singapore:

Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME):

It’s Raining Raincoats (IRR):

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2):

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A quick look at this week’s astrology before we go to the reading: on 28 April, Mercury, planetary ruler of thought, communication, and technology, forms a square with stern Saturn, planetary ruler of karma and boundaries. Tame your minds now, or else be forced to struggle with dark and pessimistic episodes. Focus on gratitude, and you’ll find more to be thankful and happy for.

On 3 or 4 May (depending where you live), Venus, planetary ruler of beauty, relationships, and finances, forms a square with Neptune, ruler of creativity, illusions, and the imagination. Beware of delusions. Keep yourself grounded in reality, and fact-check yourself before your imagination runs away with the latest conspiracy theories.

And onto the reading!


LEFT: THE EMPEROR REVERSED. Leadership with control issues – either they’re control freaks, or they’re completely irresponsible. This current pandemic forces the spotlight on national governments and how they deal with crisis. Some step back and prefer to let the people take care of themselves. Others have clamped down on individual rights and freedoms. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Time will tell. Meanwhile, unhappiness and resentment are brewing against the leadership – but be sure that whatever stand you take, it is justified with facts and not tainted by impulsivity.

Unless you actually stand to gain from being unhappy with your leaders, there is no point getting upset with them. That’s wasted energy that you could do better with by focusing on yourself and whatever you can actually control.

At a more mundane level, those of you under stay-home orders could be experiencing some friction with elder family members, figures of authority, or people who think they’re in charge and are behaving like asses (there’s always that one person…). Keep your distance, and stay calm.

MIDDLE: FOUR OF CUPS. There’s no way around this, darlings. The Four of Cups indicates stagnation and boredom – but this is necessary if we want to beat the virus. So #stayhome and #staysafe everyone.

RIGHT: JUDGEMENT. If we are willing to sacrifice certain rights and freedoms in the short term, we are assured that the situation will move forwards towards a powerful karmic resolution. Judgement is a good card to get, under our current circumstances. It suggests a powerful shift and a decisive move forward, bringing clarity to the chaos we’ve all been experiencing in the previous weeks and months.

Judgement is here. Hang tight. It’s gonna get intense.





It’s said you’re rich – in your dreams.
Your fame is inevitably hollow.
It’s hard to imagine that faraway things can be real.
Only a benefactor’s help will put a smile on your face.

When this lot is drawn, you are advised to keep yourself grounded in reality, and to avoid pursuing false hopes or vain delusions. Don’t fret – assistance is on its way. Things will eventually get better as they always do. That said, manage your expectations wisely, especially with regards to future plans.

Remember: a delay is not necessarily a rejection. If you’re willing to think out of the box and enlist the help of others, you might not even be delayed at all.

It’s time to get creative.

Have a great week ahead!

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你是否在家里和家人似乎争论不休?请记住自己起码不是躺在医院挣扎在存亡之间。你是否担心着自己的工作是否稳定?要感激自己依然保有自己的饭碗,即使需要的时候你也能够另谋高就。你在禁足期间是否感觉自己仿佛一个囚犯被大幅度限制了自由?请庆幸自己不是属于那十八万被强制禁足的外劳和其家人,毕竟人在他乡,这些人现在 难免更加感受到离乡背井的孤独和对于家乡的亲人的担忧和思念。


Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME):

It’s Raining Raincoats (IRR):

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2):